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Trapped in the house of the man who she once saw as someone to look up to, as her safeguard, Lana had millions of things running through her head and she couldn't seem to focus on just one.

She'd been sitting against the door for about almost an hour now, refusing to move unless it was to go out of that damn door and straight home. Home. That word felt so distant, it felt so foreign to her now. Was she ever going to make it back home? Yes she was. She was definitely determined to.

Blade had been watching his little kitten sob against the door. Oh how much he loved those tears. He'd always liked watching her cry. But this time, although he was feeding off of her tears, it pained him to see her like that. He wasn't sure if the pain was coming from his ribs or if he really was feeling some sort of guilt. He chose the first option. It had to be his ribs, because Blade, blade enjoyed tormenting his little kitten, only because he wanted to be the one to make her feel better in the end.

If he wasn't so chained up to the sofa due to the agonising pain throbbing in each and every single nerve in his body, he would've picked her up by now and carried her to the sofa, setting her on his lap, stroking her hair and whispering all the good things in her ear until she felt better, until she gave into him and let him control her feelings. However, that option wasn't available due to his current position and that angered him.

'How long do you plan on sitting there, kitten?' He tilted his head at her, studying her soft little face as she shot him a glare. She didn't look afraid, she looked thoroughly distraught and maybe a little bit pissed off, or a whole bunch of pissed off. It amused him, everything she did, amused him.

'Until you let me out of here.' She didn't bother looking at him, instead, she thought about the phone she had lost somewhere during the event that had went on at the carnival. If only she could have her phone back, she could call for help, but that thought paused as she noticed the intense gaze of her beloved Blade, almost as though he was listening to her thoughts.

'You thinking about this?' He pulled a phone out of his pocket, her phone. She almost choked at his gesture. He had to be a superhuman. He had to be a mind reader, a flipping alien. There was no way he knew what she was thinking about. But the one question that got her the most was;

'How do you have my phone?'

'Didn't think I was going to leave it laying around on the floor, for someone to snatch, for someone to read through our messages, for someone to report me, now did you?'

His tone was serious and god she wanted to smack him in the face. Why was he so smart? Where did he store all of that brain? Why couldn't she have at least a quarter of it? Maybe if she did, she wouldn't be here right now, stuck in his house, dealing with his psychotic behaviour.

'If you're thinking of escaping, stop thinking right now.'

He sounded even more serious than before and she really didn't want to have to deal with his threats right now, all she wanted was the warmth of her bed and her mum to cuddle.

'Because let me warn you kitten, you do anything as little as testing my patience and I'll have you disappeared from the world within seconds, is that clear?'

She knew he wasn't joking. She quite frankly believed every word he said. Not because she trusted him, no. But because she knew what he was capable of and she knew that he was capable of way more than she could ever possibly imagine.

'Am I fucking clear?'

His tone was poisonous and the venom dripping from his tongue was poisoning her composure. Although she was determined to be as strong as she could and not give into his threats, the way he was yelling at her made her inner weakness fall into the surface. She'd never heard him yell before and hearing it now, it was the scariest thing she'd ever come across.

'Yes.' Her voice was barely a whisper. She ached to run home and cry. The fact that the Blade sitting before her was Orion still hadn't sunk in well and she didn't even want to start with her best friend pulling the trigger on her. When did her life become so messed up? It was like she was sinking and sinking deeper into an eternity of nightmares.

'Good girl.' He glanced at her before pulling out his phone and starting to text. She watched him carefully, knowing for a fact he was up to no good. Once he put his phone away again, he turned and looked at her, answering the question that she hadn't asked.

'I texted Chris. I told him you're staying with me for a while.'

His statement made her insides churn because she knew her dad wouldn't be worried about her if she was with Orion. Little did he know, being with Orion had to be his biggest worry.

'Why didn't you call him?' She narrowed her eyes, wishing that he would call, wishing that she could get a chance to scream into the phone for help.

'Do you think I'm stupid, kitten?'

'Do you really think I would risk you yelling into the phone, ruining everything that I've worked so hard for?'

That's it. She really believed that he was a mind reader, she really believed that he was from out of space. There was just no explanation to how smart he was and she was afraid that she could never outsmart him and find her way out of this mess.

'Because if you really think that then you're a lost cause. I will never, and I mean never, let you ruin this. I've risked so much to be here, I've risked so much to have you and nothing will get in the way of that. Nothing will get in the way of me, having, you.'

The more he spoke the more she felt claustrophobic, the walls felt like they were closing in on her and something told her that she was going to be stuck between those walls. Her heart ached and she didn't know how much more she could take before she completely lost it.

She didn't know how much more she could take before,

She became one,

With the crazy,

In her head.

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