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'I will personally come to your house and drag you out with me.' Jessie threatened over the phone, she'd been trying to get Lana to agree to going out with her for the past hour but her attempts had been unsuccessful. However, she was set on doing just as she had said, if necessary.

'Alright, alright. Where am I meeting you?' Lana finally gave in, she thought that she needed a break from all of the things that had been going on and she still hadn't recovered from the event that went down just under twenty four hours ago, but she was going to use this time, with her friend, to get over it and move on.

With her eyes set on the navigation and her hands on the steering wheel, she made her way to the location her friend had requested for her to come to. She wasn't sure why where she was going but according to Jessie, they were going to watch movies and gossip all night.

However, that all changed as Lana stood in the doorway of a house that belonged to Adam. Her heart stuck in her throat, she eyed all three of them. Jessie, Adam.. Ryan.

'Surprise!' Jessie squealed, wrapping her arms around Lana's small form, squeezing the air out of her. Grabbing her arm and pulling her in, she examined Lana's shaken up features, unsure as to why it looked like she'd just witnessed a ghost.

'What's wrong?' Ryan circled the sofa she was sat on, taking a seat beside her, he placed his hand on her thigh and squeezed, causing her to flinch as her insides churned with his presence with, both of their presence. Two of her suspects in one room, she couldn't deal with that.

'Since when have you two become friends?' She eyed Ryan then turned her attention towards Adam who was staring right into her soul.

'I introduced them not long ago and they've become very good teammates.' Jessie smiled, walking towards the kitchen to grab some drinks.

Teammates. The word made her skin crawl with goosebumps. She was suffocating under their gaze. It was as though, they were both on a mission to make her feel awfully uncomfortable. Yeah, great teammates.

Deciding that she had enough of their stare, she got up and walked into the kitchen, her body still stiff from the tension that was running high in the room. Jessie analysed her friend once more, noticing the uneasiness that was surging through her but she didn't question her, she had planned a good day and that's what it was going to be. No questions, no answers, just a good day.

'I'm going back, you coming?' Jessie nudged Lana on her way out of the kitchen but Lana didn't move. She wasn't ready to be back in the same room as two potential Blades. And she definitely wasn't ready to see Adam walk right into the kitchen, with his eyes roaming her skin.

'Are you going to tell me what you were doing in that place that night?' His tone was intimidating and his presence was worse. She knew what he was asking but she couldn't bring herself to answer him. Instead, she shrugged her shoulders and turned her back to him, fiddling with the glass in her hand.

'And I'm guessing you're not going to tell me why you were out of your mind, crying like a helpless little baby.' His voice was too close, too close to her ears and it only took a second for her to realise he was stood right behind her. His chest pressing onto her back and the minute she felt the warmth of his body, she remembered that night, the night he'd found her in that building. She could almost feel Blade's chest against her skin as Adam inched further into her. Clutching her mouth in her hands, holding herself back from screaming, she ran out of the kitchen, rushing into the living room and aiming for the stairs.

'Where are you going?' Jessie complained but Lana didn't have time to sit and get interrogated by her friend, instead, she mumbled she was going to use the toilet and then disappeared out of the room.

Ending up in the wrong room seeing as she'd never been to Adams house before, she found herself standing in his bedroom rather than the bathroom. Her heart stalling as she eyed the two black ski masks laying on his dresser. She was frozen in her place, not sure where to go or what to do with the newfound information. What was he doing with two ski masks? Not one, but two.

You found my pants, if you follow the instructions and find my mask, you can reveal my face.

The words hit her right in the gut and she couldn't help but shiver at the thoughts that were running wild through her skull. If Adam was Blade, then the man that had her naked and restrained almost twenty four hours ago, was the man standing in this very same house. That thought made her insides churn. She hadn't ran away from Blade when he wore the mask so why was she so afraid of facing him without his mask on.

'Looking for something?' She jumped at the sound of Ryan's voice, turning around and staring into the sinister look in his eyes as he cornered her. Stepping closer to her all the while she stepped back, until the back of her thighs came into contact with the dresser. She turned her head and looked down, her heart pounding in her throat as she eyed the two masks.

Ryan followed her gaze and stared down at the object of her attention. A small smile lifted across his lips, his hand reaching for one of the masks and holding it out in front of her face. She eyed him carefully, her legs almost giving out, she was afraid she would collapse before she got the chance to run.

'Is this what you're looking for?' There was a motive behind his question that made her bones tremble with the need to bolt out of the hell in this room.

'Why does Adam own two ski masks?' Her voice didn't sound like hers, she didn't even know if the words belonged to her but she had to ask, if Adam really was Blade then it wasn't safe for Ryan to become his friend or even for Jessie to be with him.

'Two ski masks? One of them belong to me.' His voice was low, his demeanour savagery.

And with that, the entire room spun around her,

Sucking her in,

And swallowing her up.
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