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Lana's eyes scanned over the box that had arrived at her door, it didn't take much for her to know who sent her the box. She smiled at the fact that it had been four months ever since everything that had happened and he was still sticking to his games. Four months and her parents had gotten used to their relationship, although her dad was still not happy with it, he had accepted that he couldn't do much about it. Her mum on the other hand, she seemed just fine about the situation. However, four months had went by and Blade was still playing with her. No longer afraid of his mind games, she picked up the box, turning around to head back in the house right before the familiar voice she hadn't heard in a long time spoke out.

'It's nice to see you.'

Jake watched her intently as she placed the box on the porch and walked over to him, scanning that small smirk on his face that never seemed to fade when he was around her.

'I wish I could say the same.' She scoffed, waiting for him to say something so she can call him out on his actions, the ones she'd noticed ever since she had become paranoid.

Smiling at her response, he shrugged it off.

'I never saw you at the carnival, and I haven't saw you since then. Where have you been hiding Lana?'

He folded his arms across his broad chest as he eyed her irritated form.

'Oh but you've seen plenty of times, haven't you Jake? Watching me through your window. You think I don't notice that?'

Her agitation was more than visible but what got her more was the sound of the familiar footsteps of no one but Blade as he strode over to them, grabbing her wrist and pulling her away from Jake.

'Get inside, now.' He pushed his little kitten towards the house, his patience running low on what he had just overheard, he wanted to break every single bone in Jake's body, he wanted to rip his throat out. The thought of another man watching his kitten boiled his blood and enraged the fumes burning through his veins as he clenched his jaw before he grabbed the collar on Jake's shirt, inching close to his face.

'If you lay your eyes on what's mine one for more time, I won't hesitate to kill you.' He spoke through clenched teeth, holding back from punching into the guy before him. He knew that his kitten hadn't went inside the house, she was stood there watching, most likely afraid of what he would do to the man before him.

He remembered the last time he hurt someone in front of her, he'd killed someone right in front of her eyes and she'd been a mess. He didn't want to make her watch him beat into Jake, no. He would do it when his kitten wasn't around to witness his bestiality.

'Triggered?' Jake smirked once more, causing Blade to burn with the need to suffocate the man before him. It took everything he had, not to smash into his skull and watch him bleed out.

Letting go of Jake's collar hard enough to throw him back a few steps, Blade's eyes fell to Jake's hand.

'I'm warning you.'

'And next time, I won't be aiming for your hand.'

And with that, Jake realised that the man who had stabbed him, was the man stood before him. That realisation choked up his lungs as he only then realised how dangerous Blade was, and what damage he was capable of doing.

Jake didn't say a word as Blade picked up a large rock and aimed it straight for Jake's bedroom window, the window he always stood at, watching Blade's kitten. That window was now shattered into pieces. Just like Jake would be, if he laid his eyes on Lana again.

And with that, Blade turned to his kitten, making his way to the house, pushing her through the door before stopping mere seconds from joining her, he stopped and said;

'Oh and, that window needs to be fixed.'

Mocking Jake, showing him the power he owned, letting him know that, that window was his first and last warning. After that, he would shred the man, limb from limb.

Lana stood in her parents bedroom, looking for something that her mum had asked her to take downstairs for her, her search for the item came to an end as she felt his presence behind her. She still hadn't got used to him just appearing behind her, she still needed time before she got used to that, but she felt his hands roam her shoulders, a smile approached her lips, turning around to face her intruder, she looked into his lustful orbs.

'You didn't need to be that harsh.' She was referring to Jake. Although she couldn't stand the man, she pitied him. Only she knew how scary Blade could be and what nightmares Jake would have tonight. The thought made her giggle.

'That was me, being nice.' He stared at his kitten a long while before his eyes scanned the floor, silently ordering her to get on her knees. She stood immobile before him as he started to undo his belt, his breathing hoarse with the need to feel the warmth of her delicate lips wrapped around his already aroused length.

'Blade..' She whispered only to feel his finger press against her mouth.

'Shhhhh.' Is all that he said before he pressed onto her head, guiding her to her knees.

She didn't object, although this was the last place she wanted to do this. This was the room her parents shared, the room they slept in. She felt like she was disrespecting them, however, she couldn't deny the man before her from his needs and what he needed right there and then, was for her to wrap her mouth around him and feed on him.

When he pulled out his length, she studied his large member that sprained up, waiting for her to do her job. She looked up at his hungry gaze before she wrapped her fingers around him, rubbing him back and forth a couple of times before she traced her tongue up his length, earning herself a low growl from him as he drowned in the blissful feel of her tongue twirling around his length before she took him into her mouth, devouring him in her throat, tasting him. She loved the way he filled her lungs up with his size, she loved the way he thrusted into her throat, the way he aggressively gripped her hair and expanded her throat with every push of his hip.

And before she knew it, he was dripping down her throat, his breath coming in heavy as he pulled out of her mouth, waiting for her to show him, to show him the aftermath of his orgasm filling up her mouth.

She looked up at him, opening her mouth, watching him stare down at her, his thumb tracing over her lips before he opened his mouth to say,

'Swallow it.'

And with that, she swallowed down his gift to her, she swallowed down his pleasure. Lost in everything that was Blade, she didn't care anymore that he owned her,

That he controlled her,

Because she had fallen in love,

With the power he had,

Over her.
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