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For most of his life detective David Cooper has been plagued with unnerving dreams of a young boy who's actions are leading nowhere other than to a life of murder. Until recently the nightmares were few and far between. Now while going through a divorce and trying to cope with what he believes is his mind finally breaking, a serial killer has made their presents known. Detailed paintings of the killer’s victims show up at the homicide department. Kat Manning has been stuck in the mail room for far too long. When the most interesting event to happen in her small Wyoming town literally falls into her hands, she knows that this is her chance to prove to Everyone that she is more than the town drunks daughter. Cooper and Kat set out to stop the killer from painting the town red.

Mystery / Romance
A. R.
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Using his forearm he wiped the beads of sweat that were dotting his forehead. The air was chilled with morning dew dripping off the trees surrounding him. A light breeze rustles through the leaves. The sun had just started to rise which made the dirt clearing he kneeled in hazy and eerie. A discarded trap was thrown to the side of where the boy worked.
The boy struggled to hold the animal still while tying an old dirty rope taut around its frail neck. Once the noose was finished he let the bunny lose and held on to her short leash. Dirt mixed with dry pine needles kicked up from under her small paws. He pulled harshly on the rope tightening the noose’s hold around the creature's throat, emitting a strangled scream. Alleviating the strain on the rabbit’s neck the boy watched with amusement as it tried to escape.
Once again he pulled on the restraint and once again a shrill shriek sliced into the still morning air and goosebumps prickled the boy's arms. The teasing continued until the fight left the small mammal. With a sickening smile and a gleam of excitement in his eye, the boy disregarded the rope only to replace the pressure with his hands. Through the boy's deranged laughter a gruesome crack could be heard.
Standing from his knees the boy plucked the bunny off the ground holding the animal by her long ears. As he walked the bunnies limp body swayed bumping the side of his thigh with every step he took. Giggling to himself as he went.
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