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'Looks like you caught me in the end, kitten.'

She turned her head to face him, she knew his voice. She knew it all too well. She had spent so long stuck in the unknown, trying to figure out who he was but as she sat there with her hands covered in the crimson running through his veins, listening to the sound of his voice. She wanted to take back ever hearing it.

It hurt, it really did. She felt betrayed. Everything that he had thought she knew, everything that she had thought she figured out, had been a lie. It had all been a lie. She didn't know what to think or how to feel anymore.

She lifted her bloody hand away from his wound and moved it towards his face, her heart long gone and vanished out of her chest. She wanted to sit there and sob but she needed this, she wouldn't believe it until she saw his face, she couldn't believe it until she saw him with her own two eyes.

The material of his mask felt rough beneath her fragile fingers, it felt suffocating to lift the mask over his head. So she closed her eyes, closed her eyes and lifted the mask. He didn't object, he didn't say a word. He just sat there and waited. Bleeding out on the floor but that wasn't what had his chest tightening, no, it was the knowledge of knowing exactly how she was going to react when she saw his face.

Everything that he had played up to now, all of the games he had thrown at her, none of it was worth it. None of it was worth seeing the hurt in her eyes. He'd hurt her efore but not like this. This, this was plain heartbreak and he wanted nothing more but to hold her in his arms and whisper soothing things in her ear until she gave into him. And even yet, he was being selfish, he was thinking about keeping her, he was plotting his next steps to tie her down to him. Even as he sat there witnessing her heart shattering, he still couldn't let her go. Because, Blade, was truly and unconditionally in love with his sister. His stepsister. His kitten.


When her eyes opened and his name left her mouth, her entire world came crashing down on her. Out of everyone, out of everything, the two important people in her life were the ones who had torn her world apart. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't look at him and yet she couldn't take her eyes off him. Betrayal surging through her veins as she remembered every single thing that he had made her do, every single thing that he done to her.

Panic filled her bones and strangled her throat, making her flinch away from him. No longer holding his wound. She turned her head and threw up, throwing up the vomit she had held in for so long. She threw up her heart and let the darkness suck her in as she sat there, numb.

She knew she was going through shock and she couldn't stop it. Her entire life felt like a lie. She didn't notice when Orion or.. Blade, clutched her in his arms, rubbing his bloody hand over her hair, rocking her back and forth. She closed her eyes once more, letting him consume her, she didn't care at this point. She didn't care at all.

Jessie snapped out of the haze she was trapped in, realising what was playing out before her, she rushed towards Blade and Lana. Her heart trembling against her skin as her panic rose, she knew she had to get him out of here and she had to do that now.

'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!' She chanted while she tried to check him to see if he was still hanging on but as she watched him grip onto Lana with everything that he had, she knew that he was alive and he was breathing, he was breathing for the girl he had wrapped in his arms. The sight made Jessie break down a little more but there was no time to crack. She had to get him help, before it was too late.

'Lana snap out of it!' She yelled, trying to wake Lana up from the nightmare she was drowning in.

'He's bleeding out! We need to help him!' Her cries weren't affecting Lana as she sat in his arms immobile, he seemed to be out of it too. He had lost too much blood but he knew he would be fine, the bullet hadn't gone through him, it had grazed his ribs. Although the pain was still too much to bear, he knew he had it under control. He wasn't worried about his wound, he was worried about the kitten in his arms.

'Lana look at me!' Jessie was crouched down now, pulling Lana back into reality as she yelled in her face.

'Now look at him! No matter what he's done, at this very moment, he's your brother, he's Orion and if you don't help us now, he will be dead!'

'Do you want him to die?!'

Her words were getting into Lana's head, making her heart beat with pain again. She squirmed in his arms, pulling away from him. Staring at Jessie for a long while, she thought about it. Jessie was right. She needed to help them, she needed to help him. Even though she could still feel the cracks in her heart spreading, she knew she couldn't watch him lose his life, specially not after he saved hers.

'Come on, come on.' Jessie whispered as she put Blade's arm around her neck, trying to lift him up. She had lost faith in Lana. Knowing that she wasn't going to help. But she had to do something, anything to save the man she had shot, the man she had been in love with for years. She had to save him.

Shock and hope filled Jessie's lungs as she watched Lana grab a hold of Blades other arm, putting it around her neck and together, they lifted him to his feet. Almost as though Lana's touch had brought him back to life. He turned his head and looked at her, his gaze holding hers captive as the words left his lips.

'Go. Save yourself, kitten.'

Is all that he said, knowing well enough that once he was back on his feet, he was going back for her.

If she didn't find her way out now,

She was never going to find her way out later.
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