A Picture of Murder

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I woke up with Danielle on my mind. It wasn’t what she told me earlier this morning, although I did feel terrible about not having my phone on. She needed me, and I wasn’t there for her and our little man.

Damn, I can’t believe the words came out of my mind. Jaiden was like my child. The little time I have known him, I fell in love. I always loved children, just never saw myself with one until now, and he makes me want one late into my life.

However, my mind was on Danielle seeing her naked did something to me. My dick got hard, and I was so happy she didn’t see it. I wanted so bad to fuck her against the door or wall, and knowing she was naked under that robe didn’t make it much better.

Now I feel bad about fucking whatever her name was last night, and she wasn’t a good fuck. Probably the worst I had... sad, but it was the fucking truth. Also, to made up what trouble I had caused, I was up two hours later fixing Danielle and Jaiden’s breakfast, or maybe it was lunch.

Good for me, little man was up with me. He woke up whining, running another fever that I lowered, by the way. I was feeling quite proud of myself. Jaiden was good at the moment sitting in his highchair playing with his toy truck as I cooked.

I acted like the guilty husband making a big ass breakfast spread with everything you could fucking name lay across our dining room table. The shit made me smile to myself, and when finished, I added candles and Danielle’s favorite china.

I started giving Jaiden some eggs when a text came through on my phone, stopping me in my tracks as I read.

Unknown: I know you have her. It’s only a matter of time before you fuck up.

Now, who the fuck could that be? This was a new phone. Not even the chief of police knew this number, only Nelson. My mind started to roam as I quickly dialed the old man’s number sighing in relief when he answered.

"What is it now, boy?"

“Nothing, I just got a weird text. I had to make sure you were okay.”

"Text about what Costa?”

“I will send it to you,” I said as I heard him whisper something about teeth, making me cringe because I knew he was getting his dick suck on the phone with me. I know I was old, but this man was older than me.

"Get a new phone. Make sure you get Bianca one too. I will call my people to be on the safe side, and whatever you do, Costa, don’t let your wife and child out of your sight."

“Yes, sir.” Before anything else was said, he hung up the phone. I continue to fixing Jaiden’s plate, feeling my phone vibrate again.

Unknown: I enjoyed last night. Maybe we can do it again tonight.

Nope, that wasn’t about to fucking happen. I thought to myself, place Jaiden’s eggs in front of him as he pushed them, always shaking his head no pointing at the strawberries on the table saying, “Want one, please. Please, Dada, want one.”

Me: I think you have the wrong number, sorry.

The shit should never have happened in the first place. It was drunken sex, something I realize I didn’t want. Now it was too fucking late to take back lucky I used my own protection and put it on myself as well.

“What the fuck is this?” Danielle said from behind me. I noticed that he wasn’t happy about the situation like I thought she would be. Danielle turned to walk away, but I grabbed her hand, pulling her over to the table sitting her down before sitting myself.

“I cooked breakfast for you.”

“Lorenzo, I don’t know what the hell you are up to, but I’m still mad at your ass. Jaiden is sick, he was running a fever of 104, and you weren’t answering your phone. You think this makes the shit up. If you do, you are highly wrong.”

I didn’t, but it wasn’t going to stop a man from trying. I didn’t understand why I was doing this. It wasn’t like I was getting anything out of the shit. I did know I was not too fond of Danielle being mad at me. Nagging was one thing but actually being mad was a whole different story.

“I don’t. I wanted to do something nice for you. I didn’t know what you like, so I cook just about everything.”

“One question can you actually cook? Because I don’t want to be in the hospital later today for food poison,” She said as she propped her breast up under her arms, I started to stare down in her cleavage, which made her eyes follow mine. Danielle quickly covered her chest.

“Uhm… I can cook and do much more if you like.”


The question came out more as her being more confuses than what I was saying or answering her question. Although I was talking about what I could do with her body if she let me. I could tell she never been with an older man and probably never been dicked down the right way either.

“Nothing. I mean, unlike the song W.A.P when Cardi B talks about no cooking and cleaning. I mean, I may not have a wet ass pussy. I do have a hard-ass dick on top of that. I cook, cleaning and whatever you like.”

