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'Tonight's the night'

Blade's words echoed through her soul as the realisation sunk in. Something was going to happen to her. Tonight.

And as the thoughts occupied her mind, a loud clicking sound filled the suffocating air and before she could think, she was blinded by a flashing light.

Game over.

Taking a minute to adjust to the flashing light in her face, she heard the sound of Blade's voice from behind her...

'Happy birthday, Kitten.'

And with that, loud music filtered the silence of the night as the trees went up in lights along with fireworks shooting into the sky.

Still in shock from it all, she froze when the person behind the flashlight turned out to be her one and only best friend; Ryan and behind him, came her mother and father.

Once she was out of her trance and had caught up with her beloved family and best friend, she found the time to apologise to Blade.

Watching the lights glowing within the trees, she let out a loud sigh.

'I'm sorry. I really am.'

An arm around her and a kiss on her forehead from her Blade told her that she had nothing to be sorry about.

'Mind games I'm good at. Romantic games? Not so much but I've heard, practise makes perfect.'

He let out a small laugh before he grabbed both of her upper arms, leaning down to make sure that she was looking right at him.

'What you said back there about Adam. You never have to worry about again.'

He paused, waiting for a response but she gave him none. She was confused.

'I killed him. That night. I went back for him and killed him. I didn't want you to know because I knew you'd blame yourself for another person's death but just know that it was me, it has always been me. My choice. My decision and my murder. I killed him and I would do it again, I would do it until I die if it means to protect you and our baby.'

He slowly wiped away the stray tears on his Kittens face as she shot him a small nod, she wasn't capable of responding right then and there and he knew that. He didn't need her to respond to him. He just needed her to love him.

With the night not going entirely as planned but good in the end anyway, Kitten and her loved ones spent hours dancing and laughing beneath the stars.

Blade wasn't always the best person to be with or the sanest but he was the one who loved her the most and soon, she would be having a mini version of him in her arms and there was nothing more beautiful than that.

For her,

That was as beautiful as it gets.

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