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Two days had went by fast and today was the day. The day that she was going to play cat and mouse with Blade. But as she stared at the box delivered to her door, she wasn't sure what to expect from the next twenty four hours.

He hadn't texted her nor harassed her in the last two days, she hadn't left the house or communicated with anyone. It had been completely peaceful and peaceful was dangerous. She knew that his silence was only building up to the monstrosity that was to come by soon. She knew that once she entered that carnival, she might never make it back home. She'd lost the game and he had said that he would get her. The question was, when? When did he plan on snatching her up? Most likely, at the carnival. The idea made her nauseous.

I want you dressed up as my kitten for tonight. Don't come without it on.

She eyed the note that came inside the box that was filled with a cat costume. She wondered why she always listened to him. Yeah she didn't have much of a choice but now it just came to her like instinct to do as she was told. She could always stay home tonight and let him do whatever he wants to do to her but no, something inside her feels the need to follow his rules.

And that realisation wasn't sinking in well as she slipped into the mini black dress that had a tail attached to its back. Putting on the cat ears, she went onto even draw whiskers on her face. If she was going to dress up as a 'kitten' she may as well go all out. Once that was done, she eyed the black heels that were in the box. On second thought, she slipped on some flats, if she needed to run, how was she suppose to do that with those heels?

How had he known her size? From the dress to the heels, he'd known it perfectly. Pushing the thought aside, she didn't even bother trying to figure out how. He knew every single little detail about her, finding out her size was probably the easiest thing for him to do.

She'd wasted some time at home before she made her way to the carnival. She tried to talk herself out of doing this but as usual, she ended up doing exactly as he had demanded and now, as she stood at the entrance of the all too lit and way too loud Halloween event, she was having second thoughts.

The place was crawling with people, the lights way too bright and the music awfully loud. She felt claustrophobic as she made her way through the entrance. Blade had even went as far as buying her a ticket for it but she ripped it apart and bought her own ticket, not wanting him to be paying for anything of hers, excluding the costume she currently wore.

She scanned her surroundings, analysing every single person she could get her eyes on, searching for that one person, that one Blade. But as the minutes went by and the crowed got thicker, she couldn't spot him out within the herd full of masked and costumed up people.

He watched her closely, analysing his little kitten, proud to see that she had indeed wore the costume he'd sent to her house. Seeing her like this made him want to take her right now, to grab her and take her home with him, but the monster inside him enjoyed the hunt, he enjoyed watching her writhe in fear. He wanted her to run for a while before he caught her. He wanted to work for his kitten, he didn't want the easy way out, so there he stood, watching his little prey, plotting his next move, while she stood, afraid and alone.

For the first time she was happy to hear her phone go off, she was feeling suffocated within the many bodies that were crawling around her. Pulling her phone out, she read over his text with her heart finding it's way back to her throat, she knew for sure her heart was going to permanently reside within the confined space of her throat if it continued to do that with every text she received from him.

You look perfect, my little kitten.

She instantly looked around, clutching her phone to her chest, her eyes scanned every inch and corner of the area she was stood at and yet, she didn't see a Blade. She didn't see her mystery masked man.

Don't bother looking for me, you won't find me. I will come to you when time comes.

She swallowed down his next text and nodded her head, if he was watching her, she wanted him to know that she was going to listen to him. She was going to listen to him until he let down his guard and then she planned to take off his mask and reveal the beast living within the non existing identity of Blade.

Good, now go to the Maze of horror, enter the maze and keep going until I say otherwise.

She nodded her head once more, not sure if going through a scary maze was a good idea, her heart was already dislocating in her chest, let alone adding more unnecessary fear to it, she was sure she was going to have a heart attack.

One last thing, don't get lost, you might never find your way back home, kitten.

And that's all it took for all of the strength she had been stacking up, to come crumbling down. Her adrenaline was racing and she knew for sure there was a threat, a warning in his message, a warning that she couldn't shake off. Was she willingly walking to her own grave? She didn't know but she was going to find out. Even with her heart pounding and her mind screaming danger,

she knew,

if she wanted to end this,

she had to face him.
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