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{3}Persecution Complex

I'm watching you, I'm always watching you, kitten.

His words felt like thorns to her drained soul. His threats swallowing her existence and fading her away into the darkness within the world of the internet. She wished she could switch her laptop off and never set eyes on it again, to throw it out the window and watch it crash into pieces. Just like his username 'Blade' his existence was cutting her to pieces. He had said that wasn't his name but she was to call him that as a reminder to know he would kill her with a single blade if she was to ever tell anyone about him. She felt lightheaded at the thought.

He really was watching her, he knew what she wore to where she went to even the food she consumed. He knew it all. She didn't know whether he had hacked into her phone or.... he followed her. If he did follow her then she had to have seen him, at least once. No matter how much she searched into the depths of her brain, she couldn't think of anyone that she'd noticed following her.

Where is your mind at, my submissive? Don't look away. Look into the camera.

Her eyes lifted to the camera, her throat dry. She wasn't in the mood to play his games today, so she sat quietly, watching the screen as he typed away. Typing away the things that she didn't want to read.

Tell me, what are you thinking, kitten?

'What do you want with me?' Her voice was low and steady. He didn't like it when she yelled at him. He didn't like her talking to him in a disrespectful manner. He'd leave the chat and when he would come back, he'd come back with her punishment. He'd make her stay in front of the camera for hours, he'd make her touch herself until she cried and begged him to let her leave. She'd learned by now that displeasing him wasn't going to get her anywhere and displeasing him became the last thing she wanted.

I want you to surrender yourself to me, just the way you did on the night of the party, and I want that all day, everyday, kitten.

Her stomach turned at his reply. She wanted to throw up on the laptop and hope that it would never switch back on. She had surrendered to him, she had willingly let him explore her body, although that night was a fog due to her drug induced state, the videos and pictures were more than enough proof of what she had done. That made her queasy.

'You're sick.' She whispered, her chest tight with the sickness in her gut. That sickness turned into shame as she watched the video he sent her as his reply. She was on her knees, her mouth filled with him, he was thrusting into her throat and she looked like she was enjoying every moment. Not wanting to watch it any longer, she closed her eyes and held back the tears that she so desperately wanted to hide. Her skin burned with the need to scream at herself for being so stupid, for getting herself into this.

You sucked and fucked this sick person and you loved every single bit of it, kitten.

Smacking the laptop shut, she refused to read anymore of his messages. Her heart was doing 360's in her chest as she took deep breaths to calm her rattled nerves. Nothing seemed to work. If those videos ever got to her parents, she could never look them in the eye again. They would most likely disown her and leave her for dead. They were strict, they had spent their entire life bringing her and her brother up to be successful people. They'd never agree to her doing drugs, let alone sleeping with a stranger and then having the video and pictures of it exposed to the world. She was in deep shit and she didn't know how to get out of it.

Gulping in a large amount of breath, she inhaled the fresh air that lingered around her. She'd come to the front garden, needing to be anywhere but in that four walled room of hers that reeked of misery.

'Are you ok?' An unfamiliar voice approached her, making her jump as she turned to face the owner of the voice. Two brown orbs stared back into her grey ones as she took in his appearance. Caramel brown hair, brown eyes, full lips and a jaw sharp enough to give her paper-cuts. He stood tall and proud while he studied her silent form. She'd seen him before, it was the new neighbour that had moved in about two months ago.

'We finally meet.' His words made her shiver. We will meet soon. Blade's words rushed into her brain as she tried to come up with all of the possibilities. Swallowing the desert in her throat, she forced a smile to the man stood before her, her eyes falling onto the laptop behind him which was placed on the table in his garden. What was he doing on that laptop? Who was he talking to? Could it be.. her? Her paranoia had hit an all time low and she knew she was about to lose her mind.

'Your name is Lana. I'm Jake.' He said matter of factly, his statement sucking all of the air that she had breathed in, out of her.

'How do you know my name?' Her words came out shaky and undefined.

'Were neighbours, I've met your mum, she told me about you.' A small smile filtered his expression causing her to shrink away from him. That bad feeling in her gut when she met Adam was back and she didn't plan on entertaining it.

'I've got to go back in.' She rushed her words out before she turned around to head back into the house, only to be stopped by his last assertion that chilled her to the bone, for he responded with;

'We will meet again.'
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