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Lana was upset at the fact that Blade had to leave for two weeks for work seeing as he'd spent most of his time obsessing over his kitten, he'd slacked on work and now it was time to make up for it, he now had Lana all to himself, everything had worked out as planned so he was going to put some time into work before he returned to his little kitten.

He noticed her sad demeanour as they sat eating a meal together at her house with her parents. Something inside him burned at the sight of his kitten not wanting him to leave, at the sight of her being so needy. He loved every second of it.

Trying to swallow down her food, Lana found it a hard task to do seeing as Blade's hand had found its way to her thighs, reaching under her dress and feeling over her fevered skin. He rubbed his fingers over her flesh, teasing her, arousing her. He'd told her not to wear any panties tonight and she had listened to him. And now she knew why. God he loved the way she obeyed him, he loved the way she submit to his every command.

Choking on her food, Lana had to grab a glass of water as she felt his fingers slip past her slit and enter her core. She turned to look at him, her skin enflamed with her heightened nerves that were running loose with every movement of his fingers inside her.

He wasn't looking at her but he knew that she was looking at him, he could feel how wet she had become for him, how much her body responded to his touch. And he loved it. His movements picked up pace, fingering her faster as she struggled to continue eating her food. She eyed her parents who seemed to be deep in conversation about something that she couldn't even hear due to her all too heated up senses.

She had to bite her tongue to stop herself from moaning out in pleasure as he entered a second finger, reaching deep into her walls, building up her explosion, and when he knew she was there, she was soon to drip her orgasm on his fingers, he stopped. He stopped and pulled away. Bringing his fingers to his lips, he sucked on them, his eyes on her now, watching her beg for him to not leave her like that. He could see the desperation in her bones as she swallowed down hard, gulping away her needs.

Once the meal was over, he scooped her up into his arms, not wanting her to drip onto the floor because he knew damn well that she was soaking. Placing her on his lap as he lay down on the sofa, he pulled the blanket over them.

It was movie night, seeing as he was going to be gone for two weeks, Lana had planned to get her parents and him to spend the day together, but Blade, he had other plans for her.

'Lights off or on?' Her mother questioned, once everyone said lights off, she turned them off and cuddled up to her husband on the other sofa, playing the movie they had picked to watch along with a bunch of snacks on the table before them.

It had been ten minutes into the movie and Blade was already back to tormenting his kitten, rubbing over her sensitive nub. She turned her head back to look at him, to beg him not to tease her right now, specially not with her parents sitting right there, with them. However, Blade was too deep into his games, the games he loved to play on his kitten.

His hand reached for his throbbing member as he pulled it out of his pants and rubbing it in between Lana's thighs, making her freeze at the connection. She knew what was coming and she sure as hell wasn't prepared for it.

Without another word, with her laying on him, her back pressed to his chest, he spread her legs further apart, slipping his length inside of her, earning himself a gasp from his kitten. He pulled the blanket further up on her body so that it was hiding half of her face and then he covered her mouth, stopping her from making noise as he slowly thrusted in and out of her.

Thankful for the movie volume being loud, Lana felt more safe that way, just in case she ended up making any sort of noise because god help her she couldn't take the heat that was going through her as he picked up pace, thrusting faster into her, not fast enough to catch the attention of her parents, but fast enough to keep her insides churning with the need to have him pound into her all night.

Bringing his lips closer to her ear, he whispered;

'Moan for me.'

As he let go of her mouth. She was stunned at his request, not entirely sure if he was being serious, but when she felt his fingers wrap around her throat, squeezing it for her to submit, she knew he was more than serious. When she didn't make a noise, he slipped half way out of her then with full force he smacked right into her, causing her to shriek, slapping her hand over her mouth, she silenced herself, but then he hit her with another violent stroke, repeating the same process until she moaned out. Not too loud but loud enough to catch her parents attention as they turned to look at her.

Faking a few coughs, she told them that something got stuck in her throat, thankful that her parents were too caught up in the film to even analyse the sound that had erupted from her throat.

A small smile played across Blade's lips as he felt his kittens discomfort, however, that discomfort was turned back into pleasure as he dipped in and out of her, slow and gentle, for the first time, he wasn't pounding into her, he wasn't ramming against her walls, he was taking his time, giving her enough to keep her wanting more.

Both of their pleasure had built up and they were soon to collapse against each other as he picked up pace a little, her head rolled back onto his chest, he could feel her tight walls clenching around him as she came around his length, it made his entire body stiff, another thrust of his hips and he emptied his semen inside her. Their bodies sweating against one another, his breath coming in heavy. He gripped her waist, kissing down her neck, never pulling out of her. He knew if he did, she'd drip his cum all over the sofa, instead, he yanked his shirt off and handed it over to her.

Embarrassment covered her entire existence as she took the shirt from him and placed it in between her thighs once she felt him pull out of her. God what was she doing? She was so sure that her parents had to be oblivious to the world because she could almost smell sex in the air.

Once the movie was finished, she went and got Blade a new shirt from her room, seeing as he'd left some of his clothes here, for necessary times like this.

Standing by the door, Blade leaned down and kissed his kitten, his eyes falling onto her dad and when he finally pulled away, he wanted to laugh at the rage burning through Chris. However, Chris stayed silent.

Good choice.

'See you in two weeks.' Jane waved at Orion, smiling away.

'See you, Jane. Chris.'

'Bye, kitten.' And with that, he left, knowing that once he was back, his little kitten would be waiting for him.


Lana scanned the box she had received yesterday, Blade had told her not to open the box until two hours after he left, it would take him two hours to arrive at his destination and that's when he wanted her to open the box.

Now almost two hours had passed and Lana started to open the box, finding nothing but a set of black lingerie laying out before her. A small smile crept up her face as she opened the note that came with it.

Wear this for me on cam, kitten.

Is all that he said, knowing she'd do just as she'd been told.

And there she sat, in front of her laptop, wearing what he had bought her. She waited patiently for her mystery man, waiting to put on a show for him, to give him what he wanted.

How she had went from hating this man to loving him? She didn't know, and she didn't care. All that was important to her was the fact that she was kitten, and he was her Blade. She had learned to love him, and she wouldn't change that for the world.

It felt like the very first time she went on cam for him, with her heart in her throat and her body trembling with anticipation.

As always, he was on time. Her nerves scattering across her bones, she eyed the notification that popped up.

Blade is online.
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