I'm Afraid I'm Not Going to Make it

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Story of a nerdy, sassy, and surprisingly brave girl named Elizabeth. Someone I wish I could be not in the situation she currently is in. However, her braveness is something I wouldn't mind having. During Elizabeth's story, she is set through almost unbelievable situations and I guess you'll just have to read it to see if she survives set situations.

Mystery / Action
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Chapter 1

I’m Afraid I’m Not Going to Make It

I make my way towards my house on the sidewalk away from the school after my three classes. A car pulls over to where I’m walking on the side of the road; it has tinted windows so I can’t see inside. I don’t think much of it and attempt to keep walking until I hear the doors opening.

Someone from the passenger seat gets out along with someone from the back. They come over to me as I try to run away.

All efforts to run fail, they grab my arms, putting a bag over my head, shoving me in the back. As we start to drive, I attempt to scream, resulting in a hit delivered to the side of my head. “SHUT UP!” a male voice beside me yells; I do as I’m told.

I should have seen this coming. I mean, why else would a car with tinted windows pull over to the side where I’m currently walking, they had the whole road, they could’ve pulled over somewhere else. I remember when I was a little girl after my dad had left, he had hired someone to kidnap my little brother and me. He said my older sister reminded him too much of our mother, so he didn’t want her. Even after that happened, I still don’t care too much about paying attention to what could happen until, clearly, it’s too late. I think I trust people too much.

They keep driving, it seems like we’re moving at a normal speed. Living on these roads since I was born kinda helps in this situation. I also memorized the speed limits when I was learning to drive so I wouldn’t mess up. I felt the car turn.

I like to think about random things when I get nervous to distract myself from what’s really happening. At the moment, memories from when I was learning to drive are helping.

We’re now in a sixty zone, we’re probably going to the highway... of course, we are, I’m being kidnapped, where else would we go? I feel a slight turn and we start to go faster, we must be on the highway. I’m sure that was the on-ramp... yup, we’re speeding up and we just switched a couple of lanes.

I’m honestly not too scared, there’s not much that scares me. I’m a tad nervous. They’ll probably think I’m nervous because I tend to stutter a lot. I ask a lot of stupid questions when I’m nervous. I honestly don’t know why I’m not scared, I should be, shouldn’t I? I’m honestly kinda concerned that I’m not scared. I mean, I’m afraid of walking in the halls. What if my dad sent them again, the people who kidnapped my brother and me? I hope my dad realized I have absolutely nothing to say to him, that bastard of a sperm donor.

We finally stop, it sounds really busy. If my thinking is right, we’re at the airport, I could hear planes that seemed really close and it sounds really busy. There’s an airport forty-five minutes away from my town, so it would make sense. I hear movement within the car; first, I hear the unbuckling of seat belts, then, people grabbing things, the two front doors open and close, there’s movement beside me and what seems like whispering.

The bag that was on my head gets removed and the moment one person does that, another person sticks their hand over my mouth. The person who has their hand over my mouth twists me to look at them.

“Okay, this is how it’s going to go. You’re going to walk with us through the airport, without a struggle, and listen to everything we tell you to do, you’re going to act like we’re your friends and family. It will be normal, no one can suspect anything. Is that understood? Before I remove my hand, I need you to agree to this so that we know you won’t pull anything, okay?” he demands and I nod my head.

I get turned around, the hand still covering my mouth. It’s the person who removed whatever bag that was on my head. “Do we have to threaten you or will you do as you’re told?” he asks.

The hand is removed from my mouth “Uh...um... what’s going to happen to me?” I ask.

“Just listen and everything will be fine” he says.

“O-okay” I say.

Okay, I have to admit, the guy who took the bag off my head is kinda scaring me... no, really scaring me.

“Perfect, now let’s go. Dylan bring her out” he says, getting out of the car. He must have been the one who told me to shut up.

The guy, Dylan, gets me out of the car and grabs my hand, bringing me to the back of the car. He grabs two suitcases, one suitcase is black with purple stripes, and the other one is black with blue stripes. Next, he takes out a dark purple purse. He hands me the purse, “Here, take your suitcase and purse. You can walk with me, the rest of them are going to sit somewhere else on the plane” he says, handing me the suitcase with the purple stripes. Yay, no scary guy.

He grabs my hand and we walk to the airport entrance, through the doors, and straight to security. Just before we get in the security line, he stops me. “It needs to be believable, your name hasn’t changed or anything, other than your age, you’re twenty-two. You currently have $1,500 in your wallet, just in case they ask, okay?” he asks. I nod my head and we get in line.

