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-One month prior-

Drugs, sweat, music. Loud, loud music. Lana didn't know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to join her friends to a masquerade party. But as she stood there, eyeing the many nude women and men, she realised that, this, this was no ordinary party.

Although she had considered to walk right back out of the door, something pulled her in. Maybe it was the way everyone was so free. Maybe it was the drugs that she'd never tried. Maybe, just maybe, it was the masked man that was staring right at her from across the suffocating room. Even through the crowd, she could feel his eyes on her, burning into her ferment skin.

Her stomach churned with every breath she took, every step felt like an eternity, an eternity filled with fog and nausea. She'd lost her friends and made it to the bathroom on time to throw her guts out, the room never stopping spinning. She didn't know whether it was the drugs that were contaminating her lungs or the air the masked man was sucking out of her. He'd followed her around all night, watching her, studying every single decision she made and god knows how many bad decisions she had made. For the first time, she had let free. Although this wasn't the type of party she assumed she would be entering, she was happy to be there. She felt.. free.

Free. That was the last thing he wanted her to be as he watched her stumble her way out of the bathroom. It didn't take long for her to sway her hips to the music, to let the drugs take over her existence once more. Her eyes were shut but he knew damn well that she knew he was watching. He could watch her all night but what he wanted more was to get his hands on her, to wrap them around her throat and choke her into submission. He'd wanted this for a very long time and now, he had her right in front of him, out of her senses and ready for his use.

He strode over to her, her eyelids lifted and she caught his gaze, she didn't object when he stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, she moved against him. With every move of her hips, he wanted to take her more. She was small, very small, compared to him and he knew if he wanted to, he could crush her, destroy her petite little body and the thought, that thought awoken the hungry beast within him, so he gripped her harder, burying his masked face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her poisoning scent. She was doing things to him that she wasn't aware of and he wasn't sure if he wanted to show her, exactly what, she was doing to him.

When she turned in his arms and walked backwards towards the hallway, he knew he had her. He knew he was about to ravage her entire life, so he followed. Followed her unconscious mind to one of the rooms in this maze. A bedroom that seemed to be set out for a man like him, filled with chains, cuffs, whips and everything that his heart desired to use on his little prey. Her eyes scanned his rigid body, covered in black clothing, she was mesmerised by a man she didn't know the face of. The room was a spinning mess and her heart was racing against her throat as her fingers fiddled with the zipper on the back of her tight red dress. She wasn't sure what she was doing but whatever it was, it felt good.

He watched her fumble with her dress, his hands reaching for his crotch as he grew harder at the sight of her, he couldn't wait any longer, he had to have her, now. Before she knew she it, the strangers hands were on her exposed body, how her dress had came off so fast? She couldn't remember, but it felt good to feel his large hands roam her delicate skin, it felt nice to feel the intimidating presence of this man. A man she felt like she recognised yet she had no idea who he was. When he let go and stood back, she wanted nothing but for him to touch her again. With her mind, long gone and her body acting on its own terms, she closed her eyes and gave into him, every single part of her, she gave it to him.

He watched her crawl on the floor towards him, her legs couldn't keep her up anymore so here she was, on her hands and knees. He much preferred her like that. He could watch her crawl to him all night. She closed her eyes when the flash of the camera greeted her sight. He didn't bother stopping, with a stride towards her, he wrapped his fingers in her hair and pushed her back onto the floor. He didn't have to speak the words, she knew what he wanted. To put on a show for him, so she did just that. Her mind not registering the depths of her situation as her fingers reached for her underwear. Before she knew it, she was touching herself, moaning for him. And he, he loved every bit of it. He, recorded every second of it.

Her moaning intertwined with his groans as he buried his length deep inside of her. She didn't know how she ended up here, with chains around her wrists, keeping her a prisoner to the bed, a prisoner to him. Her mind was a fog and yet she felt alive with every thrust of his hips against her. The flash that blinded her vision felt good too. She knew he was taping her but she didn't want him to stop. God the drugs had her surrendering to the things she would've never surrendered to before.

He knew she wouldn't remember this later, he knew she would wake up tomorrow and forget this.

But he had every intentions of,

Reminding her.
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