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Everything you see, isn't always what it's set out to be. 'My infatuation with you turned into desire and that desire turned into obsession. And before I knew it, I had become addicted. Addicted to you.' This book contains; -Graphic content. -Strong language. -BDSM. -Mature scenes. -TRIGGER WARNING-

Mystery / Erotica
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Take off your panties and put it in your mouth.

Her heart was beating so hard she could feel it thud in her bones. Her eyes glued to the screen while she silently stripped out of her panties and placed it in her mouth as he had ordered. Who he was? She didn't know and something told her she didn't want to know. It had been one month, one month exact, since the party. The party that ruined her life, the party that ended up with her sitting in front of a laptop screen everyday, stripping away for a stranger.

Now touch yourself, kitten.

She knew it was coming but she couldn't come to terms with it. She'd been here before, she'd done this for him on many occasions, yet each and every single time, her adrenaline rushed to the surface and suffocated the small confined space of her throat. Her fingers trembled against her delicate skin as she traced her fingertips in between her thighs.


Here he was again, reassuring her that it was ok to breathe, that he allowed her to breathe. So why did she feel so smothered? Why couldn't she find the oxygen that she long yearned for? Maybe because he wasn't allowing her to breathe, he was throttling her. With every demand, her chest tightened further and her skin ached to move away from the camera, to not be exposed to the eyes of the stranger, yet she couldn't find it in her to refuse him.

It started off as a joke to her. She thought it was funny that some guy thought he could threaten her into becoming his online slave, she wanted to laugh at him and now, he's laughing at her. He'd even gave her a name. Kitten. She felt pathetic. She had underestimated him, but that was all before she realised he knows her, he knows a little too much about her. The threats started off with exposing the pictures and videos he had took off her at the party. Videos and pictures that she couldn't believe were her, videos and pictures of things she didn't want anyone to see. If only she knew who he was, if only she could take back that night but that's the least of her worries. The videos were just a starter, now if she disobeys, her friends and families lives are on the line, because he swore that with every disobedience, they would pay the consequences.

So here she was, satisfying the needs of a hungry online predator. Living up to his desires. He was bathing in the control he had over her, while she, she was drowning and the more she swam, the further she sunk.

He's nowhere and everywhere.

Who is he?

Something tells her,

she will never know.

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