“Oh, I almost forgot” he says, reaching into the back pocket of his jeans “Here’s your passport” he says, handing it to me. I take it, along with our tickets, and hold them in my hand.

We get through security easily and get through everything else perfectly fine. We’re finally in line to get on the plane. I hand the lady both of our tickets and we get on. He leads us to our seats; I take the inside seat and look out the window, waiting for the plane to leave, it’s my second time on a plane.

The scary guy is nowhere in sight, so I feel more at ease. I wonder what my sister will think when I get home. Maybe she’ll think I’m at a friend’s house. I really hope they don’t worry.

He gives me an odd look like he’s thinking of what to say. “Do you have any questions?” he asks me.

“I guess. Why me? Where are we going? When am I getting back?” I ask.

“First, we needed a girl and we did research on the losers of the school, and bam, you’re the smartest girl, so perfect. Second, we’re going to London, and third, I’m actually not too sure, you’re probably never going back, honestly” he shrugs.

“Am I in danger?” I mumble. “What?” he says, leaning towards me.

“Am I in danger?” I whisper in his ear.

“Not with me, but the other guys, maybe, that’s why they sent you with me, ’cause they don’t trust themselves to not hurt you and that would blow our cover” he whispers back.

The plane takes off and I grip my seat as much as I can, it’s absolutely terrifying, I’ve always been afraid of flying.

What if we crash? I don’t want a painful death. Who knows, I might end up with a painful death with these dimwits who took me, as well. Maybe I’d be better off dying in a plane crash.

Once we’re in the air, I relax and notice he’s staring at me. “Yes?” I look at him, confused.

“Are you scared of flying?” he asks, “How aren’t you?” I reply.

“Let’s just play a game of cards or something to get your mind off of it” he says and pulls out a box of cards.

We spent the entire flight playing cards, doing word searches, and I slept for a bit, too. We were finally landing. Once we landed, he grabbed my hand and brought me back through the airport again. We leave the airport, get in a taxi, and head to the nearest hotel.

We meet the other guys. When we get to the hotel, the other guy from the back seat comes up to me, I slowly back up until my back hits the wall. “Relax” he hands me a phone.

“Phone whoever you need to, tell them you’re okay. Tell them you went on a last-minute trip with your... hmm... say you had a secret boyfriend and you went to meet him. Then get some sleep, I’m coming back in the morning. Don’t try to escape or call the police, there will be punishments if you do so” he says, and leaves the room with the rest of the guys.

I type in my sister’s phone number and it starts to ring and soon enough “Hello?” she answers “Olivia!” I say. “Elizabeth is that you, where are you?” she says in a state of panic.

“Don’t call the police or anything, or else I’ll be hurt, but I got kidnapped. I’m going to make a plan to get out tomorrow, we’re in London, he told me to phone my family and stuff and tell them I had a secret boyfriend and went to meet him” I whisper, saying the boyfriend part louder, before she can say more, I hang up.

I go to my suitcase and grab the pajamas that were in there. I change, brush my teeth, and go straight to bed. I fall asleep almost instantly.

Today was a long day, a long day indeed.

I wake up to screaming in my room. I open my eyes and see the scary guy from the back seat of the car and another guy arguing about something. I yawn and they both look at me. “Get changed and open your door when you’re done” the scary guy demands, and they both walk out, continuing to argue.

After arriving at the hotel last night, I figured that I would at least know their names, but nope, still don’t. All the guys seemed to be ordered by the one guy. He was the guy who had taken the bag off my head when we were still in the car. He was scary, the rest were not. Probably because they seemed more scared of the guy as well, so it was hard to see scared men as scary themselves.

I go over to the suitcase, I put on jeans, a green jumper, and my black high-top converse. I grab the purse and walk over to the door and open it. “Perfect, she’s ready, lets go” the scary guy says, grabbing my hand.

He drags me to the elevator, through the lobby, onto the street, into a breakfast place that I didn’t catch the name of as we walked in. “Table for five, please,” he says to the lady at the front. She brings us to a round booth, which he pushes me into, sitting beside me, Dylan sliding onto the other side of me.

He orders us all orange juices and asks me “You can either have pancakes, eggs, or french toast. What do you want?” I roll my eyes “French toast” I say, leaning back into the seat, crossing my arms “What’s your problem?” he asks “Oh nothing, I just got kidnapped and now I’m being dragged around” I say, rolling my eyes again.

I woke up in a bad mood, not only because I had gotten kidnapped the day before. I didn’t get any sleep last night and now they were dragging me around. I know I should be scared, but I couldn’t care less at the moment, not sure why. It’s probably my lack of sleep.

