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Her head throbbed with pain, her mind drained from the endless amount of thoughts that had been running loose through her mind ever since she saw the pictures he'd sent to her. He had broke into her house, he had been inches away from her and yet she hadn't woke up to see him. She hadn't felt his presence. Was it that easy for him to be so close to her? She was starting to believe that everything she thought she knew was an illusion. Maybe this man, maybe he was at arms length while she searched for him from far, far away.

Gulping down the pain killers, she set down the bottle of water and turned, only to come face to face with a wall full of chest. She looked up, searching the face of her brother. She hadn't saw him in a while, he never really was around. He moved out when she was younger and he rarely ever visited so it was a surprise to see him in her house.

'Orion!' She smiled, momentarily forgetting the misery that was awaiting her on her laptop.

'What a surprise.' She wanted to hug him but she knew their relationship wasn't anything like that. He had always been so distant, almost as though he wasn't a part of the family and she never understood why, yet she couldn't help but miss her brother when he wasn't around.

'Where are Jane and Chris?' His voice was low as he spoke the name of their parents. He never called them by mum and dad, it was always by their names.

'They went away for the weekend, they should be here today, maybe in an hour?' She smiled again, walking past him to get to the living room, only to be stopped by a large hand grabbing her arm. Her stomach sunk and her memory flooded with the images of the party. The masked man. He'd grabbed her arm, just like that. The warmth of Orion's hand descended into her nerves and awoken that same bad gut feeling she'd been having for the past couple of days with every guy she had met.

She yanked her arm away, her heart throbbing on the tip of her tongue as she eyed her brother hesitantly. She had to be going crazy. Everyone around her seemed to become a suspect to the nightmare she was enduring and she couldn't take the paranoia anymore.

'Something wrong?' His voice was rattling her anxiety as he studied her carefully, dumbfounded by her sudden reaction to his touch.

'No, nothing.' Finally the words came out and she let out a deep breath, mentally cursing herself for letting Blade get into her head like that. She didn't want to spend her life pointing fingers at every guy that stood before her, she couldn't go on with the fear of everyone she knew being the man behind the screen.

Orion didn't drag the situation any longer than necessary and she was thankful for that. Sitting on her bed with her laptop on her lap, she had questions to ask, she needed to face him. She had to show him that he couldn't control her life anymore and yet, the idea of that seemed so far away and deep down, she knew she was feeding herself a dream.

The notification of his message rung into her ears and she was surprised to see that it wasn't coming from her laptop but it was coming from her phone. Her eyes scanned over the number and she couldn't identify it. No surprise, she didn't expect to have him saved on her phone, he'd never texted her before.

Why so distressed, kitten?

Instantly throwing her phone on the bed and looking around, she tried to see if anyone was in her room, finding herself alone in the four walled prison of hers, she looked out of the window, there was no one around. So how? How did he know she was distressed?

Who are you?

Not wanting to waste anymore time, she got straight to the point. She couldn't deal with being in the dark any longer, she couldn't breathe like that, she had to find out. She had to know.

How about we play a game, kitten? If you win, you get me, if you lose, I get you.

His suggestion made her body involuntarily shiver with fear. She wasn't sure if it was a trap or if he really planned to reveal himself to her, but the more she thought about it, the worse the idea got, yet still, she knew, if she wanted to find out who he was, she had to at least try, and trying, is what she was going to do.

What's the game?

She wanted to give it more thought but she was afraid if she didn't take the chance now, she'd never get her questions answered and she didn't know if she could continue without knowing who was doing this to her, without knowing who had brought all of this nightmare onto her.

I will text you a riddle and you will have to find your way.

She waited. And waited. He didn't add anything else onto his reply. She thought maybe he would give her more instructions, something more vivid to work with but no, nothing.

That's it?

Her fingers shook against her phone, riddles. She never liked riddles. She never liked games either. Everything about this mystery man was a game, everything about him felt like a riddle and now, she had to solve it all and she was anything but ready.

Yes, kitten.

Her heart was hammering into her lungs and she was finding it hard to breathe, yet again. Another vibration of her phone, another text and she completely lost the oxygen she was soon to be gasping for.

Rule: Once you enter, you cannot quit. If you quit, I will kill you as easily as I touch you when you sleep.

With her body frozen and her mind blank, she read over his last text.

Are you in, kitten?

Swallowing down her fear and dismissing the uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, she pulled herself together, took a deep breath and replied back with;

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