Danielle’s eyes when widen, looking over to Jaiden, who wasn’t paying us any attention as he ate his strawberries and eggs. Yes, a weird child, but I loved him, but she covered her mouth to keep herself from screaming.

“You have a nasty ass mind. No wonder you stay quiet. And stop looking at my breast. You’re making me feel so type of way.”

I was hoping that type of way was horny, wanting to jump on my dick. Or slide her sexy little mouth down my shaft. ”Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m thinking like this.” I thought to myself as I felt my dick starting to rise.

“You have no idea… We’re going shopping for new phones today.” I said, standing pushing my chair under the table as her eyes watched me occasionally as she ate.

“What you mean, new phones? We just got a new phone, Renzo. I have to work today… A-and I think you have a problem.”

A problem? What did she mean by a problem? Making my eyes follow hers this time down to my pants. Fuck I thought I was good in that area, but I could tell she liked what she saw. I wanted to smile but not seem too cocky.

“Sorry about that__ Uhm about your job…”

“What about my job?”

“Your Dad thinks you would be safer as a stay-at-home mom. I got a text this morning. I think something is watching us.”

She looked at me, taking the phone from my hand, reading over the text and the only one from my one-night stand. Sighing, she handed the phone back, standing abruptly walking away. Without thinking, I ran behind her.

“Danni, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Did you even think about me?”

The question made me cocked my eyebrow, looking down at her scratching my head until I realize what she was asking me. I didn’t tell her to look at the other fucking text. She was only supposed to look at the threat. Fuck she did this to herself.

“You do know we are not married for real?”

“I FUCKING KNOW THAT LORENZO! BUT YOU! YOU TREAT ME LIKE FUCKING SHIT! HOW MANY WOMEN HAVE YOU FUCKED DURING THESE TWO ALMOST THREE FUCKING MONTH?” She screamed then looked down at the floor, wiping her tears. ”You wanted to know how many men I fucked? None because even know we are not married, I wanted people to believe it." She said fast and low, trying to push past me.

Again, I almost kissed her as my nose rubbed hers, but Jaiden yelling mama broke our trans. Danielle had a pull over me. I didn’t know what it was, and I was scared to find out what it was.

In all my adult years, I never met a woman that made my mind do backflips. I wanted to fuck her and kill her all at the same time. I mainly wanted to fuck her until she forgot her name, as I listen to her call me daddy repeatedly.

“Sorry,” We both said as she pulled away, running to the dining area where Jaiden was still screaming, causing me to rest my head against the wall letting out a heavy breath. I guess this meant a cold fucking shower.

Hours later, we were walking through the mall. I know I told her we were going to get new phones. Then my big mouth had to mention something about shopping now here we are shopping.

The nice part about the situation is Danielle wore a smile on her face, something I enjoy seeing. It made me smile, too, as I sit and watched her model clothes for Jaiden and me. Every once in a while, she would found us something too.

“Oh, my, you don’t see that many couples these days that look as happy as you two. Son, whatever you are doing, keep making your wife happy.” An old lady said, making Danielle raised an eyebrow and me shaking my head, begging her not to say anything.

“He’s a good husband when he wanted to be, but he is a damn good father,” Danielle said with a bright smile, kissing my cheek right above my beard. The lady smiled, walking away while she gave me an evil look walking up the corner to pay for her things.

The ride home was quiet as always. She looked out the window to avoid talking to me. “How old are you?” Danielle asked, causing me to glance over to her for a moment. “Forty-four. How old do I look to you?”

That got her attention as she turned to look over at me in shock. Her mouth hung open, making me laugh as I reached over, touching her chin closing it back. “Shut the fuck up, you lying,” she semi yelled, still looking at me with her eyes wide.

“I’m not. I was born on August 6, 1976, in Venice, Italy. I bet you thought no forty-four-year-old man could look this fucking sexy?”

“Don’t let your looks go to your head Renzo, but no, I would peg you to be no older than thirty-five.”

