A Picture of Murder

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How would I have ever known that getting released from jail took so long. I worked with a lawyer and never realized this. I was just glad the shit was over with, and now I was on my way to my home to pick up my baby boy. Hoping there would be no problems but pulling up in the driveway, Cameron’s car sat next to an unidentified car.

I knew deep down inside it was her. He had her in my home, not even a full day of me being away. Is this what he thought of me? Did he think I would roll over, give him my money and let him and his wife live comfortably off it? Even if I went to jail, that wouldn’t be happening. I would do everything in my fucking power to get my mother custody of my son before him.

“Danielle, don’t do something the will land you in jail for real this time.”

Shit, I forgot that damn quick that I was in the car with Ferrari. All I saw was red, and all I wanted to do was kill. Murder, redrum.

“I’m not Ferrari. C-can you come in with me. Just in case?”

“Sure. The quicker we get this over with, the better. I’m not one for messing break-ups and shit.”

Funny because I never had a messing break-up. Cameron was my real relationship, the first person I ever loved, and he went and did this to me.

Slowly I opened the car’s door, and so did Ferrari as I made my way to the door pulling my key from my purse when Ferrari’s hand touched my shoulder.

“Don’t let him get to you. He’s going to try to twist your words make you feel guilty when you’re not. Ignore it all. Tell him to give you your keys and leave. Afterward, we can get your son and go straight to the airport.”

I nodded as I put the key in the hole turning the doorknob. Opening the door, the first thing that hit me was the scent of sex. I knew these motherfuckers weren’t fucking in my shit. In my fucking living room as that with my son just doors away.

The further I walked in, the more I heard the settled moans and grunts making my stomach turn and twist into knots. I wanted to turn and run but not out the door. To the kitchen and find the sharpest knife or fork sliting both of their throats.

That wasn’t me, and I wasn’t going to let that become me. So, I walked in to see something I prayed I would never have to. There the two of them were on my fucking couch, something that I paid for. With my hard earn money. She was riding him, and he was smacking her ass, moaning faster.


“Shit, Danni, it’s not what it looks like.”

Did this motherfucker think I was fucking crazy? Like I couldn’t see what was going on in front of my fucking face. Hell, maybe I couldn’t see it before, but I sure the hell was seeing it now. The truth was real, and I wasn’t blind, not anymore.

“I don’t have time for your lies, Cam. I just want you out of my house to get what you have here and don’t look back. Please just leave.”


Did these words really just come from this fool’s mouth? I was trying to be nice, not get myself in deeper shit than I was already in. It made me have to look back at Ferrari to made sure I was hearing them correctly. That must have sparked something inside of the Detective because he stepped forward, pushing me behind him.

“You may think that you own your wife, but Ms. Adams here is own my no one. It is best for you to get your things and leave before seeing the inside of a jail cell for a few days. And for the sake of god, please put some clothes on.”

“So, I see you found another white fucker to fuck.”

Now I saw why he was so fucking keen on me cheating because it was what he was doing all this fucking time. Besides replying or trying to fight, I threw him and the bitch clothes to them then went into my bedroom, throwing all his shit out the window.

Yeah, I was being what they called an angry black woman. Did I give a fuck right now? Fuck no, and I did care who seen.


“You wanted to know what is uncalled for? You lying to me. Making me think you fucking loved me. That is what was uncalled. I had your child, give you a fucking roof over your head, and you fucking lied to me bitch. Far as I care, you and that bitch in there can burn in hell just like your clothes will.” I said as the lighter I had in my hand fell into the pile of clothes outside of my window.

Cameron’s face turned to pure disgust with me, and I cared less as I stood there smirking that the fucking fool.


“Yeah, that I fucking bought. Now, where is my son?”

I said, walking past him as he wanted to grab my wrist, forcing me to look at him. He knew it was hurting me, which he was aiming for. He was putting all his might into the grip, trying his best to get me to scream, but I wasn’t going to let him get the best of me.

"Where is my fucking son Cameron. I’m telling you that you have 0.3 seconds to tell me, or my fist is going in your throat. I am not scared of your punk ass like that bitch in there." I said through clenched teeth.

The man must had me confused with the thing he was fucking on my couch because his hand came up to hit me, but my fist landed in balls before it could reach me, causing him to fall to the floor screaming in pain.

“Boy, my mama didn’t raise no fool. Neither did my daddy. Do you think I’m going to let you beat on me? Nigga you got me fucked up. Look at this shit. You bringing the black out of my ass and shit. My son better in his room if not Lorenzo in there will be taking you down to the station.”

I didn’t wait for his response as I stepped over him, making my way to my son’s bedroom. Sighing in relief seeing his tiny figure sleep in his bed. I quickly picked him up, grabbed his favorite blanket then met a confused-looking Ferrari in the hallway.

