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Unable to breathe or think, she did the only thing she was capable of doing..

She turned around.

'You ok?'

Blade's voice wrapped around her like silk and steadied her overbearing heart. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she sunk into the warmth of his presence, finding solace in his arms. She really had thought this was the end for her. She had let her paranoia get the best of her.

'What are you doing out here, kitten?'

Blade spoke as he wrapped his arms around her, scanning their surrounding, making sure it was clear before he turned her around and started his way towards the cabin.

'I heard something.'

Her voice was barely a whisper, still in shock from the stroke she was about to have as she had thought she was going to get attacked.

'Don't ever come out here at night alone again. That is an order, kitten.'

He took one last look into the trees before he walked into the cabin, guiding Lana straight to the bedroom. He had woke up without her next to him and he knew all too well where she would be. He knew his kitten way too good.

'I swear, I heard it. I heard a crack in the woods, I really feel someone here.'

She knew she was sounding crazy but if anyone was going to believe her, it had to be Blade. He had to believe her. He knew that when she had a bad feeling, it always meant trouble. She felt sick. God, she hated this feeling. Their honeymoon was suppose to be full of happiness so why was she feeling so miserable?

'Listen to me. Ok? Listen. Remember his words before he left and never showed up again? He begged me to give him mercy. He begged me to spare his life and in return he would never bother us again. It's been almost three years Lana. He will only show up if he has a death wish and that look I saw in his eyes before I allowed him to leave, that told me that he wanted to live. He won't come back if he wants to live. And he knows damn well if he comes back, he won't make it out alive.'

With a small nod of her head, Lana closed her eyes and dipped into the mattress, becoming one with the blanket that was wrapped around her small body. She knew he was right. She knew everything Blade was saying, but something, something just felt wrong.

An hour had went by and Blade was still wide awake, his eyes roaming over his kitten's sleeping form. He gave her a small nudge to make sure she was completely unconscious before he rolled out of bed and made his way down the stairs.

Staring out of the glass wall of the cabin, his restless mind wouldn't allow him the luxury of getting back into that bed and sleeping next to his kitten. Instead, he pulled out his phone and dialled in a number..

Once his call got answered, he didn't waste a second. In a hushed voice, he spoke out..

'I think she heard you, be careful next time. You're going to mess this up.'

'Hello to you too. Stop stressing, she won't see it coming.'

The guy on the line spoke back, sarcasm in his voice, which only annoyed Blade all the more.

'If she finds out you're here, it'll ruin everything. I won't warn you again.'

'Relax, everything will go as planned.'

Glancing back for a split second, Blade made sure Lana wasn't there before he said his last message.

'Stay low, don't contact me unless I contact you.'


And with that, Blade ended the call and turned to go back to the bedroom, only to find his kitten standing on top of the stairs.


He'd checked and saw she wasn't there, that means she couldn't have heard much but that wouldn't stop her from questioning him.

'Who were you on the phone with?'

Lana yawned as she waited for Blade to make his way up the stairs. Finding it strange that he had left the bedroom and came downstairs to talk on the phone.

'Your dad.'

He casually said as he reached the top of the stairs and wrapped an arm around his kitten's shoulder, taking her into the bedroom with him.

'Why would my dad call at this time and why would he call you?'

God, he hated how curious she got about everything.

'I don't know. He might be fond of me now.'

Finding humour in the all too nerve racking conversation, Blade managed to earn himself a raised eyebrow from his kitten and nothing else, which he was thankful for. She couldn't find out, he wouldn't allow her to.

'Goodnight Kitten.'


Letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding, he closed his eyes and stared at the darkness before him. He was good at playing games, that much, everyone knew, but this game..

this one was different.
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