A Picture of Murder

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Four months in Milan and still nothing about Rafael's case, I feel weird knowing that he was my brother. All that time, I was working with the man, and I knew shit. Obviously, he did. It was why he was so hard on me.

One thing I did find out Rafael loved me as a little sister. He loved me enough to leave me half his fortune and the other half to his two children. I knew it was problems between him and his wife but not that serious that he didn't leave her a damn thing.

Now here I was staring at a check for 2.5 million dollars scratching my head, wondering what the fucking was I going to do with this much money. I bared spent money as it was. Now my bank account was about to have more zeros added to it.

"Tell me something, where the fuck did your family get all this money? Now you got me asking your Father and brother mafia?" Lorenzo asked, lifting my feet to sit on the couch then laying them back across his legs as he rubbed my feet.

Yeah, we have grown a little closer over the past four months, nothing serious. Hell, I tried to kiss the man about two months ago. He ran like a scared little boy causing me to laugh so hard I was crying.

"No. unlike you, my Mom and Dad came from wealthy families. I don't know about Rafael hell. I'm still surprised to find out he was my brother, and so many people accused us of sleeping together." I said with my eyebrow raised, looking over to Lorenzo with a smirk, but he avoided my stares.

So, I sat up, making myself closer to him, taking his face in my hand forcing him to look at me. His hand automatically went to my wrist as I shook my head, slowly bought my lips to his. Hell, if he wasn't going to make the first move, I was.

"Danni, I don't think..."

"Renzo, shut the fuck up and kiss me." Again, he glared at me like I lost my fucking mind making me laugh, connecting our lips. My hand threaded through his short hair as he grabbed a fist full of mine.

I knew I had him when he started nipping at my bottom lip, begging for me to open my mouth. So, as I did, his tongue slipped in fighting with mines. Before I knew it, Lorenzo was on top of me, pulling at my shirt kissing his way down my neck to my breast.


"Fuck!" We both whispered as he rested his head on my belly, kissing it one more time before pulling away. "Danni, you do things to me that I'm scared of..."

"MAMA!" Jaiden yelled again. This boy wasn't like your average one-year-old that cried when he wanted something. His ass screamed one of our names until we came then he would be sitting there with his little attitude and his arms folded.

Lorenzo left, and I finally sat up, letting out a deep breath wrapping my head around what almost happened between Lorenzo and me. I could still feel the tingles of where he was kissing me. What the fuck was that?

I knew that I was horny. Hell, anybody who hasn't had sex in seven months would be the same way, but I think Lorenzo was always fucking horny for his age. It will be surprising if he has gone the past four months without sex.

When Lorenzo finally walked back in, I was making lunch for the three of us. This was me now. I was the stay-at-home mom while Lorenzo worked. The shit felt weird only because I couldn't leave home without a fucking guard dog.

I know my father wants me to be safe, but the shit he was doing is ridiculous. I haven't talked to him or heard from him since the day we left the hotel. The only way I got the check from my now-dead brother was through John. Who came to Italy for a visit, so he claims.

I knew it was my father doing it to make sure I was okay, but he wasn't going to tell me that. As I cut up some strawberries, Lorenzo placed Jaiden in his highchair as he stood on the other side of the island, watching me.

"Are you going to tell me what was about in there?"

"What was what about? I kissed you because I wanted to. Renzo, I'm a grown woman if it's my father you are worried about. Don't," I said, making him stand up straight, looking over to me. I could tell he was fighting with himself about something.

"Don't fix me anything. I need to leave. I try not to be too late." He said, walking to the door. I was confused at hell at the moment. I thought we were in a good place now his ass was running once again.

I didn't know what else to do, so I put down the knife running behind him, catching his arm. "DON'T PLEASE!" Begging as I cried, looking very stupid right now, but I didn't want him to leave me.

"Danni, I-I need to clear my head. I don't think I can do..." I pulled his face down to mine, kissing him hard but tinder. Still, he pulled away. "I can't. Trust me; it's not you. It's definitely not you." He said before walking out.

My heart was broken into a million pieces. I didn't understand why because it wasn't like we were having sex, but I was starting to feel something for him. Call me naΓ―ve or whatever you like, but I know what I was feeling.

I sat there for what felt like forever, crying to myself until Jaiden's little hands touched my head. "Mama, okay? Okay, Mama?" He said, pulling on my hands. "Yeah, Mama, okay. How did you get out your highchair?" I said, wiping away my tears, picking up my baby walking back into the kitchen to feed him.




Hours later, Lorenzo still wasn't back. It was 12:30 am, and I was sitting in the living room in the dark, waiting for our front door to open. I was pathetic. This man was running from me, and I was chasing him like a lost puppy dog.

