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Her words came out silent. Her head spinning. Was this real? It was real. She could feel the cool touch of the gun pressed to her head, she could see her best friend, or so she thought, in the mirror, standing right behind her. She didn't have a mask on, no. She was shamelessly staring right at her in the reflection, her eyes cold, her heart colder as she pressed the gun further into her skull, making sure she had the right place. She didn't want to miss her chance on blowing Lana's brains out. She wanted to end this all. It had gone too far, beyond the point of what she had thought it would, and now, as she stood there, breaking her friend's heart to pieces, she was ready to end this once and for all.

'Why?' Is all that came out of Lana's mouth as her heart crumbled up a little more in her chest. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, she didn't want to believe it. Her brain couldn't function enough to know that Jessie can't be Blade. Blade was a man, he had shown her that, the very first time that she had surrendered her body to him. So who was Jessie? A second Blade? Was there a group of Blades? She didn't know and she couldn't think about it as she stood there immobile. Her brain completely losing its power.

She didn't even care about the gun that was minutes away from ending her life as she slowly turned around, facing the girl she thought was her best friend, the last person she would've ever suspected to be a part of this. Her heart was in pieces and she didn't know if she could put it back together if she made it out of here alive.

'Why?' She asked again, she wasn't even sure if Jessie could hear her voice, but she had to ask. She had to know. She couldn't feel her fingers, she couldn't feel her soul, for it had been ripped out of her the minute she laid eyes on the girl she no longer recognised, the girl who had become everything that she would've never thought she would be.

'Jessie why!' She screamed at the top of her lungs, the shattered pieces of her heart about to cut through her skin.

'Shut up!' Jessie yelled as she paced backwards, frustratingly running her fingers through her hair. The hand holding the gun, still pointing the killing machine at her friend, but she was far now, stepping further and further away from Lana, she wasn't sure what she was doing, she wasn't sure about anything anymore. This wasn't suppose to end like this, she wasn't suppose to kill her friend, but she knew she had to. She loved him. She did this for him. She did this for Blade, and now, she had to pick between the two, it was either him or Lana and she knew exactly who she was picking.

She watched her friend breaking down, she watched her fading away, she didn't want it to happen like this, it wasn't suppose to be so hard to pull the trigger, it wasn't suppose to be so difficult to let down her friend. She'd done it before right? She could do it again. Only this time, after it was all said and done, she didn't have to face her friend again, she didn't have to hide everything from her, it would be over. The betrayal, the games. It would all be over. All she had to do was pull the trigger. That's all. Just pull the trigger.

Lana couldn't bring herself to run, to hide or to even breathe anymore as she watched her friends finger trace over the trigger. She knew that this was the end, that she was going to die soon and the one thing she wanted before the darkness consumed her, was to know why. To know how, how Jessie could do this to her. She wanted nothing but an answer. An answer she wasn't going to get and soon enough, she was going to become one with the wind, one with the darkness, one with the dead.

Her heart sunk further and further, leaving her with nothing but a faded heartbeat which was soon to stop. There was nothing left for her to hold onto, everything she had thought she knew had turned into everything that she would've never thought of. But it didn't matter anymore, nothing mattered anymore.

'I'm sorry. I love him.' Jessie whispered into the air as she closed her eyes and pressed her finger onto the trigger, the gunshot mixed into the sound of the deafening music and faded into nothing. When she opened her eyes, her heart melted into her throat.

Lana had believed that she was dead for a minute as she lay there on the ground, not being able to feel her body. She even considered that this is what the afterlife felt like but as she looked down and noticed the numbness in her body was due to the fact there was a large body draped across her own, she realised that someone had saved her life. And that someone, was, Blade.

Drowning in shock, she couldn't get her body to move, the only thing she managed to do was to focus on his heartbeat against her chest. He was alive. She wasn't sure why she felt so relieved to know that he was alive but she didn't have time to think about it.

Tilting her head to the side, she looked to Jessie who seemed to be in just as much shock as Lana was. She felt him groan against her, trying to lift himself off of her, and eventually, he was sat up, his mask still intact. He wanted to laugh at the irony, he had came here to capture his kitten, instead, he had to save his kitten.

As if everything was just starting to sink in. Lana sat up, her eyes searching for Blades. He had just saved her life. Was he shot? Was he hurt? He had to be. God, he had to be. He was bleeding. She looked at his hand that was clutching his side and there was blood all over his glove. She felt nauseous at the sight.

She didn't know what to do and the only thing that came to mind was to press her hand onto his, trying to slow the blood flow. And as she did, he tilted his head at her, pulling his bloody hand away from under hers but she kept both of her hands planted on his wound. She felt his fingers wrap around her hair and then he pulled her head towards his masked face, pressing his mouth against her ear.

Lana sat there immobile, her existence fading away just as quick as everything that she had believed in. Her stomach sunk at his words, her heart shattered at his voice as he said;

'Looks like you caught me in the end, kitten.'
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