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{16}Game Over

'Two ski masks? One of them belong to me.'

Ryan's words echoed in her head. She wasn't sure if she believed his next words that hade came out of his mouth.

'Halloween is here soon, we're going to go as thieves.'

He had winked at her then walked out of the room, pointing his finger to the bathroom before he disappeared down the stairs. Her mind was still jammed up with the many scenarios that ran through her brain. He was either telling the truth about Halloween or he was lying and pulling her into a trap. Either way, she didn't trust him, she didn't trust anyone.

All shining and silver,
With a beautiful face,
You look into me,
And find this place.

She read over the fifth and last riddle that would end Blade's game. She wasn't sure if she even wanted to see his face anymore. She was afraid that it was another trap. Afraid that the game wasn't all that met the eye, there had to be more to it. He would be risking his freedom, he knew, if she saw his face, she could easily go to the police and turn him in, that is if he didn't kill her before she got to that stage. What she couldn't understand is, why he would risk that? Why would he easily give away his identity over a game? Something was missing and she couldn't quite pinpoint what exactly she had missed out on.

She didn't pay much attention to the riddle, her brain wasn't functioning enough to try and solve it, instead, she made her way to the bathroom. Her heart had already picked up pace as she remembered the night Blade had her surrendering to him in this very bathroom.
She had become accustomed to the sick feeling in her gut, she almost welcomed it as it hit her.

Taking slow and steady deep breaths, she let the hot water soak her into the depths of her mind. She had one last clue to work on and then she could see him. She could reveal the man who had turned her life upside down. And something told her, she was anything but ready for that. She'd been so indulged in trying to find out who he is that she never considered all of the possibilities of it being a trap. Seeing his face would give him a reason to kill her, it would give him a reason to kidnap her, it would give him a reason to completely take over her life, although he was already almost all the way there.

Nothing made sense anymore. Everyone that she'd suspected, had given her a reason to suspect them and yet, she kept going back and forth between them. Were they working together? Were they all out to get her? Or was this all in her head?

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around her, every nerve in her body evaporated and her body became immobile as she scanned the black mask that was sitting on the sink, in front of the mirror. The mirror.

All shining and silver,
With a beautiful face,
You look into me,
And find this place.

The answer to the riddle was, a mirror. And there it was, her last clue, awaiting her, on the sink. Her legs shook as she stepped closer to it, it wasn't there before she got in the shower so that could only mean one thing and one thing only. Blade was here.

She swallowed down the lump in her throat and picked up the mask, it looked identical to the one she found in Adam's house. God she felt sick. But what made her almost vomit, was the writing on the fogged up mirror which said;

Turn around.

And that's when she could see his reflection in the mirror. He was standing right behind her. The fog on the mirror wasn't making him clear but she could see that he still had a mask on. She wondered if he would let her take it off, however, that wasn't in the part of her plans as she stood there, taking in everything that she hadn't took in before.

If you win, you get me. If you lose, I get you.

She remembered his words, if she won the game, she would get him, if she lost the game, he would get her. But he knew from the start, there would be no losing the game for her. He gave her everything that she needed, he'd gave her the picture of the tree to get her in the right direction, he gave her the address to his internet lab. He'd pushed her towards the winning end. Maybe, maybe what he wanted, was for her to win. And why would he want that? Unless it benefited him. Why would he want that if it meant he would be at risk by revealing his identity?

If you win, you get me. If you lose, I get you.

Maybe because, he wouldn't be at risk. God why hadn't she thought about this before? Why hadn't she considered all of this before she accepted the game?

If you win, you get me.

You get me.

He wasn't going to reveal himself and let her go, he was going to take her. He was going to keep her. If she won, she would get him, she would have him. He would be hers, because, he wasn't going to go anywhere.

Her entire body was numb, her head about to explode and her heart crashing into her throat. He waited. He waited for her to turn around. He knew she wouldn't, he knew that if she didn't, she would lose the game which would result in him, getting her.

No matter who won, in the end, he was never going to go away. He was going to have her. And that thought, that thought made her insides threaten to spill out of her mouth as she sunk to the floor. Pressing her hands to her eyes. She kept her eyelids closed shut. She didn't want to see him. If she did, she didn't know if she would wake up in her own bed tomorrow, she didn't know if should would even wake up tomorrow.

Tears stung the corners of her eyes as her breathing increased, if she continued to panic like that she was going to hyperventilate. She hated herself for feeling so weak and fragile, she hated him seeing her so affected by him. She knew he was enjoying every single minute of her torture.

With the vibration on her phone bringing her back to her reality, she reached for it but before she opened the message, she noticed she didn't feel his presence anymore. Slowly turning her head, she realised he was gone. Another text came through and her bones shattered with the need to escape whatever hell was to come next as she read over his message;

Everything you see, isn't always what it's set out to be.

Game over.
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