I nodded, glancing back over to her as I noticed that she was still staring at the side of my face. A smile crept upon my face as I rubbed my beard, making her giggle. The first time I heard anything like that from her.

Finally, we made it home, and I think the first thing we both noticed was our front door ajar. I swiftly reached under my seat, pulling my gun. “Stay here. Lock the doors after I get out and blow the horn if you see anything.”

I opened the door, and she grabbed my hand before I could step out of the car, making me turn back to her. “Please come back.” I gave her a small smile and nodded my head before getting out of the car.

It was clear that someone was forced into our house. Why didn’t the security system alert the cops? Looking down on the side of the door, I saw why. We weren’t dealing with the average burglar. This person knew what they were doing.

On top of that, they destroyed every fucking thing. What the fuck were they looking for? It wasn’t like they brought anything with them. I made sure I search the entire house but came up with nothing as I made my way back out the door then calling my boss.

Danielle had to be sitting on pins and needles waiting on me to come back out the door because soon as she saw me. She and Jaiden were out of the car, running straight to me as she hugged my waist tight.

“No one was in there. It was the same with your house back in Savannah. They were looking for something Danni. Something they think you have.”

“I don’t understand what would they that I have?” It was a question that I couldn’t answer, and it was either that or they were trying to scare her. Whatever it was, it was working because trembling beneath my arms.

“Costa, you haven’t been on the job for a good three months yet, and you have damn haters. Did you already look through the house?”

“I did, sir. I didn’t see anything, but this isn’t my job, as you know.”

“Alessio, I know you are a Homicide Detective. I will have an officer look through the house, but your family can’t still here tonight, but you know that already.”

I was already a step ahead of the man. The problem was only available, hotel had one room with a queen-size bed and could offer a baby bed if needed. I didn’t think Danielle would go for that, and the only way I knew to break it to her was letting her see it at the last minute.

“I have that cover, chief. We have some clothes in the car, so we should be fine.” He smiled, patting me on the back walking away as I lead Danielle back to the car. Once again, the ride was silent, beside Jaiden talking to his new toy.

Upon reaching the hotel, Danielle let me get the keys as she waited by the elevator doors. Watching everyone cautiously holding Jaiden close to her chest until I walked up, and he jumped to my arms.

Getting to our room door, I was scared to open the door. Hell, most people called me a whore, fuck Danielle called me a whore, and I was scared to let her see there was only one fucking bed in the damn room. So, I opened the door slowly.

“I’m going to take a shower. Jaiden can take one with you if you don’t mind.” She said, disappearing into the bathroom, coming back out thirty minutes later with a sheer nightgown on climbing into the bed as Jaiden and I went to shower.

After about thirty-five minutes of fighting the little devil in the shower, we were finally finished, and Danielle was lying in bed looking at something on television. While I stood there awkwardly holding Jaiden.

“Are you going to stand there or get in the bed, Renzo? I don’t fucking bite.”

“I can sleep on the couch. You and Jaiden can have the bed.” She cocked an eyebrow as she pulled back the covers getting up from the bed, making her way over to her son and me, pulling me by my arm then pushing me into the bed.

“If I have to treat you like a child, I will now get in the fucking bed and shut the fuck up. You crazy damn fool.”

Jaiden laughed like he knew what his mother was talking about, climbing over her cuddling against her chest. While I placed a pillow between us, Danielle turned, getting me the death glare shaking her head.

It wasn’t long before I heard the settled snores of Jaiden, then Danielle getting up from the bed placing him in the baby bed. When she got back in the bed, she let out a loud breath. “Can you hold me?” In my head, I was screaming, come again, but I didn’t know how to respond to her question.

“Danni, I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“I didn’t ask if it was a good idea, Lorenzo. I just need to be held. Please.” I was heisted as I scooted to the middle of the bed. I slowly pulled her against my chest, resting my chin on the top of her head.

Something about it feel right. Her body against mine, our hearts were beating together, making it feel like one. I never felt anything like this before. Danielle made me feel like a different person. For once, I didn’t want to fuck the woman in front of me; I wanted to get to know her better.

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