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He scanned her sleeping form, she looked almost comatose as she lay there, drowning in the depths of her unconscious state. He'd watched her sleep before, it wasn't the first time, yet he couldn't help but feel the urge to run his fingers through her silk locks of hair and devour her existence as he circled the bed. If only she knew just how close he was to her, if only she knew, exactly who, he was.

'Kitten.' His voice was low and deep, the word vibrating through his muscled chest as he called out the name he had chosen for her. She reminded him of a kitten. A helpless little cat that needed him to wrap around her and keep her safe. And yet here he was, being the only danger to her. The thought thrilled his bones, she didn't even know who he was and still, she was afraid of him. The idea made his muscles rage with power, with lust and everything he felt towards his little kitten.

He wanted to touch her again, just the way he had done on the night of the party, that party that gave him access to threaten her into becoming everything that he wanted her to be for him. He'd always wanted her, she was so blind to it all. She never noticed the way he watched her, she never noticed him at all. And that was her first mistake, to not notice him. The rest of her mistakes came with time and soon she'll be making more.

He was back in his large leather chair, back behind his screen, waiting for her to wake up, waiting for her to open her laptop. Waiting to see her fragile form wait for him to give her demands, to ruin her day a little more. He loved that thought, the thought that he could affect her physically and mentally without even trying, he loved being able to possess her soul and break away at her inner strength until there was nothing left of her, nothing left but her surrender to him.

As usual, she opened her laptop, she knew that was to be done as soon as she woke up, if she disobeyed his rules, there would be consequences and she still hadn't found it in her to face the consequences, so here she sat, with her hair tied up in a loose bun and her eyes foggy with sleep. She knew he would be waiting for her, he would be there to give her, her usual good morning message.

That good morning message was replaced by a couple of images that she didn't want to open, her heart sunk in her chest and her throat clogged up, stopping any form of air supply to keep her breathing going as she eyed the new found pictures of her. She sat immobile in her place, analysing every detail of the picture.

Her eyes tilted downwards and her fingers touched the fabric of her silk pyjama tank top. The same one she was wearing in the picture. Her fingers shook against the material of her top as the sudden realisation of what he had just sent her, hit her core. He was in her house, in her room. He'd watched her sleep, he'd took pictures of her.

A glint of pleasure filled the darkness of his eyes as he watched her struggle to breathe, he knew he was taunting her with every move he made and her terror filled him with ecstasy. She hadn't removed her fingers from her top, but she lifted her eyes to the screen, her face pale and her eyes drowning in the tears that she carefully held back.

He rubbed over his crotch as a single tear escaped its prison within her eyes and rolled down her cheek. Her tears, oh them tears. He enjoyed watching her cry, although he didn't want anyone else to be the reason of her despair, he very much enjoyed it when he was the one making her suffer. He enjoyed it a little too much. He was already growing at the sight of her fragile form and the beast within him had awoken, ready to feed off of her.

I'm a single touch away from you, always. Remember that, kitten.

He groaned as he watched her fear multiply with his words. He couldn't wait to watch her come for him, to watch her put on a show for him, just the way he wanted. Soon enough, she'd do that for him face to face, she'd satisfy him in person, the idea of it made him harder. His member straining against his sweatpants, waiting for release as it became more solid with every second that went by, with her staying captive to the camera of her laptop.

You have ten minutes, make it a good one.

She didn't say a word, instead, she stripped out of her clothes, sitting with nothing but her skin on. He could see the discomfort in her eyes as she looked away from the camera for a split second then looked back. She knew he didn't like it when she looked away, she knew she would be in trouble if she did the things he didn't like so she kept her eyes planted on the screen, her fingers already working away at her core. She had to force herself to come for him, she had to force herself to feel anything but hate as she put on her everyday show, for him.

His hand reached for his length as he pulled it out of his pants, rubbing over it while his eyes never left the screen. He watched her play with herself as did he. He could feel the veins throbbing on his member, throbbing with the need to be inside her, to destroy her body. The need was too intense, it made his entire body stiff with every touch of the palm of his hand wrapped around his size. He groaned into the silence of the dark room as he continuously pleasured himself. She never failed to make him harder than before, she never failed fuel him up with the desire to claim her, to make her, his.

'Mine.' He growled out as he got closer to the brink of exploding.

'Mine.' He breathed out as he,

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