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'Get up.'

She woke up to the sound of his voice, her eyelids lifting open while a yawn escaped her mouth. She was confused to be woke up by him. Specially with the tone of voice he had on. Low and gruff. She watched him while he removed the ropes from her wrists and removed the chains from her ankles, she wasn't sure what to expect from his odd behaviour, so she lay there, waiting for him to explain.

'Your dads coming over.'

Her heart fluttered in her chest at the news, she had to stop herself from running around celebrating. But then she saw that look on his face, that darkness in his eyes and she knew that there was nothing to celebrate. And that realisation hit her right in the gut.

'I'm going to tell you this once so listen very carefully.' He leaned down as she sat up, making sure that he was at eye level with her, making sure she could read the threat in his face.

'You will behave. If you do anything as little as making a face, I will make you regret it. If you make a scene, or hint on that there's something going on here, if he suspects anything, any little thing, I won't hesitate to kill him before he can get the chance to reach the door. Am I clear?'

She gulped down the sickness in her lungs and nodded her head, her heart aching at his threat. She wanted to be free from him but she couldn't risk her father's life, she couldn't do that to him.

'Am I fucking clear?' He yelled at her, his voice echoing into her ears as he inched further into her face.

'Yes.' Her voice was muffled up by the ache in her throat, but he heard her.

'Good, kitten.' His fingers reached for her head, lightly petting her. She wasn't sure if the petting was to show her he was proud or that it was a warning of sort.

'Why is he coming?' She questioned, not sure why he would want to visit. He was never around long enough to notice if she was home or not. He never checked up on her. Or was he coming to see Blade? She didn't know.

'He asked how you're doing. He thinks you've been having problems with something lately and that's why you don't want to go home. So he wanted to come and see you.'

Wow, she thought to herself, surprised that her dad had even noticed her having issues. He was always too busy wrapped up in work that he never paid much attention to her. Although her parents were strict, they never really showed interest in her emotions.

'And hide those.' He pointed to the cuts and bruises around her wrists and ankles. During the past seven days, she'd tried to break out of her restraints, although, her attempts were futile, each and every single time. She couldn't break out of them and instead, she'd hurt herself during the process which Blade wasn't so happy about. He didn't want to see a mark on her soft, glistening skin, unless that mark was made from him, he'd been thoroughly annoyed at her for doing that to herself.

And even looking at them now, that pissed him off even more, but he didn't have time to sit around and feel angry, her dad was coming and he needed her to look presentable, because at the minute, she looked like she'd been tortured for a decade. And in some ways, she had been tortured, just not for a decade.

She slipped into the jumper he gave her, the sleeves hiding her injured wrists. The jumper smelt like him, she inhaled the masculine in his scent then looked down to her legs which were covered in his sweatpants. Sweatpants that were triple the size of her and hanging loose on her legs. She looked hideous but if looking hideous meant hiding the things that would make her dad suspicious, to keep him from being Blade's next target then she was going to do just that.

An hour later and there's she's sat, with her fragile body on the sofa, sitting across her beloved dad. He had been watching her intently for a long while, as if he was sensing her unease and discomfort, however, he thought it was due to the fact that they weren't very close and he didn't want to push her to tell him what was wrong, because he knew, their relationship wasn't like that, just the fact that he saw her and witnessed that she was doing ok, or so he thought, it made him feel better.

'When are you coming back home?' His voice was quiet, he wasn't sure if she wanted to be back home but he didn't understand why she would want to stay with Orion either.

Lana's gaze drifted off from her father to her beast, for he was staring right at her, his eyes never getting rid of that warning he'd been holding in them ever since her dad stepped foot into his house and she knew, just how serious he was about his warning.

'I'm not sure. Just wanted to get away for a while.' She lied, it hurt to lie, it hurt to sit there, trapped in Blade's house while her father sat clueless right in front of her.

'Wouldn't you want to stay with Jessie? I didn't know you two were this close.' Her dad glanced at Blade, who was still staring at his kitten with eyes that promised her if she didn't behave, her dads death would be her punishment and he'd make her watch him kill him. He'd make her see just exactly, how much damage she'd done. That is if, if his kitten spoke things that she shouldn't have. Things that he'd forbidden.

Lana felt sick at the sound of Jessie's name. She would rather stay here with the monster who had ripped out her soul rather than the girl who she thought was her friend.

'She's having a great time here.' Blade interrupted, his voice shallow and full of threat as he scanned her broken form.

'She doesn't need Jessie.' He looked towards her dad, wanting to snap his neck for getting in his way and wasting his time. He felt nothing towards the man sat before him, he felt nothing towards anyone but Lana.

'Yeah.. I'm having a great time here dad.' She wasn't sure who she was trying to fool, her father or herself? Because if she didn't force herself to believe that she was having a good time then she wasn't sure how long she would last before she screamed murder.

'Are you cold? Sick? You look pale.' Lana was avoiding any form of eye contact with her father by now, she knew he was noticing her stressed out features and she didn't want to get him in trouble, specially not when Blade was watching her like a hawk, suffocating her with his stare.

'No I'm just, tired. Haven't slept properly and all.' Her fingers shook against the sleeves on her jumper, pulling them right down so that they didn't accident show off her abused skin. She knew that she couldn't find an excuse as to why her wrists were covered in cuts and bruises. She knew that she would mess up if he saw them.

'Alright. If you need anything, give me a call.' He stood up to leave, the tension had been almost too suffocating for him too. He didn't want to stay and make her feel anymore uncomfortable, instead he made his way for the door, only to be stopped by his daughters shaky voice.

'Dad.' When the word left her mouth, Blade stood up, watching her, reminding her that this would be her last chance to save her dad from becoming his next prey. She eyed him for a long moment, her heart beating in her throat. He stood beside her, noticing the little movement she made forward, only to be stopped by the hand that held her wrists, squeezing it hard enough to show her just what those hands were capable of if she did anything to disappoint him.

'Bye.' Her voice cracked and her heart shuddered as she kept quiet, watching her father leave. Watching him go and leave her with the monster that was eating her alive.

When the door closed shut, Blade went and locked it. Turning his attention back to his kitten, he noticed just how much she seemed to be in pain. Not physical no, mental pain. An eternity of mental torture.

She didn't fight him as he wrapped his arms around her, pressing his chin to her head and hushing her whimpers. She didn't fight the warmth of his body, she needed it. Because if he didn't hold her together, then she would come crumbling down.

'I wanted to hug him.' Is all that she said before the tears she had held back came rushing to the surface, dampening his shirt while she buried her face in his chest.

'Shh, it's ok, kitten. You did good.' He rubbed her back, his touch soothing to her needy soul. He held her like that, rubbing her pain away,

While she,

Allowed herself the luxury,

Of drowning,

In him.
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