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With her palm resting against the small bump on her stomach, Lana drenched herself in the presence of the little human growing inside of her.

'Everything is going to be alright baby'

She whispered into the silence of the night. Something about talking to her unborn child made her feel at ease. The baby gave her strength. It gave her hope.

'Everything will be just fine. I promise.'

She looked down at her stomach for a long while before she let out a silent sigh. The light in her orbs searched every inch of her surrounding. Stood on the front porch of their awfully large glass cabin, she couldn't push aside the never ending torturous thoughts that occupied her drained brain.

'He's not here, it's just in my head. Pregnancy hormones, you know? Mummy's losing her mind'

She let out a halfhearted laugh, trying to lighten the mood. She knew she could possibly be going through paranoia due to her hormones tangling up inside her. God, she wanted it to be her hormones and not anything else. But that one gut feeling, that horrendous gut feeling that she was so familiar with, told her otherwise.

She hadn't felt his presence in so long.

Three years. Almost.

So why was she feeling it now? Why was it all coming back to her? The nightmares, the fear of the dark. Afraid of her own shadow. She could sense him.

The feel of the sharp knife ripping into her flesh caused her to scream in agony.

'This is your fault Lana!'

The darkness in his eyes as he spat his venom out to her, grew, as did his anger. He loathed her.

Clutching her wounded skin, she cried out in pain. Losing hope that she would wake up tomorrow. Losing hope that she'd breathe again. He was going to kill her. She knew it. But he wanted her to suffer first. He wanted Blade to suffer.

He'd vowed to make them pay.

He'd vowed to hunt them down.

And now he had her, he was going to enjoy torturing her.

'Look at what you've done to me!'

He bellowed in her face, causing her to shrink away from him and close her eyes tightly shut. She wanted to drown in her tears and never see this man again. She wanted the nightmare to end.

'Look at me!'

He grabbed her chin, yanking her face up towards his. Making sure she was looking right at him. Making sure she could see the pure hatred in his pupils. He wanted her to see the mess they'd made him. He wanted to see the damage they'd done.

'I'll kill you, I will. But first. Let's have some fun little Lana. Let's make you feel, what I've been feeling.'

And with that, Lana closed her eyes once more, awaiting the inevitable. Awaiting the misery that was soon to greet her.

A crack within the woods intruded upon the peaceful silence of the night, dragging Lana out of her unwanted flashbacks. She flinched. Turning so fast towards the source of the sound, only to come up empty handed. There was nothing but trees and the breeze that filtered through the branches. She was sweating. Tears had already dampened her eyes but she pushed them away, afraid if she cried, she'd become weak and helpless, and she had stopped being weak and helpless a long time ago. She wasn't going back to that now.

Heart pounding and her nerves taking turns to taunt her, she was frozen in her place. Not sure if she was starting to hear things or that someone was really there.

'Go back inside Lana.'

She muttered to herself but the inner curiosity got the best of her and before she knew it, she was making her way towards where the sound came from.

'Stupid, stupid, Lana.'

Cursing herself for always running into traps, even then, her legs took her away further into the trees. The sand tickling her skin as it filled up her slippers with every step she took. God, she hated her forever bad decision making brain.

'Why am I like this?'

Never stopping shunning herself, she still couldn't find it in her to turn back and ignore her curiosity. But then she stopped. Stopped and looked down at her stomach once more. The baby.

'Agh crap!'

'Stupid, stupid! Dumb, bad mother!'

Continuing to mentally and physically tell herself off, she decided to turn around and go back to the cabin, for the sake of her baby. If he was here, she had to keep her baby, far, far away from him. He'd destroy them both.

With her head in a million pieces and her heart dropping into her stomach and saying hello to the baby, she froze at the sound of running footsteps behind her.


Too close.

Unable to breathe or think, she did the only thing she was capable of doing..

She turned around.
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