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You lost the game, soon you'll know what that means. Be at the Halloween carnival party event in two days.

See you there, kitten.

Sick and tired of the games that never seemed to end, Lana decided she wasn't going to sit and wait around for him to snatch her up and take her to the unknown anymore. After last nights incident, she'd realised that there was so much more to her than a pitiful scared little girl that she had took the form of. She may not have pulled his mask off last night, but the next time she saw him, she sure as hell was going to make sure she ripped that thing off his face.

Worst case scenario, he'd kill her. If her life was going to revolve around being threatened by him and fearing the worst, then she was better off dead. But she wasn't going to go down without taking him down with her. She had gone from hating him to feeling afraid of him to feeling something strange for him and back to hating him. She wasn't going to allow him to mess with her emotions any longer and she definitely wasn't going to let him break her down physically and mentally anymore, turning her into a psychopath like himself.

Deciding she needed some fresh air, she made her way downstairs to go for a drive, however, she stopped dead in her tracks as she eyed the intruder in her house, casually sitting in the living room, sipping tea with her mum. Jake.

He caught her gaze and held it, a small smile slipping over his features which looked more like a smirk, if anything. She looked towards his still bandaged hand, narrowing her eyes at him. What the hell was he doing in her house?

'Oh Lana hunny, this is Jake from next door, I'm not sure you've..'

'We've met.' She interrupted her mum, not wanting to stand around and chit chat. Instead, she got straight to the point.

'What are you doing here?' Her mums eyes almost bolted out of their sockets at her daughters rudeness.

'Lana that's no way to speak to our guest.'

'Your mum needed help with bringing in the grocery bags so I brought them in and now, as you see, we're drinking tea together.' He was mocking her and she was a second away from spilling the tea all over the smirk on his damn face.

'Where's dad?' She looked over to her mum, who seemed more than disappointed by her behaviour.

'Working away.' And with that, Lana nodded her head and aimed for the door, yet again, stopping dead in her tracks as his question made its way to tantalise her nerves.

'Are you going to the carnival?'

Spinning around on her heels, her face paled out, his words stopping her blood flow and draining all of the colour from her skin.

'Are you?' She questioned him, not ready to back down just yet. She had to keep her composure, only problem was, she didn't know how long she could do that for before she curled up into a ball and feared her life away. But she had every intentions of not going back there as she studied the man before her, waiting to catch him out on something that would give him away for being Blade. Although, she wasn't sure if he even was Blade but that bandage on his hand that was covering his wound, a wound that sure didn't come from a cut from cooking.

'I am.' He looked her down, waiting for her to challenge him.

'And what are you going to go as?' If she had to watch out for him, she had to know what he was going as, although she wasn't interested in the slightest. She just needed to be wary.

'The Scream.' That stupid smirk was back again and she couldn't help but want to knock it off his face.

'Don't scream when you see me there.' She froze at his words, her heart humming in her chest while her mum laughed it off like it was a joke. If only she knew, if only she knew just how serious he was being, she wouldn't be laughing at her daughters doomed fate.

Gulping down the response that never came out of her mouth, she turned around and headed for the door, leaving and never looking back. If he wanted to play, she would play. She hoped that he wasn't Blade, she hoped that this was just a misunderstanding, she didn't like the idea of Blade living right next door but she couldn't help the bad feeling she was getting about the carnival. Call it an inner fortune teller, but something deep down told her that,

This carnival,

Was going to be,

The end of her.
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