Hidden in the Crevices of Time

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Chapter 5

After breakfast, Mrs. Wong told Stacy that she needed a day or two to read up and consult with some of her doctor friends about her condition.

She also said that she wanted to do everything she could to help Stacy with her problem.

Stacy was glad for that, thanking Mrs. Wong as she took her to leave.

Instead of going back home, Stacy decided to walk up to the park opposite her house.

She wanted to have a few moments to herself, to reflect on her conversation with Mrs. Wong, and sitting in the park amongst nature would clear her mind somewhat.

There were a few people in the park. A group of ladies was doing their tai chi workouts, and she saw a couple jogging.

Stacy loved the feel of the fresh breeze blowing on her face.

She sat down on a bench and looked up at the sunny sky. The tall trees in the park provided shade where she sat. However, the sun’s rays streamed through some of those leaves, and she could feel its warmth on her bare hands.

The music from the tai chi group, though loud, was soothing. The ladies were moving in slow-motion to those soothing sounds.

Stacy loved to sit in the park. It was the one place where she felt free and liberated.

From where she sat, she could see that her Mom had opened the windows to the living room. The sunlight would be streaming through those windows into their house too.

She sat there a little longer, thinking about the trauma her Mom would have undergone during the accident. She was a young mother then. She couldn’t imagine how she managed to keep her safe in her arms throughout the ordeal.

Stacy got up and walked slowly back to her house. She didn’t want to stress herself too much with anxious thoughts, in case the flashbacks recur.

She hoped she would get some feedback from Mrs. Wong by the end of the day.

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