I look around the table. “Who are you guys anyway?” I ask. “You can call me Brandon, you know Dylan, that’s Jacob” he says, pointing to the person beside Dylan “and this is Liam” he says, pointing to the person beside him.

Once we finish eating, we leave the restaurant. We head down the road, through an alleyway, to, guess what, a warehouse! Yay. We go inside and head to the back where there are more men. “Why’d you bring the girl? We’re not ready for her, get her out of here!” a guy shouts.

Brandon points to Dylan. “Dylan, you’re on girl duty. Bring her back to the hotel, keep her entertained. You can stop to buy some movies on your way back”. He takes me by the arm and drags me out, once we’re out of the warehouse.

Once we’re out, he pulls out his phone and dials a random number. Soon enough, he takes my hand again and brings me back through the alleyway and to the main street. We stay there until a taxi shows up. “Dylan?” the taxi driver asks “Yup, that’s us” he says, and opens the back door. I hop in and he follows in after.

“Take us to your version of a Walmart please” he says. “You’re lucky I’ve been to America or I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about” the taxi driver says and starts driving.

Once we get there, we head in and go straight to the electronic area.

“I need to go to the washroom, I saw one when we first got in, can I go?” I ask.

“Yeah, sure, just come right back once you’re done” he says.

The stupid person basically just let me escape.

I head towards the washroom, then, once I’m out of his sight, I go to the exit.

I see a taxi outside and go up to it. “Can you take me to the airport?” I ask “Yes, get in” the driver says. I quickly get in and he drives me to the airport.

I get there and head to the main desk, “When’s the next flight to Toronto?” I ask. “There’s one in ten minutes, do you want that one?” the lady at the desk says. “Yes please” I say “That will be $800" she says. I hand her the money and she hands me my receipt and ticket.

I head through security and get to the plane with two minutes remaining. The plane’s taking off, once we’re in the air, I relax. I sleep for most of the ride there. Within no time, we’re back and landing.

Once I get through the airport security, I wander around looking for a payphone. I keep wondering when I’m stopped by someone.

“Need help with something?” a random woman asks me.

“Um, do you know where there’s a payphone I could use?” I ask nicely.

“Yes, just outside, what do you need it for, exactly?” she asks.

“I need to phone my sister to pick me up” I say.

“Which way are you going, I could maybe drop you off closer?” she asks “I’m actually just about 45 minutes north of here” I say. “Perfect I’m heading that way, what’s your name? I’m Addison” she says “My name is Elizabeth, I wouldn’t want to trouble you” I say, turning to walk away.

She grabs my arm, “No, no, I insist, Elizabeth” she says aggressively. “Well, okay” I say, a little hesitant. “Perfect, let’s get going, shall we?” she says, and starts walking.

She seemed pretty trustworthy even though she was a tad aggressive, maybe it was her smile that made me trust her so easily... I don’t know.

We’re driving on the highway, “So where’d you just come from?” she asks “London, you?” I ask. “Paris” she says, it makes sense, now that I think about it, she’s wearing a black beret, a small black fur coat, a black fur scarf, a dark purple shiny blouse, a black pencil skirt, black tights, complete with knee-high black boots.

“Weird, you didn’t have any bags going to London?” she asks, curiously. “Well, I had some but they lost my bags or something, I was told” I say as convincingly as I can. “Hm, that’s happened to me before. I travel a lot, so I understand the struggle, that’s too bad” she says, sounding like she feels bad. “Meh, it was just clothes. I was planning to go shopping soon anyways, gives me more of a reason to go now” I say, laughing. “Of course” she says with a smile.

The car ride is mostly silent, it’s awkward, so I decide to speak. “I love your outfit, it’s beautiful”, “Wow, thank you” she says, reaching into the glove compartment. She pulls out a little skinny, black case, a little longer than a glasses case. She puts it on her lap and takes the off-ramp off the highway.

Once we’re off the highway, she pulls into an empty parking lot. She opens the case and points out the window, “Look at the view, it’s absolutely beautiful, is it not?” she says, I look over. “Yeah it is” I say and turn back to her, she looks annoyed, “Just admire the view” she says, waving towards my window again. I’m confused, but it’s beautiful, so why not. “Can you take a picture for me?” she asks, handing me her phone.

As I’m focusing on the camera, I can hear her fidgeting with something. The case she had, I guess. I take the picture and as I’m turning around, I feel something jab into my shoulder.

My vision goes blurry and I start to freak out. What happened, I’m hurting so much, I don’t understand what happened, I guess that’s the reason she insisted? Why do I trust so easily? I thought this was over and I was getting home, I should have just went to a payphone. Am I ever going to get home? I have all these thoughts while my vision slowly gets more and more blurry until... black.

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