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She whispered against his lips as his fingers traced up her thighs, reminding her of the event that went down the night before. She'd gave him her body and she hoped to god that it was worth it. That he had bought her act. An act that left her feeling sick all night.

'I mean.. I'm on my period.'

He stared at her, his eyes searching hers for the things he already knew. The things he'd caught onto.

'Do you have anything? I mean, for my, you know.' She felt uncomfortable under his gaze. It felt like he was reading right into her head, knowing the lie she had fed him. Was she being paranoid.. or?

'No.' He spoke against her mouth before he removed himself from her personal space. Throwing a shirt on, he turned to look at her once more. He seemed almost sad. Almost like she had hurt him and she didn't understand why.

'I'll go get you some.' Is all that he said before he disappeared out of the door, forgetting to lock it behind him. Or had he forgotten?

A couple of minutes passed by and Lana already had her mind set on what she was to do. She had noticed that he didn't lock the door and that made her insides fill up with hope as she threw on his big baggy jumper that covered up to her thighs. She wasn't going to bother with pants or shoes, she just wanted to get out of here.

She'd been trying so hard to act normal with him, to act like she had gave into him and now, all of that hard work had paid off. But little did Lana know, she was getting her ticket out of this way too quick and way too easy. Her mind hadn't registered that, she didn't want to think about anything but escaping, she didn't want anything to get in the way of her determination to run. Honestly, she didn't even want to go to the police, she just wanted to be home. To see her mum, her dad, to feel the warmth of her bed. To not be locked up in the same house as the man who had beaten her down to nothing.

But as she slipped out of the door, making sure he wasn't around, that bad gut feeling lurched into her throat, making her insides churn with nausea. Ignoring her overworked hormones, she scanned her surrounding, his house was in a secluded area, however, there were at least two other houses around, not far from his. Putting her legs to work, she ran out onto the road, her heart pounding in her throat as she began to make her way to wherever she was going. She had no idea where she was or where she was going but anywhere was better than here.

She almost dived in front of the car she saw driving down the road, her chest heaving with the need to get in that car and ask the driver to take her back to her house. She would give him whatever amount of money for this. She just needed to get away from here.

Excitement and pressure ran through her as the car stopped inches away from crushing into her body.

'Help!' She yelled out to the driver, her bones shaking with adrenaline as the passenger side door opened.

Not wasting a second of her precious time, she made her way into the car, trying to catch her breath. Was this real? Was she really about to get away?

No. The answer was no as she turned her head to thank the driver, however, her words dissipated into her throat and her voice came out silent as she stared at the man behind the wheel.


Panic rushing through her, she turned to open the door and run out, only to find it already locked. Her small fists banging on the tinted window in hopes of breaking through, in hopes of getting away. This couldn't be happening. She was so close. So close to making it out of his prison, so close to finding her way home and yet here she was, trapped in his cage once more.

Tears sprung down her face, her anxiety levels hitting an emergency while she screamed and whimpered in the car. After her tantrum died down and her war came to an end. She turned her face to look at the man sitting before her. He didn't even bother looking at her, instead, he drove back to his house.

Yanking her out of the car and throwing her over his shoulder, he made his way to his house, however, her screaming and the scene she had made, attracted the attention of a man who was now making his way towards them.

'Help!' She screamed once her eyes connected with the man.


'Let her go!' The stranger yelled at Blade as he started to run up.

That however, didn't phase Blade. Scanning the area to make sure no one else was out or witnessing this, he pulled out the pocket knife from his pocket and casually threw it right towards the man, hitting him straight in the heart. The man stopped dead in his tracks, his body crumbling to the floor as blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth.

Lana had to be dreaming because she couldn't believe what was happening before her, she couldn't take in the murder that had just happened right before her eyes, the murder that was her fault. She'd called for the man. He'd came to save her. And now he was dying, because of her. She'd killed him. Her panic had turned into a complete mental breakdown as she cried while Blade took her back into his house, throwing her onto the floor before he left to go and take care of the mess he had made outside.

She sat there frozen, her heart almost about to stop functioning due to the amount of stress she was going through.

'What have I done?' She cried into her hands, she could never forgive herself. Her stupidity had cost someone else's life and god she wished that the one dying was her because she wasn't sure if she could handle this anymore. He'd killed someone. He'd done it without even flinching, his aim was perfect and it made her think, what if he's killed people before, what if this is what he does. He hadn't even seemed affected by the fact he had just ended another man's life. God she wanted to throw up, and she did. Running into the bathroom, she threw up her guts, whatever was left of it.

About two hours later Blade was back home, searching for his kitten. Although, he was thoroughly pissed at her, that ended when he saw her crumbled up body on the floor in the corner of his room. She looked like a petrified baby kitten and that made him want to shower her with love and affection until she felt better. But that wasn't an option this time, she had tried to fool him, she had tried to escape and now, he wasn't sure what to do with her.

'Did you really think I didn't know what you was getting up to?' He walked over to her, crouching down.

'Did you really think that you could fool me into giving you my trust and then letting you escape so easily?'

'Did you huh?!' His voice boomed into the silence of the room, making her shiver with fear for her life.

'I saw the lies in your eyes the moment I asked you to kiss me.' The minute his finger lifted her chin, she lost her shit.

Screaming for him not to touch, screaming for him to leave her alone. He had to hold her down to calm her nerves, he had to hold her down to stop her from tripping out any longer. And as he pressed her into the ground, stopping her rapid movements, her heartbeat slowed while her body went numb. She didn't have it in her to fight him anymore. And this time, she wasn't trying to sell herself the dream of fooling him. Although it was impossible to fool him, she just really couldn't fight him anymore, she was afraid that fighting him would cost someone else's life. A life that she couldn't afford to take away from anybody else.

'I killed him.' Tears rolled down her cheeks, her heart aching with persistent pain as he pulled her up against him, his arms holding her tight, making her pain fade away.

'No, I killed him.' He whispered into her ear, kissing the side of her head, reassuring her that it wasn't her fault. That he had chose to kill the man, that it was all on him and as he whispered away, she settled in his arms,

Fading in and out,

Of the insanity that was,

Sucking her in.
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