A Picture of Murder

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The next morning, I woke to something poking me in the back. I knew exactly what it was, and for some reason, I snuggled myself closer to him. Lorenzo’s hold became tighter around my waist, then, all of a sudden, he jumped out of the bed like something had burned him.

It caused me to sit up in bed, looking over to him, standing there looking at me like I lost my marbles. Maybe I have, but I felt safe with him, something I never felt with Cameron, and I liked it. I liked it a lot.

We stared at each other for what felt like forever, that was until Jaiden sat up in the screaming hungry. He was a little on the dramatic side when it came to food. Hell, I was too. When I was hungry, it was best to feed me.

As I got out of the bed, Lorenzo took that time to slip into the bathroom. It wasn’t too long after that I heard the water running. Good, he had to take a cold shower because I was feeling the same way. I could still feel where he was press up against my back.

Then looking at that thing made me wet, and the man had no shame. He wasn’t even trying to hide himself. It was almost like he was waiting to see what I was going to do. Trust me, I wanted so bad to jump him, but I wasn’t about to be one of his whores.

Jaiden pulling at my hair broke the little trans I was in. His big grey eyes looking into me, made me smile as he tapped my nose with his finger. “Eat-Eat, Momma,” he said, smiling up at me. Who could resist his cute little face?

I know I couldn’t. Jaiden was the best thing Cameron did for him, and I couldn’t thank him enough. I couldn’t believe I loved him for some long and he cared nothing about me, and I wouldn’t do that shit to myself ever again.

Letting out a deep breath, I picked up the phone, calling room service, making sure I got all of us something to eat. Not long after I hung up, my phone began to ring, displaying the name of the man I didn’t want to speak to at the moment.

“Dad, why are you calling my phone this early in the morning?”

"There are reasons for that. First, I would like to know why the fuck Lorenzo isn’t answering his phone? Why the hell didn’t he call me and tell me your house was broken into? And where the hell does he have you? I swear that man, let anything happen to you, I will kill him. Are you safe?"

“I don’t think he was thinking, Dad. I thought you didn’t want us to use our real names when talking to you?” I could hear him cursing underneath his breath, realizing what he had done.

"I don’t matter. I’m moving you two again…"

“WHAT!? NO! We just getting settled here, and you expected us to move again?” I whined out, receiving a frustrated sigh from his end of the phone.

"Sweetheart, you are too old for this. I am trying to protect you and my grandson here. Someone killed your brother…"

“Wait a got damn minute back-up what you just said, my brother. Rafael Evil Ass Taggart was your child? My older brother, when was you going to tell me this shit?” I said as Lorenzo made his way out the bathroom, fully dressed, looking sexy ass hell.

I didn’t know I was staring until the knock came to the door, making me dart them to the door. At the same time, he ran over, opening it for room service to come in. ”It wasn’t that I didn’t want you two to know. It was just best to keep my children away from the public. So, I made sure the two of you took your mothers’ last names."

“Are you sure that’s it? Or do you have yourself mixed up in something bullshit that is costing your children their lives?”

"Whatever cost Rafael his life was on his own accord. I won’t lie; I worked in law enforcement for over twenty-eight years before becoming a judge. I made enemies with criminals I arrested and the ones I put away as a judge. The one thing I made sure of no one knew about the two of you or your mothers’. I don’t know what the fuck Rafael got himself into, but I will not let it kill you too."

His words were true. I think this had to be the first time I understood my father. I always wondered why he was married to my mother, but they didn’t share the same last name. After I was older, I assumed that it was for him to cheat.

I assumed that he didn’t care for me because it seemed like he was never there when I needed him. The truth was I didn’t need him back then like I need him now, and right now, he is doing everything in his power to protect his baby girl.

“Can we just move to another house?”

"They still know you are in Alaska. I’m sorry, baby, have your husband check his text. I sent him some information… And this will be our last time talking to each other for a while. I think this is how they are finding out shit. Tell that asshole to take care of my baby, or I will hunt him down and kill him myself."

“You know we’re not actually married, right?”

"Mhm… I love you, sweet pea, and kiss my grandson for me." I opened up my mouth to ask what that was about, but he hung up the phone. Finally making me realize Jaiden wasn’t in my lap anymore but was sitting with Lorenzo eating.

“Are you going to eat?”

“I am… My dad said for you to check your text.” Lorenzo nodded, reaching for his phone turning it on as I ran into the bathroom showering until I realize I left my clothes in the fucking room. I didn’t want Lorenzo to think I was throwing myself at him, but I had to walk out with the towel around my body.

“Hey, we…” He paused in the middle of his sentence, glaring up at me, then quickly looking down at his phone, clearing his throat. “We have to meet with your cousin or wherever he is. Your father left some information with him.” I nodded, grabbing my clothes, disappearing back into the bathroom then coming out about five minutes later.

“I know he’s moving us again.”

“I figure that much. I am going to text your cousin for him to meet us here. Where is the burner phone?” He asked as I reached into my pocketbook, getting it out. When he took it, he made sure our fingers touched.

I grin like a little schoolgirl hiding my face as I quickly stuffed it with food. Watching as he texted my cousin Josh and play biting Jaiden’s hands. “Do you have children?” I don’t know why I asked that.

