Blood by Gun

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Danielle is a woman that suffers from daily headaches. One day her headache worsens and she is soon visited by her dark past.

Mystery / Drama
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The Headache

Judging by the sounds that echoed around her, it was evident that it wasn’t a place where she wanted to be. As rain poured heavily, soaking her completely, Danielle found herself running in the middle of a abandon road. Scrapes and cuts, stung beneath her bare feet and blood dripped into her eyes. She couldn’t stop herself from running no matter how hard she tried. “Come on Danny!” yelled a distant voice coming from behind her. Danielle turned her head to see who it was. No one was there. There was nothing but a constant sound of a alarm coming from a car, that looked to have crashed. No one was in the car but all the doors were open.

Suddenly, far behind the crashed car, comes a truck speeding down the road. Danielle tries to move herself to the side of the road. But it was as if the only way she could go was forward. She panicked as she saw the truck getting closer. She tried to pick up the pace, but she began to feel heavy like she was running in quicksand. She turned her head again this time to see who was driving the truck. But it was impossible because the windows were tinted. All of a sudden a hand with a black leather glove pointed a gun out the window. Danielle turns back forward and fears for her life.


A gun shot violently went off and merged with the sounds of an alarm clock.

Danielle wakes up with a sudden gasp for air, she slowly comes into realization that she is awake now. With a searing headache, and semi hanging off the bed, she sees the alarm clock sitting on the night stand. The glowing numbers was practically screaming at her through the hair that covered her face. Her husband, sleeping beside her on the right side of the bed, removes his hand from around her waist and shifts to face the other end of the bed.

“It’s 5:00 already?” she muttered.

Her left hand reached over to slam the clock off. She pulled herself back to rest her head against the pillow. She then glided her hands through her hair to remove it from blocking her face. Not being able to ignore the wrenching headache, Danielle hid her face in her hands, and began to massage her face. Self cautiously she pulled herself to get out of bed, but the headache worsens. She then reached over to grab a bottle of prescription pills that sat on the nightstand. She dropped 2 pills into her hand, then grabbed a half filled glass of water that sat beside the bottle of pills. She dumped the pills in her mouth and quickly took a few gulp of water.

The shower head is turned off and the curtains slide back. Danielle grabs her towel off the towel rack and wraps it around her. Dripping wet, Danielle begins drying her hair as she walks over to the mirror. As she lifts her head to face herself , she notices something unusual in her reflection. Suddenly the air in the bathroom began to feel heavy, and Danielle became frozen in a trance. A sense of eeriness radiated from the reflection. Danielle being stuck staring at the blurred reflection couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. Tears started rushing down her face as her hair soaked the floor. The room was silence except for the rising sharp sounds of what appeared to bullet shells violently hit the floor. The headache became unbearable. After a while Danielle was able to control her arms, so she reached out towards the reflection to try and wipe the fog. Her hand lightly touched the glass. For a moment she hesitated, then she swiped her hand across the mirror. She didn’t see anything but her reflection. Danielle immediately felt a sense of relief.


Danielle jerked her head quickly towards the direction of the shower. There stood a young girl about 5 years old, wearing a light pink dress, with both her hand holding her stomach. Her dress was stained with multiple bullet holes and rottened with dirt. Danielle still in shock, is not able to speak. It was like the whole world froze around her.

“Who are you? How did you get in my bathroom?” Danielle said softly.

The young girl lifted her head and her eyes seemed weary.

She quietly whispered, “I’m scared.”

“What are you scared of?”

“The gloves.”

“What gloves?”

The young girl starts sniffling as tears began to form.

“Why didn’t you save me?” she cried.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” whisphered Danielle.

“I’m scared, why didn’t you save me?.” the young girl whimpered.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” Danielle repeated.

This time the young girl’s cry became excruciating, “I’m scared, why didn’t you save me!

Danielle tried blocking out the cry by putting her hands over her ears. It was useless, the young girl’s cry was ear splitting.

“I’M SCARED, WHY DIDN’T YOU SAVE ME!” screeched the young girl.

“Stop! Stop!” Danielle pleaded.


Danielle couldn’t take it any more. It felt as if someone was performing an open brain surgery while she was awake.

“Get out of my head!!!” she yelled.

The Bathroom door swings open with full force. Danielle turns to face the door behind her and there stood her husband Lenus.

“Danielle, what’s going on?!” Lenus asked with concern.

Danielle looks back over to the shower and notices the little girl is gone.

Lost for words, she shakes her head in disbelief, “No, no, no...this can’t be happening .”

“What?” he asked.

“She, she was just standing over there.” Danielle points towards the shower.

Lenus with a confused look on his face, looks in the direction where Danielle is pointing “Who?″ he asked.

Danielle began to stutter, “There.. there was a little girl.. and..and, and she was bleeding...and”

“What? is this some kind of sick joke?” Lenus asked with a disturbed look on his face.

“Nooo, I’m telling you she was just there, I don’t know how or where she came from but she kept saying she was scared and...and I didn’t save her, but I didn’t know what she’s talking about.” she cried.

“Did you take your pills this morning?” Lenus asked concernly.

Danielle looks at Lenus in a hostile manner.

“What do you mean, did I take my pills this morning?” she questioned as rage build up inside.

Lenus looks away to avoid her angry gaze.

“Do you think I’m crazy?” she asked as she slightly squints.

Lenus nods his head disagreeably to avoid an argument.

“Sure you do, you think I’m making this up, don’t you?” she implied.

Lenus pinches the bridge of his nose.

“She was bleeding on my Goddamn floor!” Danielle exclaimed.

“Okay, okay” Lenus tries to calm her down by grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him.

“Look at me babe.” he saids with a comforting voice.

Danielle looks up at him.

“You know I’ll always believe you right?”

Danielle looks away from tom for a second, before he guides her attention back at him. “Right?” he repeated.

“Yeah.” Danielle calmly confirmed.

“Even when you’re make up stories.”

“I’m not makin-”

“Hey.” Lenus cuts her off.

“Even when you make up stories” he said standing corrected.

Danielle pulls away.

“Whatever, I know what I saw.” she turned to face the mirror.

Dead air filled the room.

Lenus not sure of what to say, decides to grab his phone from the pocket of his pajama pants.

Danielle is just leaning over the sink with her head down.

“Don’t you have work today?” Lenus asked.

Danielle lifts her head and smooths the hair from her face. “Yeah, why? What time is it?”

Lenus turns the screen to face her.

“Shit, I’m late!” Danielle shouted as she wiped the left over tears from her face.

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