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The blood rushed through Blades veins as he ran towards the source of the scream. He knew what was happening. He knew who the screams belonged to. His entire body shook with rage as he made his way to the bedroom, finding his Kitten beaten and bruised on the floor, when her eyes caught his, there was hope found in them, but Blade didn't have time to give her hope, he didn't have time to cuddle her in his arms, for he was filled with the need to rip the life out of the man stood before them. The man who had inflicted this pain on his Kitten.

Everything felt like a blur, he didn't know when or how he managed to beat the soul of the man laying in his own pool of blood before him. The man knew it was the end for him. He knew he was gone way beyond return, he also knew that his life was in the hands of Blade, a very angry Blade. So he begged. Pathetically. He said anything that would buy him his life. He promised never to come into their path, he promised to disappear forever, as long as Blade let him live.

Blade eyed his kitten who was crumbled up in the corner of the room. He saw the terror in her face. He knew she was scared. For a moment, he lost himself within her gaze. He lost himself at the sight of her and so he let the man go. He let the man run.

But there was something his kitten couldn't know, something he had to hide from her as he left the house not long after the man, he went looking for him, and when he found him, he made a deal. A deal that only he could ever know. A deal that left him keeping secrets from his one and only kitten.

The memories flashed across Blade's mind as he remembered that night. That night that was now catching back up to him. Pushing aside his thoughts he made his way further into the trees. Looking for the intruder that his kitten had sensed.

'She's suspecting things.'

He spoke out, hearing the man's footsteps before he saw him.

'Keep her off track, I'll be more careful.'

The all too familiar voice spoke out. The man came out of the shadows and faced Blade with an awfully large smirk on his face.

'She's smart and paranoid, not a great combination.'

Blade looked back towards the cabin, afraid his Kitten would spot them. Afraid his cover would be blown, but he knew better than to be beat at his own games.

'I've got everything under control, it's only a matter of time before the games end and she becomes face to face with me.'

Blade's hand absentmindedly reached for his chin, deep in thought, he knew he was playing with fire.

'Remember, don't contact me.'

He said just before he turned to leave. Getting closer to the cabin, the lights came on. He knew his kitten had woke up and so he prepared himself for the inevitable questions.

'Where were you?'

She questioned him as he walked through the door. Annoyance clear on her face. He knew she didn't like waking up to him gone. She would be afraid that something bad had happened to him. Paranoid little Kitten.

'I couldn't sleep so I went for a walk.'

His voice came out calm, his words casual. But only she could see right through him.

'No really, what's going on Blade? You've been acting strange. Late night sketchy phone calls, late night walks. Is there something I should know?'

Ignoring her interrogation, completely. He walked over and crouched down in front of her, placing his hand on her stomach, he muttered;

'What am I going to do with your mum huh? She's crazy, don't you think little one?'

Lana couldn't help but smile down at him, although not pleased with the fact he called her crazy, but she definitely thought he looked cute as ever when he talked to her stomach. It wasn't something the normal Blade would do and because of that, she forgot her entire interrogation even though, she still felt at,


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