Thai Died...Bar-Girl

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On the tropical island of Koh Samui bar-girls are going missing and are later turning up dead. The granddaughter of a high ranking General with connections to the upper echelons of the Thai army government has also gone missing and Police Lieutenant Chai Son Sinuan of the Royal Thailand Police, an incorruptible policeman in a police force that is deep-rooted in corruption is assigned the case. To make matters worse a German resident of Koh Samui who is the younger brother of a minister in the Christian Democratic Union party in the German Bundestag went for his usual afternoon bike ride two days ago and has not been seen since. Colonel Saetang Son’s commanding officer assigns the corrupt, narcissistic Sub Lieutenant Shinawatra who has family connections reaching back to an ex-Thai prime minister, to assist Son in the case and the two police officers clash from the second that they meet. As Son learns more about the two bar-girls the missing German and the general’s granddaughter he is convinced that the three investigations are connected. The clock is ticking and Son is in a race against time to solve the crimes before the killer strikes again.

Mystery / Thriller
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“Helloooooo... Sawadee Kha, welcome handsome man, where you come from? Come into my bar its happy hour, Chang Beer only 50 baht.” He slowed down to look at the girl; she was about 30-years old wearing a low cut top that was showing off ample cleavage and a skirt so short that you could almost see the g-string that she was probably wearing underneath it. She looked a little like Angel but she was a few years older and was a bit chubby in the face and around the waist, she was close but not close enough, she wouldn’t do. He smiled at the girl, shook his head and walked on. The bored girl gave up on him and surveyed the street looking for the next punter to walk past, not knowing how close she had come to dying that night. The man continued walking through Soi Green Mango glancing at the girls sitting outside; some touting for customers, others looking bored, staring into space or playing with their mobile phones. Some he knew would soon be taking their first nightly dose of Ya-Ba, or speed as it was called in his country to help them get through the long night. There was no one so far that he had seen that came close to Angel. He was about to give up and try his luck in Lamai when he saw her sitting outside the Farang Affair Bar, she was busy texting on her phone, probably talking with a farang in France, England or Germany saying “Phom Rak Kha Tirak” (I love you darling) and telling them how much she missed them, while in real life she was waiting to find another customer to sleep with tonight and make another few thousand baht. They were, all the same, it wasn’t about love it was all about how many guys they could string along, bleed them for their money, and then leave them with broken hearts when they had bled them dry. He entered the bar directly opposite from where the girl was sitting and ordered a Leo beer when the girl brought his drink she said: “What’s your name can I sit with you?” which he knew really meant “Will you buy me a drink and do you want to sleep with me tonight?”...yeah, they were all the same. He told her that he was just having the one drink and that he had a Thai girlfriend that he was meeting later and that he preferred to drink alone, she shrugged her shoulders and walked back onto the street to look for the next mark. The man sat on the bar stool studying the young girl in the Farang Affair Bar; she was very beautiful, about 25 years old the same age as Angel, with long black hair down to her waist. She wasn’t as beautiful as Angel but she had that same look about her, a look of innocence and gentleness almost virginal…yes this was just the girl that he was looking for.

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