Hidden in the Crevices of Time

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Chapter 2

“You were asleep in my arms, and I was as ever so watchful when your dad drove late in the nights. I was wide awake. Our two friends were fast asleep.

I saw a car speeding towards us from the opposite direction, its headlights flashing as a warning for us to move aside.

I tried to tell your dad to be careful, to slow down, and drive to the side, but before I could finish my sentence the car was nearly upon us.

The lights from the car blinded your dad’s vision.

He swerved to avoid crashing into it, however, he panicked, and instead of pressing the brakes, he accelerated, resulting in our car overturning a couple of times and crashing onto the curb at the side of the road.

I was virtually screaming, shouting. I held you so tight against me, praying that you were not hurt in any way.

You were screaming out of fright and fear. The crash was so loud. I can just imagine how traumatized you were.

The glass from the rear window broke and the glass shards cut my back.

There was blood all over me.

I sat crouched, with you draped tightly in between the folds of my dress to protect you from the glass splinters.

It was a miracle you survived that horrible crash! The mere shock could have killed you.

I still shudder at the thought of what might have happened to you.”

Mom stopped for a while to wipe the sweat off her brows. It still affected her I could tell.

“Dad was hurt quite bad, while his friend who sat next to him, passed out. The friend sustained serious injuries. His wife, hurt just as badly as I, sat bleeding beside me at the back of the car.”

Recalling the horror of the incident, mom continued, “I remember screaming for help when I saw dad bleeding profusely in his seat. I cannot explain the fear I felt that day. He couldn’t move I could tell, but thankfully he was conscious. His friend, though, was not moving, bleeding from his nose and mouth. I thought he would surely die!

After a while, his wife started groaning in pain, trying to move from her slumped position. She was injured in her legs and had cuts on her face and hands. She kept repeating coarsely that she had broken her arm. I didn’t know what to say or do. At one point, I tried to calm her down until I realized that she was barely able to comprehend anything. She had gone into a semi-conscious state.

I looked out to see that the evening light had faded.

Afraid that no one will find us, I started shouting, hoping that someone would hear me.

I was the only one who was fully conscious in the car.

You were still screaming, and to make things worse, it was time for your feed, you were hungry.

All of a sudden, as if in answer to my prayer, I saw a young Malay man hurrying towards the car. I saw him run towards us after leaving his motorcycle on the other side of the road.

By this time, your dad’s groans were getting louder.”

Stacy sat listening in stilled silence. A pin drop could be heard in the silence of the room.

She let her mother talk at length about that night. It could be a healing process for her as well, she thought.

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