Knowledge is my P̶o̶w̶e̶r̶ Death.

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November 15. 2005. It was a winter day. A normal one for most people, sadly Katsuo Ishikawa, who was 8 at the time, lost his brother, Hideki Ishikawa, to a kidnapper. A few weeks later the body of Hideki was found. A month later policeman Hajime Kioshi was missing and later on declared as dead. It was truly a strange series of events... Yuu Kioshi, now a well known author, and katsuo Ishikawa, a popular photographer and amateur musician, were both involved in the incident. However both of them would've never guessed what dark things and secrets they would get involved with. This book will have updates every Friday! c: And i also have this book on wattpad under the username: King_Explosion_ ⚠️THIS STORY WILL CONTAIN: ⚠️ - Death - Mention of Abuse - Drugs - torture - BoyxBoy - Alkohol - depressing thoughts - Dark themes If you're comfortable with these topics you are welcome to stay and read! If some of these aren't for you tho, it's fine! We all have a different tastes after all c: However there will always be a warning in the chapter that has explicit or mature scenes, If I forgot any warning to mention, please tell me! Thanks you <3 English isn't my first language so please tell me if I did any mistakes so i can fix them. Thank you. All the characters as also the story are owned by me. G o o d b y e , s t r a n g e r

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???????? Pov

Running and screaming were heard in the whole building, everyone was searching for the boy. The boy however wasn't really able to hear much, the only thing he could hear was the blood that was rushing to his head and his quick breathing.

The boy with black hair ran as fast as he could, everything hurts but if he would stop now he would die.

,,FASTER! YOU HAVE TO GET HIM!" A voice screamed behind the boy.

The black haired boy was covered in blood, he himself couldn't even tell if was his or someone else's.

His legs were hurting from all the running and the small cuts on it.

The boy saw two ways he could run to, he looked at both, his body working faster as his brain he ran into the left corridor, he soon regretted his choice as he ran into a dead end.

Shit, that's my end... The boy thought.

He slowly turned around, behind him guys in black outfits with guns.

,,HANDS UP!" the man in the front and nearest to him shouted.

He didn't do anything. He just stood there.

and then a shot was heard.

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