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Closing her eyes for a split second, she reached for his mask, her fingers shaking around the material as she ripped it off his head, when he turned around.. her stomach dropped.

She eyed the man standing before her as he watched her in surprise, he seemed more than confused, as did she. She couldn't form the right thoughts or the words, she was frozen in her place.

'Daddy!' A younger girl ran towards her dad, the man that Lana had just attacked.

'I'm so sorry.' She whispered to the man, not sure if he even heard her voice over the loud music. She could've sworn that this was Blade, he even had the scream mask on. God she felt stupid. It was Halloween, of course millions of people would be wearing the scream mask.

But then he had ran from her, why was he running and hiding from her? Maybe because he wasn't. He was playing with his daughter. The man, the mask, the chase, Blade. It had all been an illusion, it had all been a trick of her overworked brain.

She felt sick, she felt drained. She thought she was so close, she thought she had him. But as usual, Blade was always ten steps ahead. He was never going to let her catch him unless that is what he wanted, unless he wanted her to catch him. She had been stupid to believe that she could outsmart him, to think that she even had a chance against him. A chance against his tricks, his mind games. He was probably somewhere standing, watching her as she drowned in her failure. He was probably laughing at her, enjoying the torment. He was probably, right here.

The thought sent alarms to her brain and she instantly scanned her surrounding, she could almost feel him choking her, taking her very last breath with his everlasting torture. But no, he was no where to be found and there she was, lost in the middle of a maze, anticipating what was to come next, at this point, she didn't even know what to expect anymore.

Her attention went back to the man and his daughter as they faded into the maze. They seemed so happy, she seemed so happy. So carefree, almost like she didn't have a worry in the world. Lana almost felt sorry for herself, she almost allowed for her to pity herself. But she knew that her problems were way more than just sitting around and being sad. Although, that is exactly she felt as she watched the little girl disappear with her dad.

People were out having fun, enjoying their Halloween and here she was, wishing that she never even made it here as she walked further into her doomed fate. Overwhelmed with the many emotions running through her, she didn't realise how she ended up in the mirror part of the maze. Great, now everywhere she went, she would see her miserable self and finding her way out of the maze was becoming an even harder task. The only good thing was, she'd see if Blade popped up anywhere around her that was in her blind sight. Although, she didn't like the idea of seeing him appearing behind her in the mirror, however, she was going to put the mirrors into good use.

She had to have been walking through this place for about a decade. Her legs were tired and her body was numb from all of the energy that had been sucked out of her, when was he going to show up? When was he planning on presenting himself? Or was this a big fat joke to throw her failure in her face and send her home with disappointment? She didn't know. She hadn't told anyone about her plan to unmask him, so there was no way for him to know. Unless, he could read her mind which at this point, she could believe it.

It was almost too scary to be walking through the mirrors, she didn't even know where to go, just like the illusions in her head, the mirrors were all an illusion, making her think she was going through a certain path, only to find herself walking straight into a mirror.

Lost deep in her miserable thoughts, she had to look twice in her reflection to know that what she was seeing, was real. Her lungs closed up and her heart stalled as she eyed the person behind her, she was frozen, she was speechless because what she was seeing, it couldn't be in her head, she knew for a fact that this time, she wasn't mistaking, it wasn't an illusion, it wasn't a dream, for the person stood behind her,

Was staring

Right into her soul,

Pressing a gun,

Straight to her head.
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