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One last thing, don't get lost, you might never find your way back home, kitten.

Blade's words wouldn't let her breathe as she got closer to the maze of horror's entrance but the one thing that completely suffocated her was the familiar masked men that were stood right outside of the maze.

She watched them in horror as they exchanged glances once they spotted her. She couldn't make out who they were, two of them wearing ski masks while one of them had a scream mask on.

'Don't scream when you see me there.'

Jake's voice echoed into her head, her knees almost giving out at the uneasy feeling in her gut. The more closer she got, the more the voices in her head told her to run. But a part of her wanted to run up and pull their masks off, however, she knew she didn't have a chance against them. If she really wanted to expose Blade, she had to let him come to her, alone. She knew for sure she couldn't take down three men. That is, if all three of them were working together, that is, if the men she was staring at, were the Blade she was looking for.

Standing right at the entrance, she tried not to shiver as she walked in between them and stepped into the maze. Turning back to take another look at them, she noticed the scream mask staring back at her, she couldn't help but feel sick at how helpless she felt. Knowing that this was definitely a bad idea now that there could be three potential Blade's, the thought made her heart lurk down to her stomach, pushing up everything that she had ate. She had to cover her mouth so that she didn't vomit out her intestines.

Five minutes passed by and she was already, ready to run back home and never step foot outside of her house again. It didn't help that with every step she took, there was a scary person jumping in front of her, the decorations were enough to strangle her with fear, let alone with the situation she was enduring. She was sure by the end of the night, she was going to have a stroke, if not a stroke, she would die by the hands of Blade, whoever Blade was.

She wished that she'd been more prepared. She thought she was but as she walked through the maze that never seemed to end, waiting on the man that she never seemed to find, she knew that she had overestimated herself and underestimated him. The small percentage of bravery and determination she had left was the only thing keeping her going, the only giving her a reason to not run back home, that is if she could find her way back out of this maze.

One last thing, don't get lost, you might never find your way back home, kitten.

To her disappointment, she knew for a fact that she was already lost. She had no idea where she'd came from or how she ended up where she was. The walls surrounded her, bright lights blinding her vision, the music almost deafening her hearing. The entire world felt like it was spinning and she wasn't sure if she was panicking or it was the effect the never ending maze was having on her.

The spinning of the world paused, along with the beating of her heart as she noticed a scream mask running not too far from her. The flashing lights made it hard for her to concentrate on him but she knew that it was indeed him. It took everything she had to walk towards his direction, the closer she got, the further he ran. Why was he running from her? Was he trying to mess with her head? Of course he was. He enjoyed messing with her head, he thrived off the mind games he played on her.

But that wasn't enough to stop her, he had come to her and he was alone, she had to get to him, she had to pull off his mask. If he killed her after that, she would accept it. She was ready for it. But she knew damn well he wouldn't kill her, he had chance after chance to end her life and yet here she was, alive and breathing. She knew he wouldn't kill her and quite frankly, she didn't even care what his intentions were, she just wanted to expose the man who had put her through hell and back. She wanted to know who was behind her torture. She couldn't go on anymore.

And because of that, she picked up her pace and ran, she ran after him, rushing towards him as he faded in and out of her vision, it looked like he would hide every so often, he was playing with her. Her heart was pounding again, her body burning with the need to get to him, the loud music and the bright lights had vanished, the maze had vanished and the only thing left was, him and her.

She was running out of breath, her chest almost ripping with the rapid beats of her heart. She could feel her muscles clenching with every step she took closer to him.. and then he stopped. With his back to her, he stopped moving. She slowed down, almost inches away from him, it's like he wanted her to pull the mask off, it's like he was waiting for it.

Closing her eyes for a split second, she reached for his mask, her fingers shaking around the material as she ripped it off his head, when he turned around.. her stomach dropped.

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