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Blade studied his kitten as she stood in the kitchen, cooking. Cooking for him. He'd noticed how much she'd been different, how much she'd gotten closer to him. It was as though she had become accustomed to being around him, almost as though she was comfortable enough to open her heart for him. Almost.

She didn't say a word as she prepared the meal on the table, hoping that it was to his satisfaction. She'd never cooked for him before, she'd never cooked for anyone in that matter. And she hoped that he would approve of her cooking skills, that he'd like it.

Sitting at the table, he scanned the food she had made for him. It tasted just as nice as it looked and deep down he was proud of her, but he was more than wary as she eased her way into his trust. Something that he couldn't afford to give, only to lose.

'What?' He noticed her staring at him the entire time he ate, it was as if the roles had reversed and she was the one watching him instead of him, watching her.

'Do you.. like it?' She whispered, unsure of how he felt towards the meal. He hadn't said anything about it and she couldn't tell if he enjoyed it or not. She could never tell what he was thinking or feeling. That unsettled her already unsettled nerves.

'I like it.' Wiping his mouth, he set his utensils down, pressing his elbows to the table and holding his hands before his chin. He watched her squirm under his gaze, he knew all too well, what that meant.

'Do I make you nervous?' His question caught her off guard, and he damn well knew the answer.


'Good.' Pushing his chair back, he moved towards her, grabbing her hair lightly and pulling her up from her assigned seat and holding her against him. He could almost hear the throbbing in her heart as she stared at him wide eyed, clearly confused to what he was doing.

'Kiss me.' He spoke against her lips, tilting his head to the side, analysing her reaction. Although he wanted to kiss her, what he wanted was to see what was going through her head.

'I, I need to clean your wound.' She pressed the palm of her hands against his chest, trying to pry him off her but he kept her glued to his body, not willing to let her go that easy. When she realised that she was stuck, she stopped pushing against his chest. Instead, she stared up at him, her heart pounding in her throat.

'Kiss me or I'm going to kiss you.' He inched further into her face, closing the little gap between them, leaving them with nothing but their breaths that entwined with one another.

She closed her eyes and leaned in, when her lips scraped against his, her stomach dropped and she knew there was no going back now. He didn't move though, he didn't even kiss her back. He waited, waiting to see what she was going to do with his demand and then, to his surprise, she deepened the kiss, her mouth warm against his, her tongue asking for entry as she traced it on his flesh.

Without another thought, he grabbed her head in his hands and crushed his mouth onto hers. The temperature of his body rising as he drowned in her presence, drowned in the desire that was running wild through him, the lust, the hunger.

He gripped her thighs, pulling her up and wrapping her legs around his waist, pressing her back onto the wall, pressing his hips in between her legs. He could devour her in one go, he could feed off of her, but that stopped. It stopped as she pulled back, pushing against his chest again, fighting him off.

To both of their surprise, he stared at her for a long moment, all of his movements fading as he placed her back on her feet. Turning his back to her and walking away, only to be stopped again.

'No, wait.' Her voice cracked from behind him. His body stiff at the sound of his own heartbeat drumming into his throat.

'Make love to me.'

He turned around at her request, eyeing her small form. She wasn't looking at him, no. Her eyes were planted on the floor. But he knew that she knew, he was staring right into her. He didn't want to believe that what he had heard was real, because if that was what she had asked him, then that could mean a lot of things.

'Please.' Her eyes lifted and took in his rigid appearance. He was stood there, his fists clenched along with his jaw. His chest heaving, almost as though he was angry but when she stepped forward and ran her fingers down the waistband of his pants, he was done for.

None of them said a word as her hand found its way to his member, feeling his large length, wrapping her fingers around it and slowly rubbing him. He had to hold back from growling out, from shoving her into the wall and burying himself deep into her rib cage. The feel of her small hand against his length, it did unexplainable things to him.

No longer holding back, he pushed her back into the wall, placing each hand on either side of her head, watching her as her hand picked up pace, rubbing him faster, building up the desire in him into something more, something dangerous. He couldn't wait any longer, he had to have her and before she knew it, he had her turned around, the side of her face pressed into the wall, her backside curved towards him.

Goosebumps covered her sensitive skin as he pulled down her panties, lifting one of her legs up and pressing his hardness in between her legs. And then, it was all gone, his pants, his boxers, gone, as he stood there sliding himself into her. She had to bite her tongue from letting out a moan. She had to bite her tongue from moving her hips back against him as he thrusted into her.

Leaning in and pressing his mouth to her neck, kissing and biting her skin while his free hand wrapped around her waist, finding her sensitive spot between her legs, rubbing over it until she could no longer hold back the moans that she had kept prisoner within the small confined space of her throat. He pounded into her, rising with every thrust, expanding inside of her. He loved the sound of her moans, it was real. She was moaning for him. The realisation made him go faster, get rougher.

They were both drowning in the pleasure that ran through them, both panting at the heat that was cursing in their veins. He growled into her ear as he exploded and she moaned out while she exploded with him.

Her heart beating hard against her chest, she had just realised,

That she had,

Surrendered to him.
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