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Sliding her eyelids open, it took her a minute to realise she'd fell asleep right against the door. He hadn't touched her, he hadn't moved her and she was thankful for that but the sound of his groans had woken her up and she wasn't sure how to feel about the fact that she was worried when she took a look at him.

He was still laying on the sofa, passed out in pain. She knew he was suffering when all she could hear was the sound of his pained out moans. Standing up slowly from her stiff position, she walked towards him, for a moment, she had forgotten who he was. She had forgotten he was Blade. For the man before her, was the man who had risked his life to save hers.

She studied him for a moment or two before she shook his shoulders and his eyes opened, she could see Blade laying before her, because now she could see his brown orbs, the darkness in his eyes was more than visible as he stared her down, clutching his ribs.

'You're in pain.' She ignored his intense stare and walked towards his kitchen, searching his cabinets for pills, when she found the pain killers, she filled up a glass of water and walked back to him, throwing the pills on his lap, she set the glass down on the table.

'Pills don't work on me.' He groaned as he tried to sit up, only to find himself laying straight back down.

'Are you even human?' She rolled her eyes, picking the pills off his lap and opening one. She held it in front of his mouth and he couldn't help but love the sight of her worried about him.

'I told you, they don't work on me, kitten.'

Kitten. That name made her wary of where she was and who she was with. Setting the pills down on the table she sat on her knees in front of the sofa, although she wanted to run, she couldn't fight her human instincts to nurture the ones in need and right now, the man before her, he was in need. Of her.

He watched her scan his wound, too indulged in the sweet scent of her presence, he almost didn't notice when she ran her fingers over his skin, analysing his ribs. The cool touch of her fingers against his body was doing things to him that he didn't have the energy to entertain, so he lay there, drowning in everything that was Lana.

'You need to go to the hospital.' She wasn't looking at him, avoiding any sort of eye contact, for now, she was just going to try and help him. Although, helping him was the last thing she wanted to do, however, she knew that she owed him that, if it wasn't for him, she would've most likely been dead by now and that thought made her shiver with uneasiness.

'All I need is for you sit there and look pretty.' Even through his endless amount of pain, he couldn't stop himself from tantalising her. Her discomfort from his words amused him. But she wasn't going to sit around and look pretty for him, instead, she got up to go back to her position on the floor against the door.

Her heart raced in her throat as she found herself tumbling back and falling onto him as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into him. He let out a low growl as she landed right on his wounded ribs but he didn't mind the pain, not if it meant that her body would be on his.

She looked at him wide eyed, trying to pull herself up only to find herself locked against him as his arms wrapped around her waist, never letting go, never letting her escape the warmth of his fevered skin. Her brain wasn't functioning properly due to the closeness of their faces, he was inches away from her and she could almost feel him breathe against her lips.

'What, what do you want me from me?' She whispered, afraid that if she spoke loud enough, her voice would crack.

'I want you to love me.' He whispered back against her lips, breathing in her existence, breathing in the poison she was filling him up with. He almost couldn't feel the pain in his ribs anymore, he couldn't feel anything but her body pressed against his and that, that was enough to awaken the beast within him.

She was in shock from his words. He wanted her to love him? Love? She wasn't sure if she could ever even feel anything other than hate for him and now he expected her to fall head over heels for him? She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, trying to stop herself from losing what was left of her sanity.

She didn't expect to feel his lips crashing down against hers and she sure didn't expect her heart to flutter from the intensity of their kiss. Realising what was happening, she pressed her small hands against his large torso, pulling away from him, only to find his hand wrap around her head and keep her in place. He couldn't stop his tongue from intruding into her mouth and devouring the taste of her lips. If he continued like that, he was bound to do things to her that she wasn't prepared for and because of that, he stopped.

For the first time, he pulled away. His heart beating drums in his chest as he tried to fight his inner monster, trying to hold back his inner nature from ravaging her and leaving her with nothing but him. She had to hold her chest to let herself catch her breath, however, her breath was stuck in her throat again as he pushed her head down onto his chest, stroking her hair.

It was going to be a long night and she wasn't sure if she could survive with him,

While he,

He knew he couldn't survive,

Without her.
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