The White Wolf (Previously The Alpha King's Mate)

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The Alpha King Zac has to guide his mate, Scarlett Blackwood, to save their kind. She, the White Wolf, holds the fate of all werewolves in her hand. Drowned by their inner turmoil and conflict, chased by evil, and battling dark forces, will they bring an age of glory? Or will they devastate the immortality of the supernatural to death? Adventures of mysterious crime investigation and Scarlett's journey to balance her light and dark side will turn this girl who dreamed to be a forensic medical examiner into a worthy Queen.

Mystery / Fantasy
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The outdoor hallway or engawa seemed spooky in the night. The moonlight reflected its shine from the luminous giant pond right beside the engawa to the entire garden area. Out of all parts of her massive traditional Japanese mansion, this garden seemed to be her favourite.

Aside from its beauty and peaceful atmosphere, the place silently recorded the memory of her deceased mother. She used to feed the Koi fishes and have a relaxing conversation with her mother every Spring here. Scarlett slowly walked to the pond then stared absentmindedly at the black pool, her heterochromatic eyes of dark blue and violet shimmered in the dark.

The colour of the pool made it seemed as if it was bottomless. Scarlett imagined herself being drowned endlessly within it. Drowned and drowned until she couldn’t breathe from the tightening pain inside her chest. She averted her gaze from the pool and started to walk to her chamber.

She changed her attire to a comfortable sleep gown and lied down on her queen-sized bed. Once again, she let her mind wandered to the thought of her mother. To Scarlett, her mother was the most beautiful and kindest woman in this world. With dark brown hair and greyish strands due to her age, tall and slim figure, warm smile, and green eyes, her mother was breathtaking.

Scarlett sighed wistfully. The Prophecy changed her life 180 degrees, started with the death of her mother. Attending her mother’s funeral drained a great deal of energy. They used to be so close to each other. Lulled by the pensive memories, she slowly drifted off to sleep. Eventually, she welcomed her nightmare like she always does every night.


The sun slipped in through the translucent paper on her sliding panel and window, shining brightly at her closed eyes. Despite the Japanese mansion being so traditional, Scarlett’s mother designed it to have a slight modern Europan style by adding some giant windows here and there. Her mother said that it would be refreshing. After she pried her eyes open, Scarlett yawned and stretched on the bed. She got up to take a bath and prepare for today.

She rubbed her body with vanilla-scented soap and washed her hair with freesia-scented shampoo and conditioner. She rinsed her body and hair then got up to brush her teeth and dried herself. She wore a comfortable sweater and knee-length skirt then pulled her hair up into a bun. When Scarlett walked to the dining room for breakfast, her father was already there.

Scarlett’s father, Alpha Alastair, was the most powerful Alpha in Europe. He still looked fine in his 50′s. Jet black hair with a unique handful white strand on the left side of his hair. A unique family trait that Scarlett also had. However, unlike his father’s straight hair, Scarlett’s hair was wavy just like her mother.

She took a seat and politely wait for her father to start and then followed him. After they finished their meals, Alastair asked Scarlett to follow him in the garden to have a chat.

“Ready to go back home, Scarlett?” Alastair asked her daughter softly. She knew his father cared deeply for his family. He built his empire for them. He would sacrifice himself for the sake of his family. Sure, he could be very strict sometimes, but he could be gentle. He could feel remorse and guilt. He could feel love and passion.

“Ready,” she answered and smiled a little. She was ready to go away from this place, the place where it held a lot of memories of her mother.

“Good. There is an urgency I need to take care of. We can’t stay here for too long,” Alastair’s dark blue eyes shining at her as he frowned, forming a slight crease on his forehead.

“What kind of urgency?” Scarlett concernedly asked.

“Another attack,” he answered briefly and hurriedly left her alone in the garden. Scarlett sighed and went back to her room. Whilst checking her packed luggage, she felt a presence in front of her door. A blonde-haired tall man with brown eyes entered the room.

“Fraser,” Scarlett greeted him. The son of the pack’s Beta smiled warmly at her.

“How are you feeling, sissy?” Fraser frowned slightly.

“Trying to function normally. Thank you for being here, at my mother’s funeral and in here by my side,” Scarlett gave him a sad smile. Since she was an only child, Fraser was like a big brother she never had.

“No need to thank me. I’ll always help you whenever you need it. I’ll always have your back. Because you’re my annoying sister.” Fraser playfully smiled at me, trying to cheer me up.

“Yeah, still. Thanks,” Scarlett smiled gratefully at him.

“Come on. Let’s go home,” Fraser helped her carry all of her luggage.

They walked out of the house to load their stuff in the car. Scarlett turned around to give the mansion one lasting glance, savouring the memory etched on every nook and cranny of the house for one last time. She sighed sadly and got in the car. As the four-wheeled engine brought her away, Scarlett watched the view of the mansion glided away through the car window.

Everything will be alright.

But, not for the time being. And not for a very long time.

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