Sisters of the Sea

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Unknown Fear

“Lia! Look!”

“Something has happened…”

“It can’t be a coincidence! First that song that we heard and now all these people… Lia they can help us! I’m sure of it!”

“Laura please! Not every Human that goes into the sea is of the sea! They could just be heading out here on some trip.” Lia said, having felt the horror of having hope taken from her. She had wished to go home too many times and even the sea seemed to hate her kind, whatever she was.

“Lia…” Laura pouted, she had already given up on being ‘normal’. Though Lia had been the one to tell her part of who they were it was Lia who struggled to accept their circumstances and move forward.

They had already been attacked by the Rusalka and the A group of Kelpies had betrayed their trust, they had lead them into a fisher’s trap and Lia had ended up with a nasty scar across her hip and down her fin. Then there was the questionable intent of a Melusine that didn’t seem happy that they were hiding up river in her part of a forest.

Lia was afraid, and Laura though more accepting each day of her new self, whatever she truly was, had felt the same fears and even as she old self begged to go ask the Naiad for help she feared their betrayal.

She and Lia kept watch from a distance as even the Rusalka insured the safe return of the Naiads to the sea; they weren’t human they were the lost children of Mer…

“We are not Mer’s children…” Lia murmured to herself her eyes glinting in the moonlight.

“Neither are the Rusalka!”

“No, but they’re children are also Mer’s. We have no connection to them; they won’t help us.” Lia swished her tail and she started moving further away from the group of Naiad that were being guarded by a graceful and handsome Undine.

“Who goes there!” The Undine sensed the waters stir. Raising his spear ready to attack the shadows.

“Wait!” Laura made herself known.

“We just need help…” Laura held her hands open and slightly above her head to show she was no threat.

“You are not one of us; any of us. Who are you?” The Undine voice alerted the others; a Rusalka noticed as well, a lady that held a look of innocence in her eyes; a Rusalka that had not ever relied upon her tainted magic.

“I’ve seen you before. My sisters and brothers too told me of the strange tailed being. You are not Atargatis, nor Sirens or Enchanted; I do not sense any of Mer’s light in you and yet you are not Rusalka either!” The Rusalka made it clear that the two of them were not welcomed there. They were a threat to them, Though so many mer-people have showed up, they were fully aware of the ocean’s treaty. But those that were not there at the declaration, even if of the sea, could very well be in service of the Basilisks.

“We were hoping someone among you might know…” Laura remained cautious.

“And why would you think such?” The Undine spat, Lia knew that they were starting to get impatient with them.

“A friend of mine; she was a Naiad…” Lia wasn’t about to let Laura be lost to her as well, they had not gotten along too well before, but they were all they had – each other.

“Was? Meaning she’s dead?”

“No! She just disappeared one night after a storm!” Lia lost her calm voice. A mistake, Rusalka never took too kindly to being at the end of a raised voice…

“A tadpole dears raise her voice!” The Rusalka hissed, and bared her teeth.

“Zehana!” The Undine cautioned her not to lose herself, not in front of the newling Naiads. The Undine gathered in a protective circle around the Naiads that had yet to step into the water unsure of many things except that they were drawn to the sea and ready to make their new lives there in its depths.

“Leave!” Another step forward. Lia paled as if she was seeing a ghost.

“Missy?” Lia asked, but was met with a sharp glare from the woman that was clearly older than she appeared to be.

“No… Of course not… but you look so much alike…” Lia whispered as she kept her eyes low and defensive pulled Laura along with her away from the beach and away from their potential attackers.

“If you know someone named Pearl tell her I’m sorry I could save her sister!” Lia shouted and looked up once she was sure she and her friend was far enough to get away fast enough should they come after them.

“Wait!” A man that kept to the shallows called out, but Lia and Laura was already swimming faster than he had seen any other Mer swim.

“Delian, what is it?” The Undine asked the Nereus.

“I think she might have been Missy’s friend.” Delian answered.

“Do you want us to go after them?”

“You’ll not catch them. No one can catch Elementals.”

“Wait they’re Elementals? But pure Elementals died a long time ago; along with the Elves!” The lady Rusalka said shocked she had not noticed or thought about them being Elementals.

“May I have permission to leave in search of them, my Lady Mer?” The Rusalka asked, her eyes closed as she ‘prayed’ for an aswere from the spirit of the sea.

“Let them be, they would not trust just anyone now. But where they are heading a Selkie lives. I’ll have her bring them home.” A voice flitted through the air and played upon the sea’s waves, it was not every day Mer’s voice sounded to just anyone – less to answer the Rusalka.

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