He stopped playing with Jaiden looking over at me. “No… No children, hell, I’ve never been married. Sad I know a forty-four-year-old man that never had a serious relationship. My parents have a great relationship before you ask, but I never had the time or patience. I think that why it is so fucking hard to deal with your nagging, but I love little man.”

“My nagging? I don’t fucking nag. What are you talking about?”

Lorenzo’s eyes widen, looking up to her, then back down to Jaiden. Like a one-year-old could fucking help him. Slowly he held both his hand up and surrendered, making Jaiden give him high fives while laughing.

“I mean, you like to complain about everything, and the night before when you started yelling at me because I was late getting home. I couldn’t take it, so I left and when to the bar. All the other stuff didn’t mean to happen.”

“You mean you sleeping with the whore you knew nothing about?” I said with a hint of attitude. Why was I mad? Maybe because I wanted him to act like we were married, treat me better than Cameron, but that was all wishful thinking.

“Y-yeah. Sorry I wasn’t there when you and Jaiden needed me.” He said, playing with Jaiden’s fingers. It warmed my heart seeing how he played with my son when his own father didn’t even try.

For a moment, there was silence in the room until John knocked at the door and that the big ass dog that he carried everywhere with him barked. I laughed at Lorenzo’s face. I didn’t think he like Angel that much, and the feeling was mutual.

“Angel, come give me some love,” I said soon as the door open, and the big Alaskan Husky came running up to me, rolling over on her back, waiting for her belly rubs. It didn’t take long before Jaiden was sitting beside her, playing with her as well.

“You should buy my little cousin one. I can set up with the man I bought Angel from.”

"NO! I mean, Jaiden don’t need to be around nothing that big, maybe something smaller.” Lorenzo said as John laugh, handing him an envelope. “I think you’re scared of big dogs,” John said with a smirk.

“I worked in the K-9 unit for three years. I am not scared of dogs. I just don’t trust big ones around small children. There is a difference.” He said, and John nodded, watching as he glared at what was in the envelope then back at them.

“Something wrong?”

“Your asshole of a father is sending us to Italy.” He said, balling the papers in his hand. Lorenzo looked pissed, something that I never saw him look before. I wondered was there a reason he didn’t want to go.

“What’s wrong with Italy. I mean, I don’t want to leave either, but I also don’t want to die.” Lorenzo sighed, sitting down in the chair behind me. “It nothing wrong with Italy. I wasn’t prepared to go there. My parent left Venice for a reason. One that I care not to go back there for.”

“What your family was mafia?” Lorenzo stared at me for a moment, making me think that was the problem, until he shook his head. “No, Danni. Damn, do all people think Italians are mafia? My Dad people are wealthy, and my Mom’s people were less fortunate. Rich people and poor don’t suppose to be mixed in their eyes. No mafia stupidity.”

I nodded, looking up to him with a smile sending a quick text to my father from the burner phone for him to call me. Within seconds the phone was ringing.

“Daddy, we can’t go there. He has some skeletons back in that place.”

"Country or the city?" He asked with Lorenzo mouthing the words city, causing me to nod. “City, he doesn’t want to run into his grandparents nothing bad. Family members that don’t get along,” I said, listening to him hummed then hearing my mom said something that caused him to cover the phone.

“Someone says they love you, and that is fixed. The pilot will tell you where and this a home will be ready for you.”

“Thank you and tell that person I love them too.” He hummed again, hanging up the phone as I looked at Lorenzo and John, staring both with a stupid smirk. “What?” I asked. Still, they stared, smirking.

“I thought you hated your father. That seems like you are a Daddy’s girl. Not that I’m complaining you did get him to change our locations.” Lorenzo said, picking up Jaiden to change his diaper again.

“We need to go. Oh, I forgot to tell you your father is letting me have that big ass beautiful house he bought the two of you.” John said, all excited that it was only big enough to hold him, his wife, and their five bad-ass children.

It wasn’t long after that we were once again on a private jet on our way to Milan, Italy, this time around. As my father promised, another big ass house was waiting on us, fully furnished I believe this one was bigger than the one in Alaska.




“What did you find?”

“Nothing. I’m telling you the girl don’t know nothing.”

That was impossible she had to know something. There was no way that the bitch worked with Rafael for the past six years and knew nothing. I didn’t believe that, and I knew the two were fucking around.

“Damnit, we tore apart the bitch home Savannah and in Alaska. I need her. That is the only way I am going to find the key.”

“Did you search his office?”

“What the fuck do you mean did I search his fucking office? Yes, I search his damn office, idiot. What happened to you? Huh, you were supposed to be the watch, and yet the bitch got in.”

What good lookout his ass was. Lucky she went to her office first, giving us the time, we needed to run out of the office. Right now, I need the key to Rafael’s safe before the cop opened it, and everything will blow up in my face.

There was a reason why I killed Rafael, one that I’m not revealing right at the moment. He knew it was coming. One reason I know he left everything he owed to that little black bitch of an assistant and that child.

I wasn’t worried about that; I was worried about the incriminating evidence against me in that safe of his. For as his murder, if they couldn’t pin it on Danielle, it would remain unsolved. That is if I get into the safe first.

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