Forgive but Don't Forget

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My life changed once my bestfriend died. Everyone who loved me left and others blamed me for an unsolved death. It wasn't a mistake my bestfriend Susan died that night and I won't believe it was an accident either. i will find out who killed my bestfriend even if i have to spend the rest of my life looking for her murderers. Alicia spent her last happy days with her best friend who was taking from her in an instant and the only thing she can go off was someone didn't want her pregnant. She won't rest until she finds the culprit and take from them what they took from her. Happiness and Their life.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Sirens? Why do I hear sirens? Why can’t I move? Where am I? Groaning in pain I crack my eyes open slowly taking in my surroundings. Finding myself in an almost crushed up unrecognizable car, while trying to move my neck to look around I remember I am not alone and turn my head enough to look over at best friend Susan and just by looking at her you can tell by her glazed over eyes she is dead, but I cannot no I will not believe that my best friend from birth is dead right next to me. Blood that is all I see, and I know it is not all mine especially when theirs a shard of glass sticking out Susan’s neck. I cannot move nor can I take in the reality that my best friend is dead right next to me. In a daze I faintly hear the ambulance and police sirens in the distant that comes closer with each passing seconds.

“Miss, Miss can you hear me?” the paramedic says but I can hardly hear it. Turning my head, it’s a man trying hard to get my attention. It sounds like I am under water the whole time as he talks to me. Flashing his light at me for a few brief seconds makes me blink which makes him know I’m responsive. A police officer by what I can catch of a badge from my in and out tunnel vision seems to say something to the paramedic who nods and hurries away.

“Alright honey we are going to get you out of here just hold on tight, okay?” the police officer says. Taking in the scene in front of him must have been bad as his facial expression looks of one of horror. I can hear someone move on the other side of the car where my best friend is but it’s too late, I try to say. I cannot speak but I groan loud enough for myself and the police officer to hear. I pray that it’s a delusional, but I know it is not.

My anxiety rises as I try to keep ahold of my senses around me, but I can hardly keep my eyes open. As I pass out for what seems like forever I come to, to the fire fighters using the jaws of life on the car. The car rocks side to side as they pry the doors open. For 5 mins of struggling, pained moans and comforting words from whomever was around me they get it off once off they move to the other side of the car and the paramedics start to move in on me. Cutting off my seatbelt they make sure someone has ahold of me, so I don’t face plant which I appreciate but that all flies out the window as I give out a blood curdling scream. That is all I hear as I keep screaming especially once my legs are the last out the car, a twisted right leg was what greeted my eyesight and a long gash is up my thigh along with my bone sticking out my skin. Getting hauled out the car was so painful beads of sweat aligned my hairline as my body reacted to what was going on.

“Ahhhh” I screamed as they put me onto the stretcher to realign me leg so they can set it. Holding me down didn’t help near as they kept telling me they were almost done. After everything was done they put a neck brace on me and strapped me down to the stretcher so they can wheel me away. Before I could be moved another stretcher is wheeled by me and a body with a bloody white sheet is goes pass me which triggers me back into reality and lets all my emotions spill out.


Gasping for air I wake up in a cold sweat from in my bed in my pitch-black room. Silence that’s what I hate the most in my apartment I usually have my tv on but coming home from a 14-hour shift by might I add she was on her feet more than half the night had her dogs barking and her physically exhausted. Not being bothered with turning on the tv before passing out didn’t bother her until she woke up.

“4:45 am? Ugh not again.” Groaning to myself I grab the remote off the dresser and turn on the tv. Laying there for about 5 minutes I mentally prepare myself for my day and then I sit up staring aimlessly on what is playing on the tv before I crawl from under my blankets to the edge of the bed.

It’s always been the same dream ever since the accident 3 years ago. The dream I wish that wasn’t a reality. A dream where she was kept alive, but her best friend died repeatedly. Standing up she goes over to her vanity mirror and starts brushing her curly hair that refused to be tamed, but I won’t tame something that I let be wild. In my daze I remember my parents worried tear streaked faces alongside with my best friends’ grief-stricken faces. They moved right after the funeral not even a goodbye to me and I thought they seen me as another daughter. I know somewhere along the line they blame me for Susan’s death. Susan and I always goofed around when either one of us was driving in the car. We were warned more than once about it but this time it wasn’t that. I know the truth of what happened.


