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On your bed,
Oh you lay,
At midnight tonight,
I'll be there, prey.

Lana scanned the text she had received from Blade, her heart fluttering at his riddle. A riddle she hadn't received in a long time, a riddle that wasn't there to taunt her, but to prepare her for his arrival. She knew he was coming, and she was ready for it. However, she couldn't stop the rapid beating in her heart, she couldn't stop her nerves from tangling up and suffocating her from anticipation.

Midnight was close and there she was, laying on her bed as he had demanded. Her chest was heaving with the need to see him walk through her door, her window, under her bed, wherever he was going to sneak in from. She just wanted him here.

Close your eyes and keep them closed.

She read over his text, putting her phone down, she did exactly as she had been ordered. She closed her eyes, keeping them tightly shut and when the clock hit midnight, she could feel his presence in the room. She didn't even hear him coming in, he was too good and maybe that's why, she'd never noticed him watching her before.

The silence was killing her as she felt his hands roaming her skin, flipping her on to her hands and knees, he pressed her head down into the mattress, locking her wrists to either side of the bed along with her ankles. She was tempted to open her eyes for a split second, but she knew damn well that, disobeying him would result in punishments and punishments, she didn't want to receive.. at least not tonight. Tonight, she would surrender to him, she would become his submissive. She'd give him her mind, body and soul. Just like he wanted.

Stepping to the side of the bed, he wrapped his gloved fingers in her hair, yanking her head back, causing her to flinch but she kept her eyes tightly shut, she didn't open them. God, he loved the sight before him, he loved the way she obeyed him, the way she willingly submitted to him. Although, he liked the force, he liked claiming her body without her consent, however, he liked her being submissive more than that, he loved it. He fed off of her submissive nature. A nature she had only grown for him.

'Look at me, kitten.' His voice was hoarse, his words demanding as he watched her eyes slid open, her breath stilling in her throat as she took in his appearance. He was wearing all black, the same clothes he had worn before she knew his identity, his gloves and his mask intact, showing her that he's still the same man. The same man who brutally assaulted her, the same man who brutally raped her. However, as she watched his large form towering over her, she wasn't afraid of this man, she was in love with him.

He stroked the side of her face before he placed a gag in her mouth and secured it behind her head. Her body was shaking with adrenaline rush as she felt him move behind her, rubbing his crotch on her backside.

She had to force herself not to moan into the gag as she felt his fingers sliding into her, reawakening the pleasure he had gave her the day before, in her kitchen.

And when she felt his length against her opening, rubbing his large size back and forth against her slit, never sliding in but never moving away, she couldn't take anymore of his teasing, she wanted him, no. She needed him. A harsh slap landed on her bottom as she had tried to move her hips back against his manhood, he didn't approve though, he wanted to take his time, to hold back as long as he could until the beast within him could no longer maintain its hunger and launched for her, until that beast devoured her.

Another slap landed on her bare skin causing her to try and inch away from it, the stinging almost too strong, but she couldn't go anywhere, stuck restrained to the bed, she took the next few slaps on her skin, allowing herself to give into the painful pleasure instead of running away from it. Her throat felt dry with the need to feel him fill her up as he stopped spanking her and instead, he tapped his length across her backside before he rubbed it against her opening again.

She really couldn't take it anymore, her entire body was blazing with heat as he tormented her nervous system. As if reading her thoughts, as usual, he slid his tip into her, inching further and further inside her, she moaned out into the gag, not being able to hold back anymore. Her saliva dripping down her chin all the while he started to thrust his hips back and forth, moving rapidly inside of her, never giving her a chance to breathe, never giving her a chance to catch her breath.

He watched his helpless little kitten clutch onto the sheets as he sunk in deeper into her tight space, finding his way to her core, hitting her sensitive spot over and over again. Fisting her hair in his hand, he yanked her head back, pounding into her small body as low growls rumbled through his chest and escaped his throat.

He slid out of her only to smack right back into her, repeating that same process until he had her dripping on his length, her legs shaking with every harsh thrust, she couldn't take no more, she was going to cum. And as he stroke her with a few more violent thrusts, he groaned into the night, emptying his pleasure inside her as she emptied hers around his size.

He didn't pull out though, no. He stayed right where he was, buried deep inside her lungs as he leaned over her and took off her gag, wrapping his arm around her waist and reaching for in between her legs.

'Who's is this?' He groaned into her ear as he felt her clench around him once more, her walls squeezing against his still all to hard member.

'Yours.' She whispered, her breath coming out unsteady and rapid.

'Who's are you?' He leaned away from her, pulling her hair with him, causing her head to tilt back against him.

'Yours.' She spoke against the pain she felt in her skull as he gripped her hair harder.

'And who will you submit to?' He moved his hips slowly, never getting enough of her warm, addictive flesh.

Feeling him move inside of her again, she found it hard to form the words but with everything she had, she moaned out;

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