I had the thought of killing myself again, taking all my pain away. Where would that leave my son? No, it had nothing to do with Lorenzo. It was me thinking I was unworthy that no one wanted me. Something was wrong with me. Something was very wrong with me.

Another two hours went by, and I was arguing with myself on whether to go to bed or stay up waiting. It wasn't a doubt in my mind about what he was doing. I knew he was lying in another woman's bed and the thought of it hurt.

Somewhere between four or five, I fell asleep, still curled up on the couch, when I finally heard the door open. My eyes shot open, watching him stumble into the house. "Are you drunk?" I asked, making him stopped dead in his tracks.

"Last I check, Danielle. I was the older one here. I don't need you to fucking lecture me." Before I knew it was across the room in front of him. My hand connecting with his face fast and hard. "I was worried about you. Got damnit I stay up half the fucking night worried and you and out drinking and fucking whores."

I saw fire in his eyes as he grabbed me by the neck. I was looking for him to strike me, but instead, his lips collided with mine as he presses me against the front door. His free hand roamed my body, finding its way under my gown.

Soon as his finger rubbed across my bud, I let a whimper begging for more. Lorenzo never broke the kiss, and I could taste the whiskey on his tongue, intoxicating me into his drunkenness. With one pull, my underwear fell to the floor, and he slid a finger into my treasure.

He finally pulled away and remove his hand from my neck, allowing me to breathe, working his mouth down my neck, still fingering me as he reached my breast, pulling down my nightgown, letting it dropped to where his hand was cupping my treasure.

I was now naked in front of him. Which he didn't mind as he took one of my breasts in his mouth, playing with the other. Then showing the same attention to the other one before picking me up, carrying me over the couch sitting me now.

It took me a minute to catch on to what Lorenzo was doing when he kneeled between my legs spreading them apart. He gripped me by the thighs hooking my legs over his shoulder, spreading me open more while taking a long lick and rubbing my clit.

My hands automatically when to his hair as I held in my moan. He knew what I was doing because he slapped my treasure. "FUCCKKKK!" I moaned soon as I did, his tongue enter me. All my years, I was with that jackass. He never when down on me but always want me to go down on him.

Lorenzo added a finger as he tongue fucked me, then another before sucking on my clit, thrusting his fingers in and out me at a fast pace. "I want you to scream for me." He was kissing my lips then dipping back between my legs.

"Oh fuck! I'm coming." I semi-yelled, causing Lorenzo to smack my treasure. "Lorenzo, please," I begged but didn't know what for. "Daddy..."

"W-what," I asked, confused while he delivered another smack to my treasure, adding another finger. "OH SHIT! REN..."

"That is not what I ask you to call me." He said, picking the pace of his three fingers thrusting in me. Hell, my body began to shake, and just for the hell of it, Lorenzo sucked on my clit then smacking it.

"LOR... FUCK DADDY! YASSS RIGHT THERE I'M ABOUT TO CUM!" I screamed as a weird feeling came over me. "Fuck I think I have to pee, Lorenzo. Wait sto...OH MY FUCKING GOSH!" I yelled as he slaps my treasure again. I wasn't able to control myself.

It came all out. The fool sucked up all then, came up to my face kissing me. "I take it that you never squirted before?" I stared at him, embarrassed, shaking my head no. Hell, I never came that hard before either.

"No, this was the first time someone when down on me as well," I said, sounding a little shy making him let a deep chuckle. "I wasn't with another woman despite what you may think. I was with your crazy ass cousin, helping him drink his problems away. His wife is leaving him because he is too boring, which usually means she's the one cheating. It made me realize I was getting old and had no one. For the past few months, I've been running for you. I have no regrets for what just happened, and I don't want you to have any either."

I smiled. I had no fucking regrets either. I wanted more, but this was enough for me for now. Shit, my body was still shaking from my orgasm, and I think I was still cumming a little. "I don't have any either. Why did you leave yesterday? Was it because of me?"

Finally, he got up from the floor, sitting on the couch beside me, pulling my body to his as he covered us both with the blanket. "I panicked... Shit, I'm a forty-four-year-old man falling for a twenty-six-year-old woman. Feeling shit, I never felt before... I talked to John the fool punched me in the chest, telling me how dumb I was." He said, standing swiftly but pulling me up with him.

I started to question him but noticed he was carrying me to my bedroom, laying me in the bed as he stripped out of his clothes. "You sleeping with me?" I asked curiously, "Until Jaiden wake us. This 6:30 now he will be woke by 9:30 it never fails." He said, laughing as I thought back about what he said.

"What were you dumb about?" I said while Lorenzo got into the bed, pulling me to him. "Everything." He said, kissing the top of my head, whispering sleep.
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