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{17}Not one, but two

'She lost.' His voice was low, his tone, menacing. It was over. He'd done everything for her to think she was winning, for her to get her hopes up, he'd lead the way and she followed through. It didn't matter if she had won or not, in the end, he was going to have her. Making her work for being his was just a cruel sadistic part of him that enjoyed the little mind games he played on her. His naive little kitten. She had fell right for it all, she had blindly walked into his trap and now, there was no going back because Blade, blade was a man of his word.

If you lose, I get you.

And she had lost, so now, he had to get her. Although, he already had her. But he wanted more. So much more. He wanted to possess her mind, body and soul. He wanted everything and all of it. All of her. The thought thrilled him as he turned around to look at his partner.

'So what now?' His partner spoke out, trying to figure out what was going on in Blades head, trying to see where he wanted to go from there.

'It's done. You've done your job, you can go.' His voice held a threatening tone, his partner knowing all too well that their fun had come to an end. But the partner didn't want to leave, this wasn't a part of their deal.

'We were suppose to finish the game together.'

'No. We were meant to play the game together and we did just that.'

'So you plan on keeping this going?'

'I never planned on stopping.'
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