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The Heiress of Cherith Manor

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A mysterious man that’s Malissa Mortitz grandfather left her with everything he owned a week after she met him and agreed to stay in his manor for them to to get to know one another. But the same person that killed Charles Cherith is out to get her now. And she doesn’t know who she can trust, while her new family that she just met thinks that she’s some gold digging tramp that plaid on an old mans mind. One of her cousins could be the one trying to get rid of her like they did Charles. Or could it be Mr. Cherith’s lawyer that could be in on it, or maybe just maybe the butler Subastian, who’s always with Charles especially on the day he mysteriously died. All Malissa knows, is that she doesn’t know who she can trust and who to stay away from as she try’s to find out the truth of what happened to her grandfather and why her mother never told her about him....

Mystery / Drama
Jana Mccraw
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During the mid day, a winter storm rolled in with freezing rain an a mix of sleet and snow. The old Cherith manor stood off in the distance of the country side of Oakland Main. With the marble stone structure being cracked with mold growing along the walls with vines snaking up the sides with its woodsy stems swirling through the small spaces of the cracks. Charles Cherith glanced up to his wall clock, he stood from his burgundy arm chair and walked over to the stain glass window. With green fallen leaves cascading down while the rain beat down heavily against the glass with pat, pat, pat sounds.

He stood tall with broad shoulders held back and head high with his arm behind his back with the other gripping his personalized cane with a silver deer’s head with his fingers between the long antlers that held gold on the ends. He watched as the blacked out stretched limousine pulled through the granite tall spiked gates with his initials in the center. It drove up the long winding gravel driveway circling around the limestone fountain that stood in the middle of a circle patch of grass.

That has a half nude woman standing at the top with with her toga covering half of her hips and legs with a water fall sprouting from the palm of her hand. His trusted butler Subastian, stood waiting on the wide stone porch that has two marble stone pillars that holds up a balcony. Straightened himself and suit jacket when the limousine came to a stop in front of him. Stepping off of the slightly loose stone steps with the umbrella over his head; he opened the door stepping to the side holding the umbrella out as he greeted the short slender brunette as he helped her out of the vehicle.

Shaking his out stretched hand she took a quick moment to look around at her surroundings. Noticing off to her right a huge green maze with white roses scattering the outer wall of it. Further down a pool house stood on a small hill with nice shaped bushes on either side of it. Charles watched her looking around the property that she could see from where she stood. While he also noted that she wore an all black pant suit with the brown leather shoulder bag that she held close to her side. Nodding to himself approvingly that she fallowed his instructions to the letter.

Turning away from the window, he walked through the double doors of his pallor room. Making his way across the wine colored gold trim carpeted foyer into his home office. He turned the glass knob pushing the dark wooded door open. Stepping into the warm room that was filled with an orange glow from the white marble fire place mantle. Taking a seat behind his desk, the leather arm chair creaked under his weight. With two nocks that sounded at the door, he leaned back in his seat as he said, “Inter.” Subastian opened the door gesturing for the woman to walk in and take a seat. Just as Subastian bowed his head slightly closing the door behind himself.

“Ms. Nelson, did you bring what I asked for?” Charles asked, folding his hands over the other while he watched her carefully. “Y-yes, yes I did sir, but um I’m still a little confused as to why you hired me to be you’re lawyer when you have a family lawyer that can take care of what you’ve asked of me.” Ms. Nelson said, nervously looking down at the bag that lay in her lap. “And have you done what I’ve asked of you?” Charles asked, wondering if she was successful in the task he had tasked her with over a month ago.

“Yes sir, I’ve found her. Her name is Malissa Mortitz, she’s nineteen and doesn’t live far from your residents. She works as a waitress at The Peninsula Paris hotel in their restaurant. She’s going to school for English Literature.” Ms. Nelson said, when he motioned for her to give him the paperwork she has on the girl. Opening the bag, she pulled out a tan folder. Placing it on his desk sliding it over towards him; as he picked it up flipping it over seeing the photo of her. “Are you sure that she’s your granddaughter sir?” Ms. Nelson asked, looking from him to the little bits of picture frames on one side of his desk.

Seeing a young woman with long brown hair and green eyes; with a toddler in her arms with blonde and natural brown streaks in her hair. “I know she is, her and my daughter use to live here Ms. Nelson. But I also need you to do something else for me.” Charles said, as he read through the documents on the granddaughter that he use to know. “W-what is it that you need sir?” Ms. Nelson asked, looking from the pictures of the grandchild that looked similar to the man sitting across from her. “I’m glad that you can keep your discretion about all of this and my Will. I would like for you to bring Malissa here to live.” Charles said, sitting down the papers and leaning back in his seat.

“It’s been a little difficult trying to keep your will and these documents about her secret. Your families lawyer has been snooping around my office, so I had to keep them at my place. But sir I’m still a little confused about why all of this has to be kept secret from your family lawyer and family?” Ms. Nelson said, hoping that she wasn’t crossing the line about brining it up once again.

“I don’t trust my nephew or neices and brother with my home or money. I know that my brother tried to kill my daughter when she was living here. The only reason he didn’t succeed is because my maid ate the food instead.” Charles admitted, having a feeling that at least one of them would try to somehow get money.
“Sir, if he tried killing her before then finds out that you have a grand child. What’s to stop him from doing the same to her? And are you even sure that she’ll be safe here?” Ms. Nelson asked, question after question wondering even if he would be safe as well. Charles saw the worried look in her eyes, that she was starting to stress about the possibility of him being murdered by his family. But he already has a plan for that, with a good plan that he already planned ahead.

“You don’t need to worry about a thing Ms. Nelson. I’ve taken care of everything, I only need you to keep this one thing safe for me.” Charles said, pushing away form his desk walking over to one of the portraits on the far wall. Sliding aside the portrait with the split tree turning the lock back and forth till it clicked open. He reached inside taking out a small black leather book. “Okay sir, but what is it that you need me to keep safe?” Ms. Nelson asked, looking at the older man that walked back over to his desk.

“This right here.” Charles said, holding up in his hand was the small leather bound book. With a confused look on Ms. Nelson’s face as she stared at his hand that held the black book. “But is there something important in it?” Ms. Nelson asked, looking from the book to him. “Yes, there is and I don’t want anyone to know the contents in these pages.” Charles said, handing over the book to her, she took the book out of his hands and into the leather bag nodding her head at him. “Good, you can’t read it either. And if anything happens to me I want you to keep this book from Malissa as well.” Charles said, walking past his desk and her, he opened the door waving Subastian over to him...
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