“Susan you okay? You been acting strange lately you know you can talk to me about anything right? Su-“ I got cut off by susan hitting the steering wheel.

“He won’t stop Alicia! No, THEY won’t stop, not…. not until I give in” Susan says. She starts rambling to herself looking into the rearview mirror every couple of seconds.

“Alicia….i’ve done something I don’t know if it was a good thing or bad thing but theirs people who you have to know that I didn’t mean to make them my enemy until I found out how sick they are.” Susan starts tearing up and all I could do was guide her to park the car on the side of the road so she can help calm her down to they won’t die by going into a ditch or hit by another car.

“Susan what the hell is going on? People? What people? Who are you talking about?” I ask frowning. As I keep rubbing her back to help calm her down and get her composure right enough to speak.

“I can’t answer those questions I wish I could but I can’t but Alicia swear you won’t tell anyone what I’m about to say. PLEASE!” Nodding my head was all I could do, she had to know what the hell was going on.

“Yes I promise now tell me what is going on. Are you hurt? Has someone been messing with you.” Susan blurts out something that shut Alicia up.

“I’m pregnant” She says.

End of recap

That night was the night my old world ended and a new one began. She was supposed to be dead that night. Someone wanted her dead and their wish was granted. But whoever it was…well they about to meet their worst nightmare. Cheesy I know.

Staying in her room for a couple more hours she finally got up once her stomach rumbled. Getting up from her bed she heads downstairs to make herself a cup of coffee. Good thing she went grocery shopping the day before or she would not be able to have anything for breakfast today. 12 o’clock the stove clock read as she glanced at it.

After quickly cooking up some bacon and eggs she sat her plate on the kitchen counter and scarfed her down. Must have been hungrier than she thought. After finishing her breakfast, she cleaned up the kitchen before walking into the living room and seeing it a mess. She starts busying herself around the house cleaning it up and for the next 4 hours it was kind of therapeutic but shit she will not let her house get like this again.

“Ugh I need more sleep before work if I have to deal with handsy men tonight.” Sighing to myself I go back upstairs heading to my room. Leaving the tv on I go straight to my bed and plop face down and pull the covers over my head drifting off in to a dreamless sleep or so she thought.

“Alicia! Over here! Hurry the hell up damnit. Told you to not scarf down that dam cheese burger and fries, geez.” Susan says rolling her eyes.

“Shut the fuck up. You know I’m not even the athletic type anyways you hoe.” I huff holding myself up on a tree then suddenly everything gets dark around me and I am standing alone in a black void.

“What the…. Susan? Susan, where are you?!” I yell while looking around frantically but all I see is darkness and the hair on the back of my neck stand up and goosebumps cover my arms. That’s when dread hits the button of my stomach.

Gurgling and chocking sounds are heard suddenly. Its Susan hunched over gripping her sliced open neck with fearful soulless. Gashes and cuts cover over her body making it look unrecognizable as blood flows heavily from her wounds.

I watch her open and close her mouth as it looks like she is trying to talk. “A-Alicia...” Susan says. Reaching out towards me with her blood covered hand and blood coming out her mouth as she coughs. All I can do is watch in horror as my best friend is reduced in nothing more than a bloody mess. She finally gets to me and clings onto my body and I quickly wrap my arms around her body and fall to my knees holding her and silent tears run down my cheeks.

Covering her neck with my shaky hand I try to stop the bleeding, but I know that won’t do a dam thing as I know where this dream will end, Me alone and her still dead. Crying harder I start sobbing at this point as she smiles even though her life slowly leaves her body. “I love you Alicia, always” she whispers to me before she goes limp in my arms and her body disappears.

“No No No Susan don’t leave me. I LOVE YOU TOO PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!” I scream out while sobbing by myself in the dark. Nothing but my sobs were heard as I was left alone again.

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