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'Tonight's the night'

The shattering off the glass filled the silence in the room, echoing from wall to wall until it roared into Blade's eardrums. Not bothering to turn around, he ended the call and took a long deep breath, momentarily shutting his eyes as his kitten stood there with a shattered glass of water laying on the floor before her.


His Kitten's soft voice lingered on his skin before it vanished into thin air but he stayed silent. He was running out of excuses and he had no excuse for this one. It seems, he had lost his touch on playing games.

'A rose pedal filled bath, the scent so sweet. Candles and lights. Slow song. Did you do those things to keep me from hearing your phone call? Was it to keep me in the dark?'

He could practically hear the hurt in her voice. The suspicions that she had were now confirmed. There was something he was hiding, something that he didn't want her to know and now, now she couldn't even trust him to tell her the truth and for it to be the truth.

'Look at me Blade!'

Her voice raised, her pulse racing. So he did, he turned around and looked her dead in the eye and in that moment, she could see nothing in his darkened orbs. His soulless gaze. She saw nothing but coldness and betrayal. She felt nothing but his games.

'What is going on?'

The raise in her voice died down and instead, it was replaced with grief, hopelessness. She was tired. Maybe this was her fate. To always be in fear, to always be left in the dark and the one person she had learned to trust was becoming the last person she could ever trust again. If only, what she was thinking was right, if only, he was back to messing with her mind. She was slowly starting to wonder if he really loved her or if he was just in love with playing games with her.

'No answer?'

Nothing new. He never said too much, he only said the things he wanted her to know.

'You need to stop being paranoid.'

His voice was cold. It was sharp. He seemed unaffected by the mess she had become again. Why was he unaffected? Why didn't he care? Did he ever care? Lana's mind had become a battlefield and she couldn't fight off her inner gut feelings and her torturous thoughts anymore.

'Are you playing games with me? Who was that you were on the phone to? What is happening tonight?'

The panic behind her questions were evident and the fear in her eyes were clear as night but Blade, he stood unaffected, he stood proud. He was cold. Too cold.

'Are you in contact with Adam? Answer me!'

And back to yelling. No matter how hard she yelled, no matter how hard she demanded, Blade was a stone wall. The clenching in his jaw was her only response. It was her only answer.

The night of the attack three years ago came crashing down on her. Adam had beaten Lana half to death. He had swore that he would make them pay. When Adam learned that the death of Jessie was because of Blade, he had lost his mind. He had spent weeks obsessing over Lana and Blade, he had spent weeks playing his own set of games before Blade realised who he was. That night, that night Blade had caught him, he had caught Adam hurting his Kitten and that was the last time that Lana ever heard of Adam again.. that is.. until now.

'I'll kill you, I will. But first. Let's have some fun little Lana. Let's make you feel, what I've been feeling.'

'I will make Orion go through what I went through. He will feel how it feels to lose the one you love.'

Tears crawled down Lana's cheeks, she was hurt by the memory and now she was more hurt by the man who had supposedly saved her that night, but was that all to it? Was that the truth of what had really happened?

'Why didn't you kill him? Why did you let him go Blade? Was it all a game? Were you a part of it all?'

Defeated. She watched as Blade opened his mouth and his words cut right through her.

'Are you crazy? You really think I'd do that?'

After everything he's done to her he still gives himself the right to call her crazy and that's what hurt her the most because the man she had thought she had all figured out, had become the man she never knew to begin with.

Closing her eyes for a long while before she reopened them, she gave him one last look and stormed towards the door. Blade running behind her, he grabbed her arm, a little too late in time.

'I need space.'

She whispered before taking her leave and he let her go. Just like that. He would never let her go, the Blade she knew would never let her leave but he did and he was.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she wandered into the woods, her heart torn into pieces and her emotions broken.

To say it was the wrong time for her gut feeling to attack her was understatement. She wasn't prepared to feel the presence of the one guy she had been trying to forget. Adam.

'Tonight's the night'

Blade's words echoed through her soul as the realisation sunk in. Something was going to happen to her. Tonight.

And as the thoughts occupied her mind, a loud clicking sound filled the suffocating air and before she could think, she was blinded by a flashing light.

Game over.
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