A Picture of Murder

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I felt so out of place walking into the police station in cuffs. I was used to walking in with Mr. Taggart as we usually did to talk to a client as the officer walked me into what they called their booking facility and sighed as the female officer started to remove the blood from under my nails.

She then showed me over to a small sink on the far side of the room, instructing me to wash them. Nothing about what she was going rude or nasty; I didn’t understand why they weren’t listening to me.

As soon as I came back over, the same cop from before was in the room. He pointed me over to the fingerprinting machine, and when done, he placed a black cloth over my bloody dress, pointing to the camera to do a mugshot.

“Danielle, can I call you Danielle?” He asked, and I nodded my head, trying to stop myself from crying. I knew if I opened my mouth, I would.

“I don’t know if I introduce myself earlier or not, but I’m Homicide Detective Lorenzo Ferrari. I know you keep telling the other office you didn’t do this and me, but all the shreds of evidence are pointing to you. You know you know your rights. You know you don’t have to talk to me without your attorney, which one from the law firm is on the way. He doesn’t believe you have done this either. A Ryan Anderson, I believe his name is. Right now, what we are going to is get all your personal information. Your birth date, address, place of employment which I already know.”

I stared at the man while he pulled a pen and paper from his pocket, looking up at me with sad eyes before asking me to talk.

“My son…”

“Your son is safe with his father, Danielle. Who said you left the house awfully early this morning.”

I scrunched my eyebrows together, looking at the man confused. Cameron lied to these people I was late leaving, and he knew it.

“He lied to your colleagues; I woke up early but didn’t leave the house until late…”

“Danielle, don’t say another word,” Ryan said, walking in, taking the seat next to me patting my back.

Officer Ferrari eyed him suspiciously as his eyes ran over Ryan’s hands and arms. I knew why. He was looking for blood or signs of a struggle on him.

“All I need for your client to do is answer my questions which she doesn’t need her lawyer for, but you can stay if you please.”

“Danielle, I will be right outside the door, okay.”


Ferrari sighed, glaring at the door, waiting for Ryan to exit before turning back at her once he was gone and out of earshot.

“Look, Danielle, I been a this for a very long time. I can usually spot the guilty one from the beginning. I going, to be honest with you, I don’t believe you did this, but as I said, the evidence says otherwise.”

My eye lit up. I understood what he was saying, but the very thought that he did believe she didn’t do this gave her hope.

“I didn’t do this, Detective. I don’t understand why someone would do this to me.”

He struggled his shoulders, writing down my name then D.O.B on the notepad, looking back up to me.

“Full name, birthday, address, and place of employment, Ms. Addams.”

“Danielle Lashay Adams, my birthday is April 23, 1994, 1350 Red Fox Rd, Savannah, Georgia, 31419. M-my place of employment is The Law offices of Taggart and Anderson.”

He stopped writing, looking up at me, confused, then to the door scratching his head as he finished writing.

“You go in front of a judge today around 12 or 1 pm. It is up to them to determine if you qualify for bail. I, for one, don’t think that you are a flight risk, but due to the charges against you…”

“I won’t make bail, yeah I know. Can I see my son?” Ferrari shook his head as he got up, walking to the door stopping before opening it looking back at her.

“I shouldn’t tell you this, but your boyfriend is convinced that you killed Mr. Taggart because he is the father of your one-year son. Off the record, Danielle, is that true?”

“NO! Mr. Taggart and I never had any type of sexual relationship. As you can tell, I’m not fully black myself. I can’t help my son is a little on the light side beside dark like his father.” He held up his hands tell me that he meant no harm, which I knew he didn’t. Hell, he was doing his job, but this was upsetting.

“Sorry, I think your lawyer wants to have a word with you before going to the holding area.”

I nodded as he left, leaving me to my thoughts. One in particular that kept coming back. Why on earth was Cameron lying on me? The shit hurt my head, and I couldn’t think of anything else to do but cry as I felt Ryan’s hand touch my back.

“Danielle, what happened? And I sorry I have to ask, but did you do this?”

“NO! I came in to work maybe ten to fifteen minutes late. I was sure he was going to be standing at my office door waiting to scream at me. He wasn’t, so I figure he was late too. W-when I saw him a-at the d-desk… I thought he was sleeping, Mr. Anderson. Sleep not dead, this blood it came from me slipping in his blood not from me killing him.”

I pulled my hands to my face letting out everything I been holding in out. My boss was dead, I was being charged with his murder, and the love of my life was saying I did it. This day couldn’t get any worst. After my talk with Ryan was taken to the showers, finally allowed to wash off Mr. Taggart’s blood after they got finish torturing me. I frown as the female guard handed me a bright orange prison jumpsuit and a bar of soap, pushing me into the shower.

“You have five minutes, sweetheart. I hope you know how to clean that fast.” She said, laughing wash as I pulled off my bloodstain clothes, handing them over to her. Quickly I jumped under the cold water watching as the blood ran down the drain before I started to wash, and soon as I started to feel relief, it was time to get out.

The same guard from the showers walked me to my holding cell. As I walked in, I noticed I was alone, making me sigh but jumping as the door close behind me. Slowly I walked over to the bed, cautiously sitting, pulling my knees to my chest, crying again. Not knowing how long I was sitting there crying, I heard the door opened another to Ferrari standing there was a soft smile.

“Bail hearing time. You ready?”

“To be put back here? No, I’m not.”

He nodded, waving his hand for me to walk out the cell door, then he followed close behind. It wasn’t long before he stopped me for the guard to put cuffs on my hands and ankles like I was going to run. When the door open I could see why. Every news station reporter was there screaming and scouting, asking me. ′Why did I do it?

I tried my best to hide my face from the cameras until I saw Cameron standing there with Jaiden and another woman I didn’t realize.

“Who is that with my son and boyfriend?”

“I don’t know. I figure she was a friend of yours.”

I tilted my head to the slide. I never met that woman a day in my life. Was Cameron cheating on me? Is that the reason he was so quick to lie to the cops? I didn’t know and did know. I didn’t have the time or energy for any of his bullshit. If I got bail, all his shit was about to be gone from my house.

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