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Her eyes skimmed over her long black hair that fell to the small of her back, she ran her fingers through it, her mind restless. She'd thought about Adam for a long while and then her thoughts drifted off to Jake. Was this all a bad coincidence or did any of the guys have something to do with her online stalker? Or were they.. him.

Her parents had left to go out of town for the weekend and quite frankly she was more than afraid of being home alone. She never used to be, it used to be her favourite thing, to stay home alone, all peaceful and nice but now, she wasn't sure if she was alone at all.

Her eyes fell to window on the side of her wall and her heart stalled in her chest. He was there. Watching her from his house. Jake. He didn't bother trying to play it off and act like he wasn't watching, no, he continued to stare right at her. Her body felt numb at the sight of his dark presence, she wasn't sure what to do but to stare back. For a second, she lost all touch of herself as he kept her gaze captive. Everything in the way he looked at her screamed danger.

Coming to her senses, she shut the curtains and sat on her bed, her heart regenerating as she typed away on her phone. She refused to stay home alone tonight, not being sure if she would make it to the morning, she messaged her friend Ryan, hoping that he wouldn't take too long to come over.

She felt relieved to have her friend over, although the goosebumps on her fevered skin hadn't evaporated, she felt somewhat better that she wasn't alone. Everything felt like it was sucking her into a dark hole and her entire existence had become afraid, even afraid of her own shadow, maybe Ryan's company would make her feel slightly more in touch with her inner self, for she had lost that touch the minute she set eyes on her first suspect, Adam.

'What's wrong? You seem out of it.' Ryan's voice pulled her out of her unconscious thoughts and into the present. She forced a small smile and tried to think of an excuse to her new odd behaviour that everyone seemed to be picking up on.

'Just tired. I haven't saw you ever since the party, Where have you been?' Her attempt at changing the subject seemed to work, yet she knew, he was smart enough to notice it.

'Busy.' His voice was low and his word blunt. She felt almost uncomfortable under his gaze. His brown orbs were staring right into her and for a second, she noticed the resemblance he had to Adam and Jake. Pushing aside her crazy thoughts, she smiled once more.

'I see that.'

'Did you have fun at the party?' His question startled her, awakening the sick feeling in her gut yet again. She was starting to feel sick of feeling sick.

'Did you?' He didn't miss the fact she didn't answer his question but he didn't push it. Quite frankly, he knew the answer to his question. She had, had a lot of fun.

'Yeah, I had fun.' His facial expression hadn't changed and she couldn't help but notice the strange aura that was oozing out of him. She didn't understand why he was acting weird or was it all just in her head? Was she being paranoid yet again?

'You look like you've seen a ghost, kitten.' To say she froze was an understatement, she was completely immobile for a good five minutes at his word. Kitten. He called her kitten. The room was spinning around her and her mind went on a rampage. He'd never called her anything like that before, no one had called her that except.. Blade.

The more she stayed silent, thinking into the depths of his sentence, the more she felt suffocated. If she breathed any slower, she was sure to start hypo-ventilating. He was staring at her, the brown in his orbs holding the grey in her pupils captive.

'Kitten?' She whispered, her voice almost none existent as she tried to swallow down the fear in her bones.

'You looked like a scared little kitten for a minute, you still do. What's wrong?' His concern seemed genuine but everything around her seemed to become fake and she couldn't figure out what's real anymore. She couldn't tell right from wrong and that made her heart clench with paranoia.

'Is there something going on?' He inched closer to her and she wanted to run, to hide. Regretting ever texting him over. She was much better off alone, that way, she would have someone to trust, herself. But the question is, could she trust herself? Was everything she suspecting and everything she was feeling even real anymore? Or was it all in her head?

No longer willing to understand the mystery going through her mind, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, hoping to ease away the tension that was contaminating the air in the room.

'I think I'm going to go to sleep.' She rolled under the blanket, dreading what was to come next. Her and Ryan were really close, he'd slept over plenty of times and they never had a problem with sleeping on the same bed but tonight, tonight, she wanted him to sleep anywhere but on her bed.

'Goodnight?' It seemed like more of a question as he lay down beside her, his back pressed to hers. She had to stop herself from bolting out of the door, instead, she let her eyes close shut and let the darkness swallow her in.

It was going to be a long night,

With a suspect laying,

Right beside her.
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