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The Widow (english version)

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Rose, is a young woman, who was about to get married. But unfortunately, her fiancé mysteriously disappeared. Some say he is dead. But Rose, doesn't believe it for a second. So she goes on a journey, ocean and land to find him.

Mystery / Adventure
La Plume Cyan
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Chapter 1 | The veil falls

In London in the 17th century, the rain was raging. And yet a woman is sitting on a bench. Watching the waves crashing over the rocks. The guests had returned home, leaving the poor bride alone outside. "Maybe he was late. "she thought.

- Miss Parker, go home. You'll catch your death out there. Said an old woman as she came to sit beside him.

- I can't afford that. Rose sighed.

- Tell yourself, if he comes back, he'll surely come back to you. Then do me the pleasure of keeping you warm.

- I'm fine here. replied the young woman. Exasperated, the old woman returned to her little house. Rose, little by little, began to remove the petals from her little bouquet of flowers. She got up and went to the shore. Throwing her bouquet into the sea. Tears could be seen beginning to form in the hollow of her eye. In despair she dropped her veil to the ground and walked towards her house. She went inside, took off her shoes and started to undo her hair. When she arrived in her bathroom, she took off her dress. And undid her corset. Her light blond hair fell back to her half-naked back. She took off the rest of her outfit and put on a more comfortable outfit. A nightgown. Her gaze lowered to her right hand, looking at her engagement ring. The front door slammed shut. Rose went into the corridor, and saw her maid Katherine.

- What are you doing here Rose?

- He did not come... she sighed.

- Who hasn't come?

- Harry. He didn't come...

Katherine came to Rose and took her in her arms.

- How could she do that? Can you believe it? Rose asked, wiping away her tears.

- I don't know, Miss... I think you should go to your room and rest. You'll have time to think about it over dinner. I'll light the fire for you, I'll be with you in a moment. Rose dragged her feet towards her room, quite spacious, which contained a wardrobe, a bed and a lot of other things that were useless. She lay down in her bed, while Katherine lit the fire, closed her curtains and shut the door of her room. Rose rummaged through her bedside table to find a small notebook in her bedside table that belonged to Harry. She lit a candle on a lamp and began to leaf through the notebook. Inside it was written, what her fiancé wanted to do in life, what he had been through, his travels, etc., and what he had done.
The blonde frowned and turned back a few pages.

- Julian Lewis...
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