Sisters of the Sea

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Protection from a Kelpie

“Wake up!” Corla tried waking the two girl, they were ice called and the surface of the water above them was already frozen a solid ten inch!

“Come on! You have to wake up!” Corla shook the ‘youngest’ of the two as she felt the icy vines snake towards them.

“Oooo! Mother I do wish you could have taught me how to use at least some of my magic!” Corla bit on her lip as she scouted for any other means to help the two girls.

Seeing some kelp growing nearby she swam to pick some tying them together and quickly weaving the ‘kelp-rope’ around the two girls, creating a sling to pull them away from the shallower parts and into the depth of False Bay.

“The two of you are really heavier than you look!” Corla croaked as every muscle in her seal like tail pounded pulling the two girl along. Something grazed next her and with wide eyes she could only but guess…

IT could easily be any number of different sharks, Cowshark, Pyjama Shark, heck even great white though not so easily encountered… but her thoughts were more on the agresive Zambezi sharks that have become more and more of late migrating from their warm waters in the north to the here cold waters of the south…

Her mind jumped and her nerves wanted to rush her on, but she knew better! Sharks didn’t just ‘attack’… she looked to see if she was bleeding; after all shark’s skin was rough and could easily cut. No she wasn’t bleeding… She remained still and spread her own arms wrapping her tail around the sling as she started back stroking… If she kept a slimed figure she would look like food. That was how most attack occurred… people that looked like food to sharks!

Her mmind continued to race on though could have brushed by her. Maybe a ray? Skate? Just some fish? Again something poked her from beneath and with a yelp she swirled to come face to face with a seal…

“Really? You nearly gave me my death!” Corla scolded the innocent on looking creature that hugged its own tail in all cuteness!

Grabbing the sling again she finned her tail and pulled the girls along the ice still splintering down towards them like the waves that broke and scattered as it crept up the sandy beaches. Watching as five other seal came to help her; pushing the girls while Corla pulled.

“Thank you!” Corla said and the seals seemed to understand her perfectly.

The deeper they went to colder it seemed to get, though looking up Corla could see that they had at least escaped the icing surface.

“We need to get out of False Bay!” She told the seals and one of them eased off before summersaulting; and gliding with ease through the water; swam away. Corla rolled her eyes, the thought occurring to her that perhaps she just imagined them understanding her. But with in moments more seals showed up and even three dolphins. Biting down on the ends of the sling, one dolphin on each side, the Dolphins pulled the two girls alonf while the third swam protectively around them regurlay switching out with one of its friends that would head to the surface come back and protect them before soon switching out with the other… It seemed to Corla as if they were playing rather than just helping her. The seals followed close by, their presence in the multitude seemed to give some warmth and with a few rubbing by the two unconscious girls the Corla could sense that the seals were trying to warm them up…

“I think I might be able to help…” Corla said, an idea forming at the back of her mind as she watched the seals intuition in action. She pictured her coat undoing it’s transformation slightly, and it becoming partly a cloak again rather than her tail. She went over to the girls that were being pulled side by side and wrapped her arms around them her coat enveloping them all and forming a fat seal like tail around them.

“We can handle the cold better than them… I remembered something Mamma told me before she passed away… She told me how she saved Pappa from drowning…” The seals seemed to nod and give her a smile as a way to tell her ‘good job’.

When Corla and her new ‘friends’ reached the open sea she had not been expecting what was lying in wait for them… Corla undid her coat and defensively took her position in front preventing the man from getting a proper look at the two girls.

“So the Selkie has finally given up her human live?”

“Who are yoU?” Corla hissed her thought immediately jumping the gun.

“Are you behind the tainted magic spell freezing my home?” Corla asked cautiously preparing to flee hoping the dolphins would follow suit with the girls.

“Relax! I’m no threat to you! Mer has sent me to help you, to teach you how to use your magic, but I’m forbidden to enter False Bay or any other Bays as such. An agreement between the us and the Selkies such as you… “

“That doesn’t answer the question!” Corla growled , teeth grinding…

“I’m a Kelpie and as long as a Bay or any other area is protected by a Selkie’s coat we aren’t allowed to go there. But the open sea can’t be claimed, though our kind us never co-existed peacefully… I assure you that I mean you no harm! The accords be my word! So long as the tainted beings threaten our oceans we, the light, have to stick together spite our fudes!” The Kelpie bowed his head.

“And besides my head will roll if I was to arm even one hair on a Selkie Royalty!” The Kelpie gave a wicked grin though innocent still.

“Royalty?” Corla’s guard seemed to lower with her confusion.

“We’ll discuss this more later, the ice is still chasing after you! Those dammed Valkyries better get their act together and soon! Or else the border between the veils will be shattered!” The Kelpie spoke and at the mention of the veils shattering confused Corla even more.

“Like said will discuss later! Come! My friends will bring your charge! Your father is already waiting for you further away!” The Kelpie peered across her shoulder and the dolphins seemed to whistle to his suggesture to follow him.

“You had sent the dolphins?”

“Yes, like the seals that follow the Selkies, the dolphins and sharks follow the Kelpies. Though the sharks are a stubborn bunch! They didn’t want to hear a word a had to say, hence way the dolphins came instead… and why they were acting so protective. The sharks… they aren’t fond of you Selkies!”

“Well no wonder! They do love to eat seal…” The Kelpie burst into a fit of laughter and Corla couldn’t help but smile, her sould telling her she could trust this man with her life!

“What’s your name?” Corla asked curiously.

“Pseidon.” He introduced himself.

“like in the Greek god Poseidon?” Corla smirked.

“Almost, yeah!” He shrugged and went on to lead the way as they remained in silence.

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