Criminal Minds: Spencer Reid x O.C

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Chapter 2: Missing

Martin exhaled a deep breath when we got in that car. “I swear it was the hardest thing to breath in through my mouth and not through my nose there.”
I chuckled, “yeah had no idea it was like that. Passed by this place like a million times too. Got me thinking, maybe not everyone is how we think is in this town.”

“Hey didn’t,” Martin paused thinking. “Didn’t Sandra come from a similar home? Both her parents got to be dysfunctional like Vanessa.”

I thought back to Sandra and going to her home. “Sandra’s home wasn’t like that though.”
“Yes but did you notice the bruises on the mom and how she cowered away from her husband. Still dysfunction. They got another thing in common.” Martin jotted a note down about it on a notebook.

“Similar age and height, same blonde hair and blue eyes, and come from different types of dysfunctional homes,” I said. Still non of the pieces connected. So the killer liked killing girls specifically that had those features. But did he know them specifically or just happened to choose girls who come from a dysfunctional family?

“The question is, does he know them or does he pick them randomly? When we get to the station I’ll call Linda’s mother to get Linda’s phone number to speak to her.” Martin said.
“So you think this isn’t random, he’s specifically picking them?”
“That’s why we’re going to speak to Linda. We know Sandra and Vanessa both were going somewhere in the afternoon. A couple days later both of their bodies showed up at a park.”
“Why at a park?” I thought aloud. “I’ve read up enough on killers to know they usually go to a spot they can see the victim, to get reassurance they’re still in control. If the killer dumps the body at a park they know someone will report it to the police.”
“Or maybe they want to get caught or are just too cocky to care enough if they get caught?”
“Aren’t psychopaths usually intelligent so why...”
“I don’t know kid, all I know if that whoever’s doing this one hell of a sick person.” Martin said.

Whoever’s doing this must be taking the victims somewhere when they’re missing. At a house, at a shack? Somewhere they must be going. The corner has said for at least Sandra, when we found her she’d only be dead for three hours. So he keeps them and what?
I rub my head, I feel a headache coming on. This doesn’t make any sense and I couldn’t help but feel even more worse for the victims families. The only thing I’m thankful about is the F.B.I helping us, we aren’t used to serial killers let along one homicide.

“Are you okay?” Martin said as we pulled up to the station.
“Yes and looks like the B.A.U is here.” There’s black cars that certainly not our in the parking lot. I felt a twitch of nervousness, mostly because I’ve never encountered the F.B.I before.
They were a much higher rank than my measly job in this small town, wonder if they’ll think that we didn’t do enough so far to solve the case.

Right before I was about to enter the station, a woman approached me. “Cassandra!” I took a closer look, realizing it was Eileen Tyler.
“Eileen? What’s wrong?” I said.
“My baby, my baby is missing?” Eileen said, distress clearly in her voice.
Now the killer is kidnapping babies? I thought for a moment, before I realize Eileen doesn’t have any babies.

“Eileen are your children are grown up,” I said.
“Emily, my baby Emily,” Eileen broke down in tears. I hugged her but I was too in shock.

Emily. She’s six years younger than me, she’s barely 19 I think. She’s missing? Can’t be, she can’t be taken. No, it can’t be, I try to think positively.

“Eileen how long has she been gone?” I said.
“A day I think,” Eileen said, almost hyperventilating. “Oh God did he take her, did someone take my baby?”

I didn’t answer her, I gently lead her inside towards my office, hyper-aware the F.B.I (B.A.U) was here. They all had their eyes on me and for a moment I felt intimidated. They were how I expected, serious and tense. I didn’t bother though to initiate conversation, Eileen being mostly on my mind along with Emily.

I sat her down across from my chair. Martin, across the room was talking to the F.B.I agents, but they were silently watching me. Of course they study behavior, judging me already. I knew that but that didn’t make me any less uncomfortable. A certain man caught my attention and for a split second I caught eye contact with him. I looked away, focusing my attention towards Eileen.

I got a missing persons paper report. “When did you last see Emily?” I said.
“Yesterday, she was going with her friends to some place.”
“Around what time?”
“I think two or three maybe four,” Eileen said.
“Do you know who these friends were?”
“I don’t know I think...” Eileen breaks down in tears. “I should know these things, I’m her mother.”
“Don’t blame yourself Eileen, I know you, you’re an amazing mother.”
“If I was an amazing mother I should’ve known, something was wrong with her.”
“Eileen I know this is hard but try to remember, what was Eileen wearing last right?”
“I don’t know I think maybe some blue tee shirt and jeans.”
I wrote down all these things, including Emily’s full name. “Phone number to contact you Eileen?”
Eileen gave me her contact number.
I asked her, Emily’s height and weight and if she has any birthmarks or tattoos along with a full suscripción of her and a photo. After, I lead her out.

I shook my head in disbelief after Eileen left. I gave the report to an officer to process it. So this sicko is really hunting down girls who look similar. I pictured Emily in my head and anger rushed to me head on. She’s a sweet girl, how can someone hurt her?
I will find whoever’s doing this and make them pay Emily, I promised to myself.

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