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The heat blazed upon Lana's glistening sun kissed skin as her flesh sunk into the burning sand. Her eyes closed, her body melting but her mind roared with every minute that went by.



It was suppose to be the best time of her life. Newly wed to her beloved Blade, pregnant. Hawaii.

What more could a girl ask for, right?


She felt his presence. She could feel him watching her. Watching them. Her fingers absentmindedly reached for the small scar just above her hipbone. Fingertips tracing over the line, flashbacks resurfacing. She was burning. Not from the sun no, she was burning with the need to run and hide. To seek for shelter. She didn't understand why, she felt safe within Blade's presence but she couldn't push away the awfully nagging feeling that told her that their past was slowly catching up to them and the memories she had been trying so hard to forget were making their way back to her core.

She's being haunted.

'You're thinking about it again, Kitten. Don't.'

Blade's voice was low, calm and collected. His eyes traced over his kitten's fingers that were carefully going over the scar on her skin. He knew every time she touched that scar, she was thinking of him.

The thought thoroughly pissed him off. But he wouldn't allow her to see the rage enflaming the crimson within his veins. This was their time. Their honeymoon and he wouldn't allow the past ruin their present.

'What if he comes back for us?'

Lana's voice came out strong but only Blade knew her insides were aching with dread. He wished he could stop her from suffering so much. He wished he could erase everything that happened almost three years ago.

'Then I will kill him, Kitten.'

And with that, a small smile filtered across Lana's face, brightening her features. As much as she was worried. She knew with Blade, she would always be safe.

Their baby would always be unharmed.

And he would kill, before he let anyone touch her,


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