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**Must read Abducted by Lust and Disorganized Minds first** A new threat arises for the Kohler family one like no other, just when Luca and Adele they had things under control When all the other mafia's started to think Axel went rogue, they realize the threat wasn't only to their mafia but all People bodies with missing heads started to pop up in different spots, different countries all with riddle notes some of the same some different but all asking "where's my head" Slowly but surely all seen this wasn't just one person they was deal with multiple killers serial killers. Imaging their faces when they find out what they really wanted after one kills someone close to them what will Adele and Luca do next?

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Disclaimer: My works are original, similarities to any other works published or unpublished material is coincidental, All characters within my works are purely fictitious. Any Likenesses used in this work are for entertainment purposes only. Any report of plagiarism regarding any portion of this material without consent will be investigated and dealt with appropriately. Lastly, this work contains mature content and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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