“Did you set fire to a pile of clothes outside a window?”

“I did. It was the bastard things. Why?”

He looked at me like I was crazy, then shook his head, pointing to the door for me to leave out before him. I notice that Cameron and his wife were gone, and it gave me some kind of relief but not the kind I think I was looking for.

The way to the airport was quiet besides the occasional sounds from Jaiden in the backseat. My heart was aching for one leaving my family without a word and for two what Cameron did to me. I was thinking so hard I didn’t realize the car came to a stop, and Ferrari was waiting outside my door with Jaiden in his arms.

“Sorry, how long is this flight?”

“To be perfectly honest with you, Danni, I don’t know where we are going. I just know Alaska.”

I sighed, reaching for my son, who didn’t want me. He knew this man for what three hours from the drive from Savannah to Atlanta now he was acting all-new on his mama.

But instead of getting angry, I laugh, tickling his little sides, making him laugh, and hide his face into Ferrari’s chest.

Finally, we made our way into the airport up to the desk as a wild-looking woman decided to ignore the two of us like we weren’t standing there.

“Excuse me. I know your crazy looking ass. See us standing here. I have had a long day, and I would like to get on my plane.”

She stopped texting to look up for two seconds, then back to her phone until Ferrari banged his hand on the desk, making her jump.

“Tickets for Mr. and Mrs. Costa it for a surprise honeymoon.”

My eyes darted to Ferrari, then the woman trying not to be too suspicious, but he could have told me we had to play the marry role.

"And you’re taking your son?" She said with a smart-ass attitude, pointing at my son like she had a problem or something.

“I don’t think you get paid to point out the obvious, Renae. I presume that is your real name. I just ask for my damn tickets.”

The woman tilted her head to the side as another woman walked up, asking if there was a problem that they both replied yes. It didn’t take long after that for the woman to direct us to a private jet. Own by Judge Nelson or someone he knew.

“Detective, Mr. Nelson wanted you and Ms. Adams to be comfortable on your plane ride. If you would like to sleep, there is a bedroom over there and some change of clothes there as well.”

“Wait, there’s only one bedroom?” I asked the flight attendant, making Ferrari laugh, shaking his head like something was funny.

“Well, yes, Ms. Adams, but the chairs lay flat like beds for the Detective.”

I nodded, looking over to Ferrari, who was over letting down the chair. We had been in the air for forty-five minutes, and it was after 10 pm. I was tired and still didn’t know where I was going. I knew I needed another shower. For some reason, I could still feel Mr. Taggart’s blood on my skin, and I just needed to wash it away once more.

“Detective, c-can you w-watch Jaiden w-while I s-shower?”



“My name is Lorenzo. You can call me that besides Detective or Ferrari, and I’m sure once we reach our destination, our names will be changed.”

I blinked a few times, trying to understand what he was saying. Hell, I knew what he was saying; I just needed to wrap my head around the idea of being a whole new person to the public but me behind closed doors.

“Okay, Lorenzo, can you please watch Jaiden while I shower?”

Ferrari smiled, shaking his head as he took Jaiden from my arms. It was good that he like kids and was really good with my son. It made me wonder did he have children and a wife, maybe?

It was all just thoughts running through my mind, but Jaiden laughing before I shut the bathroom made me stop in my tracks. This was the first time I think I looked at the man I was traveling with.

Ferrari... As he wants me to call him, Lorenzo was a handsome man older, although he didn’t look like it but handsome. I had to knock myself out of the trans as I ran straight to the shower. That man was probably someone’s husband, and I was standing that lusting for something that would probably end me up in the same place I am in now. With a child by a married man that I knew nothing about.

After about twenty to thirty minutes of my dreadful shower, I finally decided to crawl out of the tiny place called a bathroom back to where my son and Ferrari were at. That quick, both were asleep. Ferrari hand my son curled up under him in a protective matter but looked so uncomfortable lying on that small bed. I sighed, looking at him and my son, then back at the big bed behind the curtains.

“Lorenzo,” I said, shaking his shoulder while his eyes jumped open, looking at me as if I lost my damn mind.

“We landing?”

“No, the flight attendant said he still has at least two in half hours before we land… The bed is bigger enough for the three of us. You look uncomfortable.”

He looked down at Jaiden wrapped in his arms then back at me. Slowly he lifted on his elbow, looking around. “I think I am good here, and if you want to risk moving him, be my guest.”

I looked down, seeing his shirt knotted up in Jaiden’s little hand, making me sigh in defeat as I walked to the bed. It wasn’t long after that I was being awakened so we could land in the cold place called Anchorage, Alaska.

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