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The Heiress of Cherith Manor

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Chapter 1: The Arrangement

Three weeks after his meeting with Ms. Nelson, he was surprised that she successfully convinced Malissa to stay at his home. After reading her letting he tossed it in the fireplace in his pallor room leaning back in his seat. “Mr. Cherith, your brother is at the gate requesting to see you. Should I let him in?” Subastian asked, standing in the doorway watching as the letter burned in the fire. “Did he say what he wanted?” Charles asked, reaching over for his cane as he stood up and walked over to him.

“No, he didn’t say why he wants to speak with you.” Subastian said, watching as he walked past him into the side room seeing his brother walking back and forth on the monitor. Pushing the speaker button he said, “What do you want Gram? I’m busy right now so what is it?” Gram stopped in his pacing looking up at the security camera as he yelled out, “Damn it! Charles open these gates!” Sighing Charles shook his head looking down at the Michael Kors watch that rested on his wrist. “Gram just say what you want.” Charles said, in a bored tone as he twirled his cane around in his hand.

Sucking his teeth Gram said with his anger slipping into his tone, “Our lawyer said that you’ve been discussing with another lawyer some Nelson girl. So what’s going on? I know your not trying to deny me, my right to this manor and money!” Chuckling to himself Charles said, “You’re right, you’re right? As I recall this is mine and what I do with it is none of your business. An who I decide to pass it on too is my choice and mine alone. I don’t need to answer to you.” Gram stood there glaring up at the camera with hatred in his hazel eyes as he balled his fists to the point his knuckles were turning white.

“You, why you! I’ll make sure you regret this!” Gram shouted, stomping off back to his Ford truck slamming the door closed with the rusted paint falling to the ground. He backed up and sped off back down the private road with him mumbling to himself the whole way home. “Was it even wise of you to push his buttons like that Mr. Cherith?” Subastian asked, as he watched him laugh at his brothers retreating truck before he walked out of the room. “I honestly enjoyed every moment of it. Besides I don’t want him here when she comes. I want you to pick her up and bring her here tonight Subastian I don’t want any of them here at all.” Charles demanded, as he patted him on the shoulder while he made his way up the stairs to his room.

“Of course Mr. Cherith I will pick her up right now.” Subastian said, walking out of the door and down the short hallway that was dimly lit. Walking through the tall archway, to the double door garage starting up one of the cars and pulling out driving out the gate heading into town. By the time Subastian was nearing Malissa’s apartment complex he noticed a white car fallowing him. When he sped up just in time as the car sped up to hit the bumper. Swerving to the right and left so the white car couldn’t get in front of him; he then turned down side streets and headed back to the main road taking three rights between taking two lefts till he parked in a near by alley cutting the lights he watched as the white car sped on by never noticing him. Breathing out a sigh of relief, he still wanted to be careful. So he pulled to the back of her complex and hopped out heading around to the front he walked in through the glass doors.

Heading on up to the fourth floor, knocking on the blue painted door. Malissa jumped out of her sleep on the gray futon that sat in the middle of her small livingroom. Stretching her arms and legs out, she stood with a yawn escaping her as she neared the door. “Who is it?” She called, standing on her tippy toes to peek through the peep hole. “Ms. Mortitz, I am Subastian Moore. Your grandfather Mr. Cherith sent me to pick you up and bring you to the manor.” He said, listening as she unlocked and opened the door a crack looking at his tall lean figure.

“Um, I thought I wasn’t to see him till next week or something. I mean that’s what his lawyer said to me when she was here.” Malissa said, with her mind going back to that small black leather bound book that she took out of that lawyers bag. “Yes well he couldn’t wait to meet you in person and get to know you.” He said, gesturing for her to let him in with his hand while he took in her appearance. With her sandy blonde hair atop her head in a loose bun with strands hanging down framing her face that held soft features with small full lips that looked soft to the touch.

Clearing his throat trying to not be taken aback by her beauty and him being so attracted to her as well. She opened the door wider revealing that she was in a over size black tee with purple flowered and black short shorts that showed off her thick thighs. Subastian walked into her small cramped apartment seeing that she already had three bags packed that sat up against the dingy white wall that was connected to her even smaller kitchen. That was wide open to were he could see that there was only room for the stove that sat next to the wall on the left side and to the right was the stainless steel sink and countertop with a fridge next to it.

“Glad that your already packed for the trip out of the city.” He said, walking over and grabbing the bags while she went to change but he stopped her. “Miss Malissa, there’s no need for you to change. It’s late so you can come in your sleepwear honestly, Mr. Cherith will be asleep by the time we get back.” He said, scooting her out of her apartment just as she grabbed her keys and phone and charger as well. Fallowing him into the elevator she glanced down at her bare feet and realized that she for got her dusty pink slippers with the strap in the back of her heel. As the double doors slid close, Subastian noted that her uncle and nephew strolled right on past them knocking on each door.

“Can we go back I forgot my slippers and I don’t want to walk outside on that ground.” Malissa stated, looking up at him with a slight hue pink blush from embarrassment. Glancing down at her, he stared for a little longer then necessary with his gray/blue eyes dragging slowly up her legs to her thick thighs that pressed together under his heated gaze. To the tiny shorts she wore that barely covered anything to the imagination. Clearing his throat and looked away in time to see that they made it to the lobby he said, “We don’t have time to go back but I can carry you to my car if you like.” Trying to keep his eyes off of her with no help to his body reacting to her standing close to him in the small space.

“Are you sure you can carry me and my bags?” She asked, looking at one bag on his shoulder and the other two in his hands. “Yes, I am sure an I parked around back.” He said, as they stepped out of the small box into the empty lobby towards